End of Season 3 – Steven Universe Vlogs

They’re back! Rob and Doug take a look at the suspenseful last third of Season 3. It’s time for some Steven Universe.

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  1. So how many episodes are they talking about ? If I start with “greg the babysitter” can I just follow Amazon until the end of the season ?

  2. this was surreal.

  3. In this case, there was a 1 day break between the end of a season and the start of the next. The scheduling of this show is a mess, so… yeah, things like this are a bit arbitrary.

  4. AY! I had JUST given up earlier this month on you guys coming back. Now I can stop being that nag-douche in the comments. My wish came true. Miracles happen once in a while if you believe! I am very appreciative.

    Greg the Babysitter: Why was Sour Cream’s mom hanging out with Mr. Universe? Were they implying that they’re related? I wasn’t expecting to see Baby Sour Cream in this episode either. Also, one of the funniest jokes was when Greg was looking for Rose and Sour Cream in the arcade machine. LOL. ^.^.
    Gem Hunt: The Gems that they were trying to bubble looked like alien cats. So cute!.

    Crack the Whip: Even though Amethyst is my least favorite characters, I must admit I legitimately was shocked/worried when she got squished.

    Steven vs. Amethyst: I thought that this was interesting character development for Amethyst. Also, the fact that they were playing on what looked like a GameCube made me smile.

    Bismuth: This was a pretty good episode but what was the point besides showing that Rose wasn’t perfectly perfect. This show is teaching me SO much about real-life gems. Yeah, I really think this show should end at either Season 5 or 6. You don’t want to overstay your welcome like Once Upon A Time is currently doing.

    Beta: I’m glad that Peridot and Lapis are getting along now. The contrast between their personalities is hilarious.

    Earthlings: I sensed that there was some unknown backstory that was being foreshadowed. I’m still not sure if I was right or not.

    Back to the Moon: Wow, did those Rubies get even more stupid since we last saw them? O.O Also, I DID NOT see that ending coming. However, I don’t think I would have learned a lesson from it if I was a kid.

    Bubbled: Wow, this show really isn’t afraid to put Steven in absolute danger, eh? That Ruby almost killed him, I swear! O.O Also, on the Wonder Woman thing, there should have been an after-credit scene with the scene that Rob described. That would have been kinda hilarious.

  5. Finally!

    Also, please do Star vs. The Forces of Evil. I suspect you’ll enjoy it.

  6. They talk about a couple characters to cut out(and we all know who they want cut); wait till the end of the current season when one character gets an almost redemption

  7. The episodes are only 11 minutes you can take breaks from whatever you do and watch an episode while taking like a meal break and then do a simple Vlog
    Some of this episodes are awesome

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