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With the Fantastic 4 constantly being botched on the big screen, is this the one that’s the absolute worst? The Nostalgia Critic reviews Fant4stic.

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  1. Oh boy, we’re in for a treat.

  2. Follow up comment to come.

    • I am so thankful that I was number two today. Anyways, I think that this IS the worst comic book movie. I like the 2000 Fantastic Four movies and at least say Catwoman has good/hilarious music, that cool suit and some laughable moments. This movie is the worst for me because it’s BORING. It has a total of like 7 minutes of action. I’m so glad I saw this at my $2 movie theater and not a real movie theater. I also thought that Mr. Fantastic seemed like a real douche in this movie. The Lord of the Rings scene was hilarious. Also, you leave Mountain Dew alone! LOL. ;D Lastly, I thought that The Thing looked good.

  3. Hrm. For a moment I thought Lucius was Black Willy Wonka in disguise.

    • RayO_ElGatubelo

      He’ll probably reveal that he was Willy Wonka once Disney gets back the rights. He didn’t want Captain Marvel to be pushed back yet again.


    A decent review I guess though I feel like you could have done more like name all of the actors or at least refer to them as the Billy Elliot kid or that black kid from Chronicle (which was from the same director) and so on. Not to mention you could have mentioned the editing like how Sue Storms hair changed.

  5. Is it wrong to say that I actually like the “There is no Victor. Only Doom,” line? Because I think the delivery of that line makes it legitimately threatening… Doesn’t excuse the rest of the film, but still.

  6. And The Incredibles still stands as the best Fantastic Four movie. The fact that The Incredibles is also a Disney movie should also be a big sign for Fox to GIVE THE FANTASTIC FOUR BACK TO THE NOW DISNEY-OWNED MARVEL!!

    • Yeah, Fox. You’re doing awesome with the X-Men films, and that’s pretty much it.

      • Honestly even those are kinda … meh. I mean remember x men 3? The X men films have the same problems as fox’s other comic movies except the style just works a bit better with the source material so the end product isn’t nearly as bad.

        But IMO even their X men movies are a bit lacking in comic charm and could use a bit more.They aren’t bad but could be so much better.

      • Well, they’re hit-and-miss. Most of them are good, but there are still a few terrible ones (namely The Last Stand, Origins: Wolverine and Apocalypse).

    • I totally get ya and agree that Disney should get the rights back, but why should Fox necessarily care that another studio could use a property they currently hold rights to and make it better? We want the best for the movies, of course, but studios like Fox just want the money, and don’t want their competition making said money. This is Fox we’re talking about. They’re so petty they rush out a horrible Fantastic 4 movie just to maintain the rights to the franchise.

    • Seriously. If Disney could get Spider-Man back from Sony, why not the FF from Fox?

  7. At last! I like that Lucius Fox is “Fox.” Makes this a lot more funnier. As for this movie, 3 strikes movie company! You are out at this point! Give back the rights!

    And I agree, I would be more concerned about the rolls in that ending scene as well.

  8. Well, you said why this film is horrible. I don’t even think there is anything subjectively good about the film.

  9. Hey, so you did review this after all! Anyway, I have to tell you why these movies all suck. They were all made for the sole reason because their companies wanted to keep their copyrights. Yeah, except for “Rise Of The Silver Surfer”. Well, that was a sequel so it might not even count. Aww, I’m doing Superhero Month and haven’t come by this yet!

  10. TragicGuineaPig

    And they stole the ending from the Mystery Men: “Guys! That’s it! We’re the Super Squad!”

    Here’s what went wrong: the 2000s’ FF movies were too campy and over-the-top. So when they decided to reboot, they overcompensated and went too dark and gritty. They never even tried to strike some kind of balance. And frankly, if they go for another reboot, they should consider leaving Doom out of it entirely. At least, don’t have him show up right from the beginning and have a familiar tie to the group. Instead, having him turn up in a later film, but no one knows who he really is.

    • Yeah it’s weird how Fox keeps trying to make doom into an old friend of the group.

      He’s the evil but benevolant dictator of his own country! Not some pretty rich boy or forgettable jerk. Why is it so hard for them to use doom’s actual character? They don’t even get his powers right!

      It’s seriously amazing that one of the biggest flaws with the 2000’s was carried over into the reboot. Was there just an exec that went “you know what was great about the last movies? Doom having absolutely nothing to do with his source material. Let’s do that again!”

      • FeraligatrReturns

        Well in the comics Doom was once friends with Reed I believe.

        Anyway I think they keep toning down Doom for the same reason they made Galactus into a space cloud: they want to have “realism”, and so they made him Lex Luthor-Lite. And unfortunately since some of the FF’s other villains include The Mole Man and a dude with three super powered ape side kicks, the studio will probably keep going back to Doom.

      • RayO_ElGatubelo

        Here’s the thing. FOX only has access to a couple of characters attached to the Fantastic Four, and they can’t even cross them over with X-Men’s.

        That’s a part of the reason why, while a Fantastic Four movie set in its own distinct universe could have flown in 2005, it was never going to work in the age of Cinematic Universes. X-Men has 200+ characters with its own mythos, so it is working out, but Fantastic Four? Their universe is even smaller than Spider-Man’s. Worse, a good chunk of their storylines connect to the rest of the Marvel Universe. In short, the Fantastic Four not being able to interact with the Avengers is a crime. Period.

        • You know, in a way, I’m kind of glad that the X-Men films take place in their own separate universe from the other Marvel films. In the comics, it always did feel like the X-Men really were something largely different from what the rest of the Marvel Universe was about. I think it’s because, in the X-Men, they always played up that Mutants vs. Humans vs. Other Mutants conflict thing, whereas the rest of the heroes were allowed to just be heroes.

