Every Christmas Opening – Nostalgia Critic

Now you can see every crazy introduction Nostalgia Critic has done for Christmas! From the simple and jolly to the deadly insane! Nostalgia Critic’s Christmas Greetings are anything but plain and dull.

Skip 5:05 – 5:14 if you are sensitive to seizures.

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  1. Ow come on Nostalgia Critic, you can do more. You can expand this Militarized Christmas Universe and expand your tyranical dominion over all love of Christmas in the multiverse! You can do it!

  2. 2013 F-f-f-f-fucking love Christmas was the best!

  3. I will admit that it was clever to have an excuse to not outdo yourself anymore. I’ve never seen that first one. To be honest, I’ve never liked these skits.

  4. lilith_ascennding

    “I F-f-f-fucking Love Christmas!” is honestly one of my favorite Christmas songs now.

  5. Man, when he just grabs Tamera mid-sentence and just screams right at her with the big head and the make-up and the flashing, that made me laugh so fucking loud you won’t believe it when I first saw that years ago.

  6. Christmas based super saiyan Doug was probably the best.

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