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  1. I believe the cavalry soldiers who capture Spirit are actually US soldiers, not Confederate. US soldiers typically wore blue uniforms, as these soldiers do – granted so did the Confederates, especially early in the war, but they lost those because it risked their units being mistaken for Union troops. Not to mention some of the horses have US branded on them. Besides, I was always under the impression this movie was set in the post-war west, so there wouldn’t be any Confederates by then – and I don’t think there were many Confederate units out west during the war anyway (not after their disastrous campaign to secure the Arizona territory early in the war).

  2. Oh good I was afraid you were going to tear into this one, I actually liked this movie as a kid! X3″

  3. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the movie knows when to do the talking and when not to… Well, it obviously did at one point, then someone made an asinine decision to add the narration. And EVERYTHING Matt Damon narrates is completely redundant to what the visuals show.
    I saw this movie just once, as an adult, and this was really distracting part of the experience. Throughout the whole watch I couldn’t help but think how insulting it is to the audience and to the amazing animation to have this voice-over explaining what’s happening on the screen. It was clearly a last-minute addition and a really bad one. Too bad there isn’t a “No Matt Damon” version of this movie available.

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