          In short, despite the Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver connection, I just don’t think that the X-Men would fit very well into the Marvel Cinematic Universe next to the Avengers.

          I loved when the F4 would crossover with the Avengers in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. I am so sad they canned that in favor of Avengers Assemble.

  11. I despise this movie. It might be the movie I hate above all others.

  12. I don’t hate the 2015 reboot of Fantastic Four as much as Rotten Tomatoes, The Razzie Awards, or every single internet troll, but I agree that it does have problems. BTW, I still like the Tim Story movies better than this one and the Roger Corman one

    I actually called it when you were gonna say you’ll watch Jessica Jones on Netflix.

    Nice job on bringing back the Homer Simpson voice from The Happening review.

    At least we later saw both Kare Mara and Michael B. Jordan in BETTER 2015 films; them being The Martian and Creed. Oh, and we’ll also see Jordan play Erik Killmonger
    In the upcoming Black Panther solo movie, and since that’ll be a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, it’s already destined to be good.

    Say what you will about the 2005 movie (I mean Doug already has), but the first half of that movie actually had stuff happen, and there were some fun moments. THIS movie is just dark, colorless, and emotionless.

    The reason of why we see Ben Grimm in a dark room after we saw what he looked like is because this movie went through some re-shoots. You can also tell that Kate Mara wears a wig in a hand full of shots.

    If this movie became successful and, you know, GOOD, we would have had a sequel that would come out this year. But nope. The fans have spoken. This movie sucks, and Fox should give the Fantastic Four film rights back to Marvel like yesterday.

  13. Josh Trank is a hack. Even without the executive meddling, this film would be a disaster. He had zero respect for the source material and just spent his time getting high and wrecking his rental house. WHAT AN ASSHOLE. The Fantastic Four is my favorite superhero team and I will never forgive Trank or Fox for ensuring the franchise would be dead for good. “Fantastic vision”, my ass…

  14. It wasn’t a Hammer film, it was a Corman film!

  15. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    It goes without saying but Fox should have sold the rights back to Marvel instead of rebooting it.

  16. Great review! Got straight to the point leaving only relevant attention to the skits which actually got a laugh and wasn’t clipless. My one complaint is that Critic didn’t bring up the fact that it isn’t until the time when they gather to go fight Doom that all 4 actors are in the same room as each other. At most, 3 of them are together with one of them being elsewhere (Sue is in the control room but Kate Mara is clearly not present with the others).

    Also surprised he didn’t give a nod to the whole mixed race controversy or the deleted trailer sequences where stuff happened.

  17. they turn sue storm into a FRI (forced romantic interest)

  18. At -9:40 why aren’t the lights flickering while he claps?

  19. Good… GOD do I feel sorry for Josh Trank! He is actually a very competent director. Watch the movie C”hronicle” and you’ll see this man actually ALLOWED to be creative and make a good film!

    Fox… I just don’t get them at all and thanks to their interference (oh let’s face it, IDIOCY!), Josh Trank lost his chance to direct Force Awakens… Yeah, he was in the running for the director’s chair and this piece of useless garbage! FUCK YOU FOX!

    • Josh Trank was not going to direct Force Awakens, he was going to direct a second Star War feature film like Rouge One. Even if he was to be allowed to be creative, the movie would still suck because his attiude would still be prideful and movie would still be dark and gritty which no one liked in a movie that was meant to be comedic and lighthearted most times.

  20. I’m currently playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on steam and I gotta said – Victor Van Doom is one the most badass characters there, but not in this movie. Here he’s just boring.

  21. Disneyfreak-Lover

    The review was funny and right but… (sighs) his name was Doom in the comic when he was raised by gypsies in the country he ‘rules’ (mostly ambassador. So blame the god damn comic and not the movie!The movie is horrible but making fun of the name is more comic not movie.

    • RayO_ElGatubelo

      Yeah, I mean, he’s a foreigner. For all we know, Doom means something ordinary in Latverian.

      Hell, if Latverian is a Germanic language, it’s probably a cognate of German “Dom” (cathedral).

    • I think the problem Doug is drawing attention to here is that the movie is both insisting on taking itself too seriously (ie: dark rooms, ie: in the words of Hobbes, “Bumping into things is cool.”) AND still using that name.

  22. SuperCHARged425

    According to IMDB this movie turned a measly little profit of only $47M world wide…that’s sad!

  23. Yeah, I didn’t see this movie. I’m not a fan of the Fantastic Four, and it looked like, and apparently is, crap. Having a Cronenburg body horror approach in a super hero film is kind of an interesting concept, but it just seemed like an odd choice given the source material. They should’ve remade The Guyver instead of this, but I suppose that isn’t quite as recognizable a property as F4.

  24. Wow! That Dan Castellaneta character may well be the STUPIDEST “Doubting Doris” type character I’ve ever seen. “Magic”?! He didn’t wave a curtain in front of it, he made it dematerialize with blue energy!

    The worst part of it is, this is probably an accurate representation of someone!

    • As Arthur C. Clark points out, sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from technology. And after all, that is Homer J.

      (_{8^J) – mmm, purple.

  25. huh been a while since his last freak out

  26. Wow. Just wow. I’ve heard the rumors but this…dang.

  27. What’s with this not being able to be played on iPhones I’ve tried ChromeOS and Safari and both are saying it doesn’t work on this device

  28. Why do you have a poster for Pixels on your wall? I thought you didn’t like it.

  29. Please review Peter Pan (2003). I feel like that would be an awesome Nostalgia Critic review video!!

  30. It’s about damn time.

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