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Chasing the dragon has never been so unexciting. How did a hit book become dull fantasy? Nostalgia Critic ventures forth to find out.

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  1. They still made VHS tapes in 2006?

  2. A lot about the telepathy and stuff that Doug comments on is in the novels – which I originally enjoyed until I got to the end of the last one and realized that Eragon has ZERO character development. Other than being a dragon rider he did not grow at all. Still lusting after a woman who’ll never have him. Still an unbeliever even though he had SEEN a god for himself. So you have the book to thank for that bit.

    And I should learn to not comment until I watch the entire review. Cause Doug brought the book up.

    • I only reread the Roran parts. Since he did have character progressio and does cool stuff without being OP.

    • Alana Hendrickson

      You clearly never read the whole thing, he DOES get development.

    • Whole selling point of that book was that it was written by teen so basically you shouldn’t expect much from it. It is quite nice light story, but that is all about it.

      • Alana Hendrickson

        Have you read the books? If you did, you would know that there is a scene where he must come to terms that he is not the person he used to be.

        • But clearly some readers didn’t think there was anything to come to terms with as they read about the same guy in the end as in the beginning. If it’s subtle enough for plenty of people to miss it, the author shouldn’t have brought it up and make the reader think about if he’s changed.

        • Um, no, Eragon was the exact same person. The only difference was he was no longer a farmboy. But he still lusted after a much older woman who made it clear they’ll never be and she will NOT have him. He still refuses to believe in gods despite SEEING one. He’s still pretty dang whiny and bratty. There is zero character development and growth.

  3. Regardless many critiscism, the books did have a solid fanbase. Yes, the writting copies from a lot of different sources (which copied from a lot of different sources themselves), yes the clichés are blatant, YES the writting is juvenile (still, a 15yo writting a fantasy novel that got that big of a following is at least better to say than a twilight sex fanfiction). But many being that melding pot of classic stories like Star Wars and LotR is what made the novels so satisfying to read. It was that “more” we crave when we end those other stories, without disrespecting the original material. The characters were still likeable, the villains weren’t annoying or dull, the races still had some interesting worldbuilding and the lore was kind of engaging. Besides, the narrative does get a little better as the saga progresses from the second book onward. The movie was ATROCIOUS, that’s a fact. The trailer baited the fans for something grand and we ended up with arguably the second worst adaptation of all times only losing the first place to Last Airbender.

    And uh… the white witch from Chronicles of Narnia doesn’t fit the archetype of the others… She was never part of something big and betrayed them, she was evil from the very beggining (The first chronicle kinda have her origin in it).

    • The thing was, like this movie ruined star wars for me – because the only reason I was so devoted to it was because it was the first time I was experiencing those classic LOTR or Star wars story threads. I remember the first time i heard about a lot of star wars stuff, i actually felt really exasperated because I’d already seen it in Eragon, before I realized that star wars came out first.

      Plus the story did get published first because his parents owned the publishing company, surprised doug didn’t comment on that.

      • Alana Hendrickson

        As both Ergotth and I have said, you should learn to get used to tropes.

      • because whats wrong with his parents publishing the story? It’s their money going into it, it’s not like the boss of a company giving his son a job high in the hierarchy when there are more competent workers for the job, it’s just a publisher helping his son, it’s not like they stopped publishing other books to publish his son’s. Also, I’m pretty sure Star Wars came first, Paolini wasn’t even BORNT by the time “Empire strikes back” was released. You READ Eragon before Star Wars, well… pity.

  4. Having loved the original books when I was younger, one of my favorite aspects was Eragon’s relationship with Saphira. In the book, she doesn’t just randomly become an adult, she matures over multiple months and the two grow to know one another. The mental communication is there, but it starts with baby talk until she starts to form complex sentences, like an actual child. Sapphira speaks much more casually and less commanding since she learns how to speak from Eragon, and the two become completely inseparable from one another.

    The movie has a LOT of problems, but gutting out the two of them growing to know one another and develop their relationship is easily its biggest failing.

    • It also takes out the fact that he really doesnt feel comfortble with the telepathic connection, and becomes really disturbed when she starts being able to use words. Instead here he is just whimsically delighted.

