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What’s your favorite live action DC movie? Beth from Shark Jumping joins Aiyanna, Bryan and Walter. Heather asks people at Graham Cracker Comics in Wheaton, IL what their favorite DC movie is. The Walking Dead Finale is also discussed. The groups comic picks of the week are also shown.

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  1. You could alternate between hour and half-hour episodes. I personally would like to see some reviews of shows such as Agent Carter, Agents of Shield, Supergirl, etc. The funny thing is that The Dark Knight seemed so much like a stand-alone movie that I for the longest time didn’t know that it was the second movie in a trilogy. Also, I am ashamed to say that I actually haven’t seen any of the other favorites that were mentioned. I’m going to go check On Demand right now. Mine would be The Dark Knight as well. Oh, and I was surprised that that guy at the comic store thinks Suicide Squad looks bad. There’s a first for everything, I suppose. One last thing: I don’t watch The Walking Dead either.

    • Sure, I’d be for series reviews; preferably whole season or series in each video, lists of best episodes or adaptations/references of comics in the shows, or episode-by-episode vlogs like half the other reviewers here do.

  2. Batman Mask of the Phantasm.

  3. I’m gonna say the first Tim Burton Batman and The Dark Knight are my favorite live action DC movies.

  4. Why does nobody ever talk about Superman Returns? It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either.

  5. To the whole team, regarding show direction:

    PLEASE COVER MORE ACTUAL COMICS. There’s very little discussion in general regarding actual books outside of pertaining to what’s been adapted and changed, both in review shows and in the larger zeitgeist. Certainly, if nothing else, major news like DC’s Rebirth or the return of ROM: Spaceknight should be talked about, or underrated titles like Weirdworld, Power Lines, Pretty Deadly, Autumnlands, the Legend of Wonder Woman, Harrow County, or Another Castle should be spotlighted.

    Also, could you occasionally bring up a manga or webcomic? There’s a lot of interesting material to be had outside of American print. Given how many anime franchises originated from manga, and with more and more webcomic creators getting work in print comics (e.g. Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics getting work at Boom Studios and now does Unbeatable Squirrel Girl for Marvel), there’s no shortage of material to work from there. Heck, even if you do maintain the present focus on comic adaptations in film, ones that stem from an original manga can still be applicable.

    To Heather, 2 things:

    1.) Next time, please get a few more people in there. For the simple questions you had, there was just a lot of time spent on interviewing just one guy.

    2.) “Wolverine should be a female”? Might want to check the Marvel solicits more closely; the book IS headlined by a young woman. He was cloned a while back (several times, I think…?); a young female one (going by the name of Laura Kinney) underwent the bonding procedure and took on the name X-23. In the wake of “The Death of Wolverines” and “Wolverines” (not to mention Ultimate “Secret Wars”), she is now in the title “All-New Wolverine”, as well as “All-New X-Men”.

  6. I think you should talk about Teen Titans the original show from 2003 plus I would like to learn some of history of the teen titans comics. Maybe if you had time, it would be really cool to hear about your opinion of the Justice League vs. Teen titan that was released on DVD. You guys are all doing a great job so far! Keep up the good work!

  7. Or even do you favorite DC Comic TV Show, that would be cool!

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