Dunkirk – Sibling Rivalry

Doug and Rob take a look at Nolan’s war epic, Dunkirk. Is it as impressive as everybody makes it out to be?

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  1. First

    big fan of the channel little bit of trivia mole is not a code word but refers to a stone structure in a harbour acting as a breakwater, causeway or pier in a harbour so the mole was were the boarded the ships in the harbour and that most soldiers were evacuated on british naval destroyers or other larger ships from Dunkirk harbour the little boats from the beaches did contribute but its one of those propaganda / cultural touch stones for the british like the alamo for the americans,

    Also props to Nolan at least acknowledging the french contribution by holding the defensive perimeter around the Dunkirk salient

    intersting there was a perception by the army soldiers on the ground that the RAF wasn’t contributing because they didn’t see them because the RAF were not stupid and were flying further into occupied France to intercept the bombers before the attacked not after they had already bombed Dunkirk

  2. I don’t like war movies but if I did, this would probably be one of the best to watch.

  3. anyone else think that Doug should review Interstellar as a Nostalgia Critic review?

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