      Character depth, whats that?

    • I remember watching the movie, when she grew up all out of sudden with name and all, I actualy said out loud “what the fuck!?” and heard a couple more people saying the same thing xD

  5. Oh man,finally! I wish they made movies of all the other books just so critic could tear into them. I used to read these books as a kid before I realized how much they rip off of star wars, and other more successful series and how badly the bits that aren’t stolen are.

    Get this, the ending to the series is that eragon wishes that the villain would feel bad for everything he did, and then he feels so bad HE DIES. It was made even worse by how much he’d hype up the book in interviews talking about stuff that would never happen.

    • The Roran stuff is good. I was done with Eragon the moment he started obsessing over mudballs, but it had been coming since the elves with the dragon tattoo made him OP.

      • considering how much Paolini hammered Eragon’s SUFFERING from that scar, I found his transformation quite satisfying. And he didn’t really become OP, Arya could still beat him, and I’m afraid of what Angela could’ve done to him xD

    • Alana Hendrickson

      Kid, Star Wars and the stories you constantly praise borrow elements from other stories as well. Helps if you studied literature in school. Also, I LOVE the books.

      • I think it was just annoying to sort of have a series that did them really well be completely ruined to me, because a series that was meh introduced them to me without any real direction.

        Fascinating that you studied literature, you want to elaborate on sources? Or do you just mean like the generic joseph campbell monomyth – all stories are the same, type argument.

        • Alana Hendrickson

          Joseph Campbell to me, was the master of the Hero’s Journey. He knew it, taught it, and the Hero’s Journey is a highlight of any fantasy. I even took college courses on fantasy. And I learned that a lot of what you call “cliche” are often inspired by real life, and in the end, we live in real life. Because fantasy, especially the hero’s journey, is a metaphor for real life.

          • Yeah I agree, the hero’s journey is amazing. I’ve never studied literature, though I would love to, I’ve spent god knows how many hours staring at it as a kid though. I agree with what you said about real life, but cliches can be presented in new ways, through unique metaphors or circumstances.

            When grindewald and dumbledore are revealed to be friends, that’s an earth shattering revelation (while still a huge cliche) that warps the entire understanding we had of a character. It feels like eragon uses cliches just because it knows other artists have used them to elicit emotions.

            By the way, do you know about something called the beat sheet? It’s basically the same as the monomyth but a lot more detailed, and somewhat criticized for being mechanical, but you should check it out. There are even calculators that try and tell you how many pages should fit into whichever stage. Out of curiosity, why’d you do literature?

          • Alana Hendrickson

            Well I was taught to ignore the Beat Sheet criticism. Because it matters not how often a trope is used, but how it’s used. In college I learned that it is indeed true that viewers crave for something “new”, but that is a wild goose chase. Every story type, every trope, everything story related is known. I studied literature because I’m a writer myself. I’m still a work in progress though in terms of finishing my books.

          • Same here actually, writer in progress. Though most of it is in between classes, didn’t have the courage to really pursue it full time. Don’t even get me started on finishing, lol, I’ve been writing the same stories for like ten years. Not being able to finish is like a running joke in my family,

            What do you write about? If you don’t mind me asking,

          • Alana Hendrickson


  6. Christopher Paolini (the writer of Eragon) was a teenager when his first book was published and his family owns a publishing company. That’s one reason why this movie sucks. BUT, like “The Dom” did in Lost in Adaptation, the book is actually better but not by much.

  7. I am not sure what they were thinking*. They took a book that was already hit or miss, and took out all the hits!
    the rearing of Saphira**; Saphira’s personality; Angela’s personality; the name Torqenbrand; Farthen Dur***; Orick.

    *they were thinking: “that oughta be a quick cash grab.
    **which was almost copy and pasted from Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher, but I dont care.
    *** there was no wy they could afford that.

  8. Alana Hendrickson

    Walker, I don’t care what you said about adaptations in your old fuck up vids, you should learn the source material first. The books this movie is based on are fascinating and I don’t care if they have elements from other stories. It doesn;t matter at all how old a works tropes are, what matters is how they are used. Besides Walker, EVERY story trope is known today, you should get used to it like I did. And the books used their tropes wonderfully, in fact, I love them more then How to Train Your Dragon. And another thing, you can’t expect this to be like HTTYD in terms of dragon and rider relationship, because Saphira has some really cool lines in the book.

