Fantasy Mission Force – Brandon Tenold

Before Jackie Chan was a superstar in America, he starred in movies like “Fantasy Mission Force” (1983), one of the most bizarre films I’ve ever done on this show!

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  1. The Movie Explorer

    I ♥ this movie so freaking much! Jackie Chan is always top-billed, despite only being in this movie for, like, ten seconds. Brigitte Lin absolutely steals the show. You could form a religion around that woman. (Interesting side-note: apparently she and her daughter live, like, half an hour away from me!)

  2. flameboyR120Vallic

    that was FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If you like this one, there’s another one, called “Fire Dragon” that seems to be the B-roll or something. About 30% the same scenes, sometimes different angles, different cuts, things left out, and then some new material.

    It doesn’t make any sort of sense either.

  4. What the flying hell am I watching here?

  5. Some of these movies didn’t even exist yet in 1983 like Ghostbusters and Nightmare on Elm Street which were relaesed in the United States first I’m guessing out a year later, so did this “cinematic” thing awkwardly predicted the fucking future of movies? Seriously what the flying hell fuck are you watching and reviewing Brandon and where on planet Earth do you find these films anyway? And that question goes for Brad Jones The Cinema Snob and Allison Pregler the Obscurus Lupa as well.

  6. I’m sorry for the foul language but this is too much weird or fucking bizarre or too funny even, or what the eccentric farcical hell this “movie” issssssss!

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