Exorcist II – Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts

There’s a reason this movie’s called a Heretic. Doug and Rob share their real thoughts on the movie, Exorcist II.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I realized something while watching this video that this real thoughts episode is longer then the actual review(quite weird but I would like to see excorcist 3 givin that you guys said it was awesome). Speaking of that,did you know that the under title for excorcist 3 legion was actually a movie that opened in 2010 and it bombed and the critics hated it but I would like to see a critic on the site covering that movie(would be cool if that happened).

  2. Yeah, Exorcist II has some very interesting ideas, but all comes off as a silly, boring mess in the final film. Boorman is weird like that, his LotR script is pretty weird, too.

    Oh, and you guys probably wouldn’t get enough requests for this, but I’d like to see a real thoughts on the Conan movies with Arnold.

  3. Oh man, that one jump scare you guys mentioned from Exorcist III… that got me so good. I remember I was watching it for the first time at my friends house late one night, he had fallen asleep, and my guard was down. And then that happened. My heart was in my throat. In any case, yeah, Exorcist III is an excellent underrated sequel.

  4. Oh Linda Blair, you deserved a better career. Better than Savage Streets at least.

  5. The movie “bore” you? Well it was made John Boor-man……I’ll stop now.

  6. I hate all horror movies but… A priest was smoking? What the heck? O.O

  7. You’re still my idols Walker bros.

  8. Oh God I would kill to be in your shoes acting immature but believing in the prospect of the idealogy of good, bad, and ugly pieces of cinema, these words are coming from the thoughts of a very fluent Russian speaker who also adores the Italian language.

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