    • So we’re forced to read the books in order to enjoy this movie??
      If so, that shows how much it fails as an adaptation.

      • Alana Hendrickson

        I never said the movie was good. It fails as a movie, but fails even more as an adaptation.

      • Exactly! An adaptation of any work needs to be able to stand on its own as well as connect with the original. If the adaptation requires you to be thoroughly familiar with the original in order to work, then it isn’t a very good adaptation.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Wow, rage dump much? Now show us on the doll where Mr. Walker violated you.

      • Alana Hendrickson

        Gladly, when you tell me why you worship him as the messiah.

        • The Real Silverstar

          So are you in training for the Olympics? ‘Cause that’s some serious conclusion-jumping you’re attempting there. I’m not sure where you found “I worship Doug as the Messiah” in that sentence; you must have a decoder ring that lies to you, because I never said nor implied anything of the sort. If you have to put words into the other person’s mouth in order to make your alleged point, then you’ve already lost the discussion.

          The point I was trying to make is simply this: lighten up. So the guy doesn’t love the book series that this flick was based on like you do, and thus he gave it a mediocre review, well so effing what? That’s his opinion, and his opinion isn’t hurting you or anyone else, so why is his view on this movie such an issue to you? People offer differing opinions all the time, if you’re really so thin-skinned that you can’t handle that, then maybe you don’t need to be here.

          By the by, stop waving your holier-than-thou “I’m so smart because I studied literature in college” attitude in everyone’s faces; you’re only making yourself look like a smug asshole, so kindly stop telling us how we should feel about this work of fiction, ’cause you’re not running anything here but your mouth.

          While I respect your passion as a fellow writer, the childish level of entitlement that you exhibit is not only frustrating, but sadly all too commonly encountered online these days. As someone who’s old enough to be you older brother, uncle or parent, let me say this: the world in general doesn’t revolve around your ass, nor is it going to accommodate your silly Special Princess Snowflake complex. You need to get your head out of said ass if you wish to properly interact with others and make it in the real world. Otherwise, life is going run you over like a giant steamroller, and the sooner that giant ego of yours is deflated, the better off we’ll all be.

  9. I have always looked at the movie as the adaption of the book but I never thought about what made it bad as a movie on its own, plus I like Saphira because she’s a dragon and dragons are awesome but Critic is 100% right about Saphira’s dialogue even though if you take it away you realise that they use the same animation every time they cut back to her. I never realised how awkward they made it look having Brom and Eragon look at Saphira so she can say her next line

  10. I went to see this movie in the theatre. The most fun I had with it was singing “TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR” whenever the dragon was on the screen. Keep in mind, this was well before “DOVAHKIIN! DOVAHKIIN! NOT A SINGLE SARDINE!”

    • One minute in – ONE MINUTE IN – and the video player is already tarding out worse than Batman in that stupid YTMND thing!

      • That’s so weird…it works just fine for me. Are you using an older browser per chance? Or maybe the player is choosy about the receiving OS?

        • I have no idea. My suspicion is that, unless you have like a 200mbps connection, the player simply assumes you shouldn’t be allowed to play the video. I have a pretty crappy connection where I live (5mbps max), but it’s not so crappy to account for how bad this player is. At the very least, I should be able to pause the video, let it load for a while, then play with no interruptions. But when I try that, it just stops downloading the video at all.

          Latest version of Firefox (55.0.3).

          Bear in mind, I was referring to the VIDME player when I wrote this; apparently, they changed the embed to Youtube; Youtube usually works just fine for me.

  11. Preeeeeety sure Paulini was 15 when he wrote Eragon.

    • He started writing when he was 15, but he didn’t write, edit, and publish this book at 15. It took him two or three years to write the book with rewritiing and reediting the book. The published version that came through is parents was when he was somewhere between the age of 17-18. The book your familiar with came out when he was 19. That negates this defense. Even if he was 15, that’s not really an excuse for the terrible writing in it.

