Elf Bowling the Movie – Nostalgia Critic

The hit computer game made an infamous movie. Is it your run of the mill bad or Foodfight bad?

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  1. I thought the movie was making a Packers reference before you even said it. Some of the innuendo jokes actually did make me laugh. What the heck? You know… FOR KIDS!

  2. Well, the last review in the old studio. So many memories and so many people–James Rolfe, Martin Billany, Corey Taylor, and many others.

    See you next year in the new studio. But if that wall is not the EXACT SAME COLOR, WE WILL MARCH TO THE STUDIO, STORM THE GATES, and PAINT THAT WALL THE CORRECT COLOR!!!!

  3. They were short by 6 billion toys?
    No indication how many in total they had aimed for.
    The population of the Earth is 7.53 billion. Factor out adults, bad children, and any remaining that just don’t celebrate Christmas. So… does this mean each child only gets 2 toys this year instead of 5?
    Did they even resolve the toy shortage by the end of the movie?

  4. I wonder what the theme for next month will be

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