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Can an anime adaptation be R-rated and still watered down compared to the original? It can if it’s the 1995 version of “Fist Of The North Star”!

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  1. Yeah this movie sucks. Maybe if it had the gore effects from The Story of Ricky, the violence would at least be comparable to the anime . Also I find it amusing that Dante Basco dies in a very similar way to his death scene in Hook. In both he gets stabbed, and says his last words while lying on the ground with the hero crouching over him.

  2. Y O U R   H E A D   A   S P L O D E !!!

  3. So glad to see Brandon’s Cult Movie reviews being made more frequently and treating us to some real odd gems.

    The anime film “Fist of the North Star” this is based on was one of those early western releases that you could get your hands on pretty easily like Ninja Scroll, Robot Carnival, or Akira. Even though it’s actually kind of terrible, it holds a special nostalgic place in the heart.

  4. Philippe GEORGES

    I love Fist of the North Star (I have all the manga volumes and the complete anime series on DVD), but the animatedmovie has problems too. The biggest one is that it leaves a lot of stuff out and if you don’t know the complete story it might lose you at points.

    Quite frankly, if you have the time just watch the animated series and not the animated movie.

    • Agree, the anime series is much better than the movie. Then again, I grew up with the series when it was shown in a children’s TV program (yep, the late 80s were a fun time!) and only saw the movie versions much later.
      And although I remember the live action as a terrible movie, the scene of Shin pulling a gun on Malcolm McDowell just made me burst out with laughter… I now have to find my DVD back to watch it again, perhaps this movie is so bad it’s good!

  5. You wa shock!!!

    FYI, that big bald dude was Big Van Vader!

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