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It’s the reboot Disney fans are talking about, but is the first episode worth your time?

Watch the first episode of DuckTales (2017) here!

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  1. Does this mean we’ll get a Quack Pack reboot?

    • The Real Silverstar

      What would be the point? That show was such a mess (there was a huge behind-the-scenes conflict between one producer who wanted Quack Pack to be an extension of DuckTales and another who hated the Barksverse and wanted the series to be more like the Donald Duck shorts where everyone besides the ducks were human) that I’m sure Disney would rather just sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened.

  2. I don’t like the art style…

  3. I would love to watch the episodes on the YouTube Disney XD channel but they are region coded for some really stupid reason

  4. Hmm… so if you didn’t like the original will you like this new one? Also, where is that CGI Max clip from? Does anyone know?

    • Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas

    • The Real Silverstar

      “Hmm… so if you didn’t like the original will you like this new one?”

      Again, no one else can objectively answer that for you. If you want to know if the show is any good, *watch the show*. Use your personal tastes and judgment to determine for yourself if it’s something you could see yourself watching regularly. You know what you like, watch with an open mind, give it a fair shot and make that call for yourself. We’re not you; we can’t tell you if you’ll like something or not. Only you can make that assessment.

  5. David Tennant talking about another civilization does remind me of the tenth Doctor though… am I the only one? xD

    Here’s the (official) family tree of one Donald Duck, made by the great Don Rosa. Enjoy!
    This show seems worth watching! But you missed the best parts! His parents portrait and his from Klondike!

  7. Ducktales, woohoo!
    Can’t watch the pilot if your not in US
    Ducktales, woohoo!
    Fuck you Disney you go to hell
    Ducktales, woohoo!
    It’s called WORLD WIDE WEB for a reason
    Ducktales, woohoo!
    If I try to pirate it you’ll put me in prison
    Ducktales, woohoo!

  8. Meh, it didn’t woohooed me. Good, but not interested.

  9. The question isn’t so much are they going to develop Della Duck’s backstory, but are they ever going to address the decades old mystery of who their father is?

    • Well.. considering “cliffhanger” on end of first episode it would be weird if they would didn’t do say anything about Della.

    • Probably won’t address the triplet’s father (unless that’s planned for the second season). BUT they do have plans to show what led to Donald and Scrooge’s fallout (which presumably has something to do with Della and an artifact called “the Spear of Seleni).

  10. Man I hate false hopes. I got “country-blocked” by youtube when going over DisneyXD’s channel.
    Sometimes I really hate not living in america.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Life in the US ain’t always peachy either, believe me.

      We don’t get New Looney Tunes here, to name just one example.

    • We had to wait several months for “Wolverine & The X-Men” episodes while they were being shown in Canada (SkyOne).
      We never did see all the episodes (only 4) of “Spaceballs” while Canada saw all of them.
      Silverstar is right; sometimes, even we yanks get blocked.

  11. In case you’re not in America, search for this on YouTube:
    duck Tales season 1 episode 1 part 1

  12. The only thing I’d say is that they do throw a LOT of jokes and in-jokes at you really fast. I hope they tone that timing down just a little.

  13. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Now I need to see it I’m a huge fan of the 1980’s cartoon.

  14. thespecialneedsgroup

    Was this sponsored? It feels sponsored.

  15. Ducks can drown. Float or not, the room was gonna be filled with water.

  16. ThatGuyWithTheOrangeBeard

    I didn’t even know there was a reboot. I watched it, skeptically, after this review and it was awesome. My only complaint is with the “WOO OOO” in the new theme song. It doesn’t have enough… energy?

  17. I am questioning the style but it is so interesting
    They will probably show the mom but probably not show the dad

  18. I didn’t realize Scrooge was voiced by David Tenant, he’s getting to be a REALLY good voice actor like Mark Hammil.

  19. Star Butterfly’s more like Mabel. And Pinkie Pie. And Unikitty. Yeah, lots of happy energetic girls in cartoons nowadays. That charity thing at the end was amazing. You just had someone else’s video!

  20. Super good show. Also, you mentioned Star vs. The Forces of Evil. Hoping you do a vlog series for it.

  21. Oh, I just thought about your Roxanne comments, given how she’s clearly an adult that means either Goofy’s son Max is significantly older than Huey Duey and Louie or that is actually her mom or something. Hmm, I wonder if they can do a Goofy cameo with his son Max…I heard they’re going to have a Darkwing Duck cameo so it isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

  22. 6:27 Isn’t Glomgold South African?

  23. 5:51 A dragon that desires riches and tries to break into a vault filled with treasure. No Smaug joke?

  24. So he points out a girl who kind of resembles Roxanne but ignores the reporter that’s clearly Plucky Duck wearing a wig?

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