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It’s had it’s ups and downs, but what are Doug’s thoughts on the second version of one of the most memorable Disney shows ever made? Let’s take a look at DuckTales (2017).

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  1. The show was best when the adults were the main characters.

    I didn’t buy the nephews as even being children. They decided to go with what I call tightrope characters. They try to walk a line between being charming and pandering annoying, but possibly unpopular opinion, they fall hard into the annoying territory.

    Louie was the worst. He was greedy, so that it would mean more when he showed concern for his family. Scrooge does that same schtick right, but Louie just comes off as being awful. Dewey was annoying, that’s actually a summation of this character, not just a blanket statement. Surprisingly Huey was the one I could tolerate, but they really should have just had more Scrooge and Donald episodes.

    I’m probably the only one to complain about this, but they already gave the nephews separate and more distinctive personalities in Quack Pack. It’s not new, it’s not progress, it’s actually inconsistant, because they’re not the same personalities at all.

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