DVD-R Hell: Tequila and Bonetti: Street Dogs

After months of teasing, it’s finally time to take a look at the pilot episode for the near forgotten 1992 series “Tequila and Bonetti.”

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  1. The Cinema Snob makes a cameo appearance. Cool.

  2. Moviemantweeter1999

    Dang I can’t wait to look at the whole series with you this should be good. So far this is the third talking animal video I’ve seen this week on the site(the first two being mikej’s shameful sequels reviews of air buddies then followed by Marmaduke). But you look so happy in this review I can’t get enough of it. But I would really like you to post last weeks midnight screenings videos of the gunman and insurgent as well as the review for the christian movie do you believe because if you did you’d be the best?

  3. Why did they cancel Manimal?

    • Low ratings is what Wikipedia says. I guess the network execs that put it up against the powerhouse that was ‘Dallas’ had balls of steel to think that a “cookie cutter” cops and robbers/private detective style show with a scifi/fantasy twist could possibly succeed against such a high rated show. Or maybe they’d been snorting too many lines. It was the 80’s afterall.

      • Half the time when networks put a show up against a power house, it’s not because they think it will succeed, but because someone at the network hates it and wants an excuse to cancel it. “We have to cancel it, it’s got low ratings! And that’s definitely not because I moved it’s time slot to compete with Sunday Night Football!”

  4. As a fan of Charles Rocket, I must say this show was fantastic.

  5. Headline news: Sonic the Hedgehog found dead after fighting officer Tequila over the last chili dog.

  6. For future reference, it’s pronounced Ma-RISH-ka Hargitay. …That was my only problem with your review, this looks like an awesome show.

  7. teh fuck one of the cops is played by Terry Funk. \o/

  8. Apparently there was an Italian remake in 2000

  9. TrapperKeeperFuturaS2000

    You magnificent bastard. You have stuck your Tequila and Bonetti into me so much these last few weeks that it slides in so easy now and I gladly welcome it. I ended up watching it after you first mentioned it and fell in love. I’ve never felt so good after being so violated.

  10. Doug can you do Sledge Hammer? That show was just hilarious about nothing and the love for the NRA XD

  11. Kind of figures this has been brainstorm of person behind NCSICS whatever. That “goth” broad is so ridiculous as scientist she could have been replaced by talking dog.

  12. They had this series at the library I used to work at. It went out coooooonstantly. It was one of our most popular tv series. It was the most bizarre thing.

  13. GRiMLEGiON187@gmail.com

    love the show Snob. one thing though, I’m a sociologist. women don’t shoot them selves very often. we are socially engineered from birth, woman are taught to be pretty, so the most common type of suicide for women is pills or slitting wrists. where as men are taught to be afraid of failure, so they lean toward hanging or guns. Its like they are taking dialog strait out of a first year, intro to sociology book. great show though. just thought Id share the know.

    Because the more you know. ::::NBC RAINBOW::::

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