      • What terrible writing? It’s great. Admittedly, I prefer the later ones, as the plot in the first had seemed to borrow too much from the Star Wars plot, but I still love it. And that is why to me, this piece of shit movie is the worst movie ever. Worse than even Avatar the Last Airbender movie, because it failed SO MUCH as an adaptation of a story I love.

        • No, it’s not. Since it’s Paolini’s first book it features a lot of bad writing. It’s just natural since he didn’t have a lot of experience.

          His prose are often purple and flowery. He is overly verbose.

          Eragon comes across more as a gary stue than an actual natural character. Such as him learning to read in a week or learning swordsmanship to the degree he did in such a little time.

          Paolini overly uses adverbs in this book.
          Steven King on his book on writing said that “I believe the path to hell is paved with adverbs.”

          Paolini uses every permutation of the word said. To the point where it becomes redundant and unnecessary. A great example of this is sentence: “Sorry” apologized Brom.

          Paolini has an over reliance on beginning and ending his chapters with Eragon either waking up or being knocked out.

          Paolini often abuses the thesaurus.

          And so forth.

          • Alana Hendrickson

            If you think Eragon is a Gary Stu, you have no idea what a Gary Stu is. I’ve seen them, and they are NOTHING like Eragon.

          • That’s the silliest two sentences I’ve read today…

          • I agree, many of Eragon’s flaws are acknowledged (starting with being illiterate), such as gullible, short-fused, too instinctive, easy to anger, bad at controlling emotions and not very eloquent. The later being actualy quite important for a Gary Stu, they ALWAYS end up eloquent in moments of speeches.

  12. Thank god I never watched this movie. No offense, it just looked so bland. Nothing about it screamed, “worth my time and money.” Despite it having dragons and such, nothing about this stood out. Eragon does look like a bleh series. Maybe the books are bit better, but… thanks.

  13. I remember Eragon being advertised on TV, but I wasn’t suckered into it like I was with stuff like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and years later after it was released, I’ve heard that it’s not really good. I didn’t know why, nor did I waste my time to watch the whole thing. So, thank you, Nostalgia Critic, for your usual remembering it so I don’t have to.

    In speaking of things that were released in 2006, Power Rangers Mystic Force had better names for objects and people than this.

    John Malcovich was only in a few scenes in the first third of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Why are you complaining about it? And while I’m on a complaining mood, STOP WITH THE MIDICHLORIANS BITCHING! We’ve heard it a thousand times.

    The DieHard battery castle looks like an uninspired version of the Lincoln Memorial.

    At least in the next life, Jeremy Irons’ character became Batman’s butler.

    “Helms Deep shit” is one of the funniest damn things I have ever heard in my life.

    Am I the only one who thinks that Jon Bailey makes a better John Malcovich impression than Doug?

  14. Atmosfear will always be the best VHS game. The DVD version just wasn’t the same.

  15. I could be wrong, but I’ve got a suspicion that, like in the Walking With Dinosaurs movie, the unnecessary voice-over was a last-minute decision added in post-production.

    • Alana Hendrickson

      If you read the books you’d be surprised to find it’s not the case. Though to be fair only Eragon can hear her. This is not How to train your dragon.

      • Still, the producers could have taken liberties and only have Eragon say that he can hear her talk to him without out the audience having to hear her too. I can’t help but feel like the edits Doug made could have just as easily been how the film could have played out.

        • Alana Hendrickson

          So you’d like Dragonheart better of Draco had no lines? Or what if Smaug had no lines? Why don’t you read the books.

          • The big diffrence between Dragonheart and this is that Draco had wise and witty lines. On top of all that he had a badass voice (Sean Connery) that was perfect for a Dragon. As Doug said, Saphira just points out the obvious and really adds nothing to making her character interesting.

          • Pretty much what Boris said.

          • well, to be fair, in the book saphira was quite a good character, she wasn’t “wise”, but careful, also a bit too proud of herself, jealous of Eragon, overprotective and often a bit sassy. Also, oddly enough, Eragon couldn’t tell her gender, he had to go through a list of names and Saphira picked the last one, which was female and it struck Eragon his dragon was female. That begs to question of what is the sound of a Dragon’s voice according to the book.

