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Walter, Aiyanna, Bryan & Heather discuss Flash Season 2. Heather goes to Chemshaw 13 Donutz and Comics in Indiana.

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  1. So, how come a third Barry didn’t show up at the Allen house at the end of the episode?

    • one did. you had the first one, the one that had arrived from the future chasing thawne, who is out of the house because he’s evacuating his child-self. the second one is the one from the series current point who we’re following, who turns up to prevent his mum’s death. and the third is the one from series one who pops up briefly (you can see the series one style insignia on his chest) and gives our present barry a nod before vanishing because he’s just been rewritten out of the timeline

  2. I think that I liked the first season slightly more. It’s fun. The characters are great. I think that I would like this season better if Zoom turned out to be a better villain. I would be up for a musical episode. Maybe even make it a Supergirl crossover as well. ^.~ Also, yeah, I’m seeing X-Men Apocalypse this weekend so the next episode is almost perfect timing.

  3. You guys should talk more old movies and old things like Batman:TAS episodes.
    It’s refreshing to see a webseries about the new,but there’s so many awesome comic things you can cherrypick from the past.

    Breachers<metahumans. Giving the breachers one size fits all motivations isn't as good,the only memorable ones were main character's evil twins or King Shark. Still though,this series keeps giving us some of the best episodes of any genre show.

  4. I have a feel the where force to do flashpoint to have Supergirl in the same universe as flash and arrow.

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