Evil Dead 2 – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara continues with the best horror franchise she has never seen. Next up Evil Dead 2.

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  1. People were really complaining about Tamara’s hair flip and her dislike of tree rape? Wow… and I thought that I was a bit of a douchey nitpicker. O.O One last thing: An off-topic thing is that I understand where you were coming from about watching movies being a job. I had a moment like that back in high school where I had a job of being a gossip columnist for the school newspaper and now I don’t want gossip shows on a daily basis like I did in high school.

  2. Yeah, this is definitely my favourite of the three, it has so many classic moments. I love the bit when Ash has completely lost his shit, and he just starts bobbing up and down with that lamp.

  3. One perfect movie in every way or sense. Three is goofy fun,but isn’t even close to this masterpiece

  4. I can think of a movie with totally necessary tree rape:

    “The adventures of Woody Palm, the rapist Ent.”

    Gotta have someone make that though. Because everybody wants to see a rapist ent.

  5. I’ve you’re going to call it Tam-Tober Fest, shouldn’t there be some beer involved? Where’s Maven and Nella? You should totally get Maven and Nella to drink beer.

    7:55 – Well, he IS Bruce Campbell.

  6. I only recently watched the first one for the first time, and for an embarrassing minute there I actually thought it was Jim Carey. I even, looking at Bruce Campbell, said “I didn’t know he was in this”.

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