          • The Real Silverstar

            Or how about you stop preaching to us nonstop how amazing the books are, implying that we’re peons for not recognizing their extreme awesomeness, let other folks formulate their own opinions and respect those opinions, even the ones you don’t agree with? Crazy thought, I know.

          • Come to think of it, it sounds sort of like the fans of a certain children’s horror-romance series featuring sparkly bampires and shirtless warwilfs. And pedophilia.

          • Yes, Alana. This.

      • Actualy Saphira can “hack” into other’s minds to talk. She just resources to it as a last resort to respect one’s privacy.

  16. Oh! I used to love this movie as a kid. Okay, I have low standards but this movie does seem a little bland. Maybe it’s because I was a kid and I hadn’t seen many fantasy movies at the time. I remember that one of my middle school teachers loved the book series and hated this movie. Every time we’d bring it up, he’d get red.

  17. I may be crushing on Malcolm.

  18. Man I loathe this movie to no end and beg there to be a proper remake. While yes, the core was ripped from other stories (Star wars and the Belgariad especially) I still would say it did a lot of unique things and had a much better narrative and some genuinely powerful moments.

    Believe me, the story really wasnt this cliché. There were some really clever twists on the trope in plot and relationship.

    -Eragon raised her over months and was actually quite disturbed when she started to learn to talk. She flew him away when he found out his uncle was in danger, TEARING THE FLESH FROM HIS THIGHS FORCING THEM TO WAIT FOR THEM TO HEAL BEFORE RETURNING. And for half the book he loathes her for this and avoids riding her for quite a long time.

    -Eragon had a purpose. He didnt care for the Varden (rebels), he only cared about revenge toward his uncles killers, and the first half of the book is him hunting them down, only to then be hunted by them and saved at the last moment. Also, the Ra’zac were cold blooded, sentient, monsters who followed the king because it have them the freedom to kill and torture. Not mindless plant zombies sent by Durza.

    In the book, he wanted revenge, but was overpowered and then fled to the varden in desperation. In the film…. welp, off to the varden we go, says brom. Eragon questions nothing.

    And this is scratching the surface. It did bring some new things to the table, lets not pretend that. If it was properly adapted, it would really have been amazing.

  19. I can totally see this for an episode of MST3K, seriously I’ve seen them do commentary on similar films, I would like to see them try this one.

  20. I use to love the book series when I was a younger teenager, but having grown up with them my opinion on them has changed dramatically. The Inheritance Cycle book series isn’t that great.

    Eragon shows all the classic mistakes and flaws of being the author’s first book. At best it’s a derivative mess at it’s worst, it’s a great example of plagiarism.

    Eldest more of the same. It wasn’t until Brisingr that the book series became just awful to read. The writing had definitely gotten worse rather then better. Inheritance was just a disappointing finale all around.

    For all their faults, I suppose there was a charm to them. There is a whole nostalgic factor to them as well. I just a shame that they didn’t get better as they went a long.

    • Alana Hendrickson

      I still love them. Besides, stories you accuse it from stealing from, have done their fair share of theft from other stories as well. If you want to find something new in story, you’re on a wild goose chase.

      • I never really said that though anywhere in my original post though. Please don’t make a strawman fallacy from my post. I just stated that at it’s best the Inheritance Cycle is a derivative mess that has been done better in other books and media. At it’s worst, it’s infamously known for plagiarizing other works. That’s left up individual people to decide if he did or not. Either way you look at it, it’s a problem. Where I stand on this issue of it being plagiarized or not, I’m not telling.

        I think the whole conversation around this particular criticism is talked about too much. There’s nothing really interesting to talk about it. That’s why I don’t really bring it up.

        Besides that, there’s plenty wrong with it’s writing that’s more interesting to talk about.

        • Alana Hendrickson

          Everything borrows today. Every trope and story device is known today, it all comes down to how they are used.

          • I don’t think you really read anything I have written.

          • Alana Hendrickson

            The same can be said of you to what I have written.

          • No, you haven’t. You’ve just been completely ignoring anything I’ve stated and keep on repeating yourself ad nauseam. What you keep on repeating has no bearing on anything that’s been discussed on hand.

