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Well, it IS the only Fantastic Four sequel we ever got, but that’s not saying much. Critic looks at a dud of a second movie for a dud of a first movie. The Nostalgia Critic reviews Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer.

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  1. Critic/Doug I love you man. But you are missing the point of this movie and of the Fantastic Four as characters. You see,what makes the FF great characters is that they are A FAMILY first,and superheroes second. So yeah,they DO focus on the wedding,they do focus on myriad issues between the group instead of big superheroes anticss. Why do you think they don’t have secret identies? Or why are they their own little group instead of being affiliated with others? It’s because they are supposed to be PEOPLE. with all the flaws people have. they are not supposed to be like “OH HELL YEAH,SAVING THE WORD IS PRIORITY NUMBER ONE”. they NEVER were like that,since 1961 man. So,sorry,you are missing the point

  2. The Real Silverstar

    Technically, the Fantastic Four aren’t superheroes at all; they’re futurists, explorers and adventurers. Yeah, they encounter threats and thwart them, but their top priority isn’t fighting bad guys or saving the world like say, The Avengers or the Justice League. They’re basically like the Quest family with super powers. That’s why the F4 don’t act like superheroes, because they *aren’t* superheroes.

  3. Ga-lac-tus.
    I thought you were joking the first 3 times you said it until you mentioned the comics.

    It’s Galactus, not GalacTIcus.


  5. Galact-ic-us
    I was curious if the name was changed for the movie, or if it was from the ultimate series to match the version depicted in the movie, but I found something different. Galacticus is from Earth-9047 in Marvel’s “What The–?!” series. Doug didn’t make a mistake. He made a rather obscure reference for a joke.

  6. I love both the 2000 Fantastic Four movies. Heck, I have the box set of these! They are dumb fun. ^.^ I think Silver Surfer was great casting. This is the only superhero movie that even my grandma enjoyed which has to mean something. As an aside, I really shouldn’t have eaten while watching the beginning of this review. You do make a good point about them putting the wedding ahead of saving the world but I would be disappointed if my wedding got destroyed too. Lastly, is that the black guy from Brooklyn 99 as the general?


  8. Two weeks until October! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Nostalgiaween! Anyone have favorites they are hoping to see reviewed?

  9. Man Doug, you REALLY need to read the comics. And stop badmouthing the live-action Airbender movie. It’s a good movie, and it was much better than the cartoon!

  10. 7:53 Lewis spent a while complaining about the “as you know….” writing cliche as well, while reviewing “The Car Wash of Doom”.

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