Escape From New York – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara never saw the 1981 John Carpenter movie Escape From New York before. Here are her thoughts.

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  1. MightyDavidson

    The “baby man” is called Slag and he’s played by professional wrestler Ox Baker. Escape From New York is pretty much the biggest movie he’s ever appeared in. Back in the day however he was fairly well known in wrestling circles.

  2. Escape from LA is one of THE worst sequels EVER.

  3. RestlessVagabond

    You should watch Starman. A 1984 movie by John Carpenter starring Jeff Bridges; and the only John Carpenter movie to receive and Academy Award nomination for anything due to Bridges earning a Best Actor nod.

  4. Snake Plissken is undoubtedly one of the coolest characters in cinema.

  5. Such a great ensemble cast of classic character actors:
    Isaac Hayes:The Duke / Ernest Borgnine: Cabbie
    Maggie: Adrian Barbeau / Harry Dean Stanton: The Brain
    Lee Van Clef: Colonel / Donald Pleasence: President

    Love this movie, you must see the sequel Escape From LA as a cautionary tale of how a remake/sequel with like 20X the budget can fail so hard.

  6. Like usual, I’ve never seen this movie either. And knowing how my comments on Tamara’s Never Seen are going, I’ll probably be leaving pretty much the same comment next time. LOL. Also, I totally support that sequel idea that you had.

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