            If you had read anything I’ve stated, then you know I never accused Paolini of plagiarizing anything. I didn’t give an opinion on whether or not he did. In fact, I even stated that I avoid disusing it because I think it’s a lazy criticism. The only thing I did say was being the most generous with discussing this book critically is that Eragon is a very cliched derivative mess of a book. That cannot be denied. Which I hope you understand is not the same thing as saying it’s plagiarized.

            I’m done replying to you after this post. You’ve repeatedly failed in making any arguments against any points I’ve said.

          • ThatGuy, much as I’m on your side of this argument and am tired of Alana’s self-plagiarism, I can’t let this slide:

            “If you had read anything I’ve stated, then you know I never accused Paolini of plagiarizing anything.”
            “At best it’s a derivative mess at it’s worst, it’s a great example of plagiarism.”
            That last is from your comment right at the top of this particular thread.

            Now, if only I can figure out whether or not Alana has ever studied literature…

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      It’s been a while since I’ve read them, but I actually enjoyed the later books far more than the first one.

      • Brisingr is tipping point for me when the series just became awfully bad. It’s main faults are that it is boring and has glacial pacing through most of the book. It feels like a vehicle that is stuck in the mud with wheels are stuck spinning at full speed. It also has a lot of other problems with it.

        Also, I’m being purposefully vague as to not spoil anything.

        I think Paolini tried too hard to be more mature in this book by amplifying the gore and volience too much. It just becomes a emotional whiplash to the reader. The tone of this book doesn’t match the first two books and it doesn’t’ evolve naturally into that tone either.

        Eragon ceases to act like a hero in the first part of this book. As it has Eragon acting way out of character and expects you to go along with it. it If you’ve read the you know what I’m talking about.

        The concept of Roran and his character are completely destroyed n the second half of Brisingr. By making him do things that are impossible for an ordinary human. It goes to far into being over the top that it becomes ridiculous to read about The situations he gets himself into and out of are just plainly-stupidly written. Roran ceases to be a fun character to read about.

        Saphira finally gets a P.O.V. chapter, but those chapters offer nothing of value as nothing of interest happens. It doesn’t’ help that Paolini tries too hard to make her seem alien to the reader. It becomes very obnoxious to the hyphened adjective words. It wasn’t clever.

        The climax is very anticlimactic which also serves as foreshadowing for the rest of the series.

        I could go on, but I think you might get the point.

  21. You skipped over the dumbest scene in this movie:

    General: Summon the archers!
    *literally two guys jump out, and one is basically blocking the shot of the other*

  22. 4:55 – Missed an opportunity to say Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.

  23. Eragon is just another example of the problem with so many fantasy novels, amazingly generic junk that gets popular somehow. In recent memory I can only recall one fantasy series that really caught my attention: Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series. They aren’t the best written things ever, and the early books have some really rubbish character development; but neither of those matter since the world Sanderson came up with was more than interesting enough in itself to keep me going. The concepts of Allumancy and Feromancy alone had my attention until the character development caught up in later novels.

    Also I hate that books like Eragon or anything by Terry Brooks become super famous and my favorite fantasy series remains mostly obscure. The Pern books by Anne McCaffery covering the Last Pass are goddam treasures not nearly enough people have read. (The other pass storylines are of varying quality)

    • It is because oh history. When Tolkien basically invented genre (not mistake with Fairy Tales and Legends). It was ignored by writers but gain huge fallow up by fans. As result most of works written from that point are.. lets call it by name.. a fan-fics. Because of that expectations for it are low, or some people even define genre as “Tolkien clone”.

      This genre was so stale that when professional writer Robert E. Howard published Conan the Barbarian it created new genre (called back then “Might and Magic” but today defined as Low Fantasy). It wasn’t until 80’ties or 90’ties (don’t remember now) when professional writers accept finally genre, this did go in pair with redefining almost all sub-genres as idea of Heroic Fantasy (something basically defined as fan-fic) was by definition dumb for anyone who know how to write. Still because of that some lazy heroic trash can go through sieve because some kids and herd followers will buy it anyway “cause fantasy”.

