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Mr. T Cereal, Terminator toys, and of course Shaq Fu! What else would you want to see ads for? It’s that time of year again, as the Nostalgia Critic reviews a bunch of commercials!

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  1. I don’t think the Chubbles are that creepy. They just look a little odd. The sound doesn’t sound like a giggle though. Can that corn flakes rap be my ringtone? LOL. I have never seen that Quiznos ad and I used to eat Quiznos all the time as a kid. O.O I don’t have anything to say about the other commericals. Lastly, that 70’s commercial is yet another reason the 70s is my least favorite decade. O.O

  2. 24:41 – 25:00 WTF! Tamara! O_O That didn’t sound like it was scripted, that was the real Tamara acting out her obsessions. ^_^

  3. Jeremy G. McLaughlin

    8:59–Now that’s shock humor that deserves a hard-earned “HOLY SHIT!”

  4. I never understood why they would advertise subs using something that looked like roadkill.

  5. Hmm. Third episode in a row Doug’s found some way to complain about SJWs/safespaces unprompted. Well, at least this time it was somewhat relevant to the topic of conversation.

    Anyone else feel like Doug has a chip on his shoulder recently, that’s affecting the show’s writing? Well, I guess that’s more a question for the writer than the lead.

  6. LOL,

    Malcolm you killed me ! 🙂

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