First Half of Season 4 – Steven Universe Vlogs

Who is Blue Diamond? What is she up to? Doug and Rob take a look at the first half of Steven Universe’s fourth season.

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  1. I’ve never watched this show. Is it worth getting into?

    • If you like sci-fi with a mystery at the center of it and world-building with pretty visuals and songs ranging from meh to awesome, yeah. At least that’s why I like it.

    • It’s great if you can get immersed in it. If you can feel the emotions of the characters, then it’s the best feels trip.

    • No. It panders super hard. Frankly nearly every character design looks like it’s a 1st draft fresh out of DeviantArt, and it’s painfully unfunny.

      • Wow, sounds like you really don’t like the show, good thing you’re not on a comment section to a Steven Universe Vlog, otherwise it’ll look like you’ve walked in to the wrong meeting.

        • Yeah, it’s a pretty good feeling to be literally the first guy on the internet to comment negatively on the subject of a video.

          • Especially when certain creators of said video have watched all the seasons and like the show.
            Joking aside, why are you here? You clearly hate the show. Unless a certain part of your brain must have really begged you to come on here.

          • What, like seriously? I just like Doug and Rob. I’m not one of those people only seeking validation of my own opinion.
            It’s okay if we disagree, I’m still bored.

          • Okay fine, however I will say that it did look like you were one of those people.
            Be careful next time, any other person replying to you might not be so nice.

          • You give yourself too much credit.

          • Trust me, I don’t give myself any credit at all. Why do you think I come to this website everyday, instead of doing something useful?

  2. I personally feel that season 4 was the weakest season of the show.
    While the four parter episodes (Where Greg gets abducted and sent to a human zoo) were good, and the finale was great. The rest of the season either left me disappointed, or they had some good ideas but didn’t carry on with them which I’ll get into below.
    I would say the worst episode was “Future Boy Zoltron” due to the actions of Harold Smiley which just left me angry.
    And the best episode was “Last One Out of Beach City” due to Pearl getting a girlfriend. Unfortunately as I mentioned above, this never went anywhere, and a chance to see a homosexual couple dating in a children’s cartoon was wasted.

    • But we already see lesbians dating in every episode Garnet’s in.

      • Ha Ha, I gave you an upvote for that.

        Still though we could have seen Pearl and her girlfriend on dates, if the writers hadn’t forgotten about that. (Unless it does happen in season 5.)

    • I think season 4 works well as a unit, at least better than it works apart. (Seeing a bit more “look at the town” episodes made the feeling stronger for me at least when they got taken, even though I already cared about the townies.)

  3. I’m kinda saddedend by this. Having a continuous flow of episodes as Doug worked through ATLA, AT, and SU gave me something to consistently look forward to. A bad day would suddenly become a great one pretty often for me.

  4. lol the fight between Welshguy and Olddog is some of the reason why I don’t get into the SU fandom…say one negative thing at all about SU and BAM, instant hate.

    Personally, most of the episodes are more miss than hit and only recently have they gotten interesting for me (diamonds for life) It’s not a good thing to say that 5 seasons deep, with this long of and how many hiatuses we’ve had

  5. What a pleasant surprise! I love puns as well. For me, slapstick is hit-and-miss. The following are my thoughts:

    (Know Your Fusion) I like how they broke the fourth wall in this episode.

    (Buddy’s Book) Wow, Connie is literally me when I was young.

    (Mindful Education) Any episode with an Estelle song is a good episode. I also liked the moral of this episode more than any of the other Steven Universe episodes. That’s a moral I’ve never heard before.

    (Future Boy Zoltron) This was a nice filler episode with a nice emotional/cutesy ending. If the ending wasn’t at least kinda good, I would have been depressed.

    (Last One Out of Beach City) This seems like another filler episode unless that Rose look-a-like is coming back later for some reason. I love the 80’s aesthetic though.

    (Onion Gang) I’m starting to think that Onion is a mute. It’s funny that Garbanzo talks like a Pokémon though. Cool filler episode unless that was supposed to be a character episode for Onion and Steven. I think I like Onion because I remember being an odd kid and Onion is odd to the nth degree which makes me feel better about my childhood.

    (Gem Harvest) I kinda like Andy even though I know they were trying to portray him as a bit of a douchebag.

    (Three Gems and a Baby) Steven is 14?! He doesn’t look it. Maybe it’s because he’s half Gem. I like the song in this episode. Also, at least this episode explained why Steven doesn’t live with Greg.

    (Steven’s Dream) Yes! I could’ve sworn they broke the fourth wall for a second there and I’m glad that I was right. Haha.

    (Adventures in Light Distortion) What a trippy episode. It almost reminded me of that one scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

  6. The best thing on television today.

  7. Acetylsalicilique

    I gave a shit about the Pearl Flirting thing. Not because LESBIANS LOLZ, but… because it’s Pearl ! Flirting ! Doesn’t that blow your mind ?

  8. Stephen Universe is a show that I should absolutely love. It’s awesomely weird,the animation is gorgeous and the characters don’t conform to the traditional gender roles. All my friends love the show, and I was super excited to get into it. But as I was watching the series, there was never a single point where I felt the familiar love for it like I did for Gravity Falls. The characters weren’t interesting to me, I didn’t like the random musical numbers and the show didn’t have enough of a plot to keep me invested. It seems like more of the episodes are filler than plot related, and whenever I did get a plot-related episode I was too annoyed with the filler episodes to really enjoy it. I do appreciate the show for all its groundbreaking contributions to the world of kids’ shows (such as the gender and sexual identity themes as well as the strong female characters) but for me the show just doesn’t do it. And season 4 was where I just gave up. But I’m glad people are able to love it the was I never could.

    • I agree. I only have stuck with it because I usually binge watch episodes after recording them. The show finally started to get the main plot going 3 seasons deep and that’s too long of a wait for some people and the 4th was mainly filler bullcrap. Hopefully the 5th will finally get it together and we’ll finally get some decent story telling.

  9. Was it just me but I saw no of this Trump in Gem Harvest like Doug and Rob has.Could Because I from Ireland so i would be think every things is about Trump.I get more of a American Indian from this episodes.

  10. Greg x BlueDiamond

  11. Please please please do a vlog of RWBY. If you love Avatar, then I know you’ll get into RWBY and I would love to know your thoughts.

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