  24. How would being unhappy to make the sacrifice not make it a sacrifice? She’d still be dying for the sake of another, how is that not a sacrifice if they’re okay with it? I mean I guess you make a point, wouldn’t Darth Vader’s death just to see his son’s face with his own eyes right before he died have been more sacrificial if he’d been GRUMPY while he died?

  25. Benjamin Raya Altamirano

    there, I said my line; gotta say this, I missed Jim in the reviews 🙂

  26. Even as a kid I could I could tell that Eragon was plagiarizing Star Wars.

    Hell, the second book’s ending is extremely blatant with ripping off Empire Strikes Back~ After going to train with an elfin master, the main hero is lured into a trap and discovers he’s related to the villain.

    Yeah, seriously…to quote Chris Rock, “I think George Lucas gonna sue somebody!”

    • Alana Hendrickson

      Star Wars is not as original as you think. It has borrowed from older works as well. Helps if you study fantasy in school and college.

      • Yes, I know. Joseph Cambell, Carl Jung, Hero’s Journey, archetypes, the whole shebang.

        Star Wars at least brought something new to the table and did something with those tropes.

        Eragon, on the other hand, is so lazy that the name itself is literally just “Dragon” but with the first letter changed to the very next one in the alphabet.

        • It’s also important to note that the Hero’s Journey is more prescriptive than descriptive. It’s more vague in it’s construction rather than a list of plot points to be checked off.

          I think most people confuse Star Wars as the definitive version of the Hero’s Journey. When in reality, it’s just a version of the Hero’s Journey.

          Nowhere will you find in the Hero’s Journey that it’s states that the hero must be an orphaned farmboy living with his uncle. That the orphaned farmboy must be trained by a wise old mentor who just happens to be the last remnants of an ancient order. I think you get the idea.

          • Alana Hendrickson

            True it doesn’t say the hero has to start as a farmboy, but it does not say the opposite though. A hero can start off as anything the writer wants.

      • Star Wars only took elements from other stories and put its own spin to them.
        Eragon pretty much is the story of Star Wars, if it took place in the Middle-Earth instead of space.

  27. A terrible movie that probably could have been decent if it wasn’t trying to be LotR.

  28. Oddworld Inhabitant

    Maybe it’s because I’m somewhat a fan of the Inheritance Cycle, but I think the problem with Saphira wasn’t that she was talking, but that everything she said was derivative. While it’s not original at all, having a talking dragon seems way more interesting to me than the also unoriginal option of having a silently emoting pet sidekick. At any rate, I thought the silent dragon scenes just seemed a bit weird, like the characters encountered an error and had to reboot before they could say their next lines.

  29. maybe I’m just misunderstanding but wile you were right about the first two points on why the dragon shouldn’t speak, you seem to contradict yourself and say a non humanoid companion to the main character should NEVER speak and would always ruin the characters’ bond.

    it worked in the newer Pound Puppies series with the main protagonist and his owner

    and in MLP, Spike can talk wile the other main characters’ non pony companions don’t talk.

    and I wouldn’t be able to get what the dragon was thinking for at least one of the examples you gave.

    • Yup. This NC argument was dumb and mistake personal taste with the facts, especially because ability to talk with familiar are thing. Not to mention that most dragons in the myths in fact do talk. Yes, modern media dumber them down to wild beasts, but that is usually not the case.

      Spike example is quite weird though as he is not a familiar. He is independent being who just decided to fallow Scor.. I mean Taillight.

      • I forget to say that doesn’t change fact that her dialogues are pointless and lack gravitude. It is why examples given by NC work, but it doesn’t mean that talking is the issue itself. More that she don’t have anything interesting to say either stating obvious of delivering bland exposition.

        • Alana Hendrickson

          The problem with Walker is that he wants movies to be more humble. Well not everything is humble.

          • Doug doesn’t have a problem. He’s here to state his own opinion, not to validate yours. If you’re losing sleep over what he says about this one movie then he’s not the one with the problem.

            Also, constantly referring to Doug by his last name isn’t cute either, so how about we put the kibosh on that because you’re only making yourself appear catty.

          • Yeah, I’m looking for the catnip to mellow her out.

    • The Spike analogy doesn’t work because dragons aren’t pets or familiars in the MLP universe; they’re intelligent, independent, sentient beings like griffins or sea monsters. They aren’t pets like dogs or cats.

      • Devil's Advocate

        well, there is Spike the Dog from Equestria Girls who really is a talking pet and his bond with Sci Twi is what helps stop Midnight Sparkle

        and the dragon in this film wasn’t really a pet either.

        • Equestria Girls has nothing to do with anything. EG takes place in an alternate universe and is therefore irrelevant to this discussion. We’re only referencing My Little Pony proper because that’s the only MLP universe that has dragons in it.

          “and the dragon in this film wasn’t really a pet either.”

          Nice try, but that doesn’t validate your point in any way.

          • Spike the Dog and Sci Twi is still relevant because Equestria Girls still has fantasy elements and their bond still works with Spike talking.

          • Equestria Girls isn’t relevant to this, homes. It never was relvant, and it’s never going to be relvant, no matter how much you may want it to be. Why is it always so hard for you to just admit that you’re wrong?

            You’re doing the same thing that you always do: dragging this out in a desperate attempt to save face and to validate your non-existent point instead of just saying “Whoops! My bad.” or something like that and simply moving on because you always, ALWAYS have to be right. I find that sad and you should be made aware of how annoying that is.

          • okay, fine. but I still don’t think it is always bad to have an animal companion talk, how does that inherently ruin the bond between it and the human character?

          • Devil's Advocate

            also, at first in MLP, we didn’t know Dragons were “people” like the ponies, Spike was like Meowth from Pokemon. even “Basil” and “Reginald” were more like wild animals then members of a sapient race.

            and if the dragon in this film communicates telepathically, they are a sapient race too. so, the comparison to Spike does work.

            and most dragons in fiction can talk anyway, Toothless is an exception who also came later.

            and since my first example from the original post was non-dragon(and Doug brought up Lassie and Timmy), I have another boy and dog example. Krypto and Kevin from the Krypto the Superdog cartoon. their bond works despite Krypto talking.

            and I am done now. I am trying to stay civil and not endlessly argue anymore, just wanted to add my two sense witch I don’t even do on every video.

          • “also, at first in MLP, we didn’t know Dragons were “people” like the ponies,”

            That’s also irrelevant. The dragons were always sentient creatures, even if the ponies were unaware of this. Again, that in no way validates your point.

            “Spike was like Meowth from Pokemon.”

            No, he wasn’t. All dragons can talk in the world of MLP. Most of the ponies were simply unaware of this up to that point.

            Dude, no one’s arguing the boy/dog dynamic (at least I’m not, I don’t know who you’re trying to convince with all this dog stuff). I’m only saying that it doesn’t make sense to place Spike in the same category as the pony pets such as Opal Essence, Angel, Tank, Wynona, Gummy and the like because they’re all pets and Spike was never a pet. That’s all.

            You don’t even see the irony that you’re now doing the very thing that you’ve been accused of. I find that funny.

            Also, the expression is “My two CENTS”. “cents” and “sense” don’t mean the same thing.

          • Devil's Advocate

            I will be done for real after this. you apparently missed when I said that the dragon in Erogon is NOT a pet and is a sapient creature too. so, Doug’s intire point is flawed since he’s acting like it’s a boy in his pet scenario when it’s actually more similar to a relationship between two humans.

          • Here’s some food for thought, brotien shake: people wouldn’t pull your chain if you didn’t leave it dangling all the time. If you don’t overreact, then no one can accuse you of overreacting. The best way to not be accused of refusing to let anything drop is to *let things drop*. Folks can’t razz you don’t give them anything to work with.

            A good way to start is to NOT respond to this. You claim to be done, then just be done. We’ll all be happier for it.

  30. This was an interesting review, but I feel like the VHS game set up/joke was not strong enough. Actually go through with a VHS game instead of just simply standing there.

    Even the NC character felt too stupid this time around. Like, he was maybe too stubborn to admit that it was just a generic fantasy film

    It was a fun review though. Though I guess I always thought John Malkovich was considered a good actor.

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