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The insanity returns with a look back at the animated series, along with the people who made it as crazy as it is. Join the madness and see what made this show so unique.

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Title Card by Jeremy Fuscaldo!

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12


  2. Have a good time now

  3. Not gonna lie: this was a cartoon in of itself. So wacky yet sharply made for those who know TV and films. Shame not many remember him as much as the Animaniacs.

  4. Man, I remember watching Freakazoid, but I haven’t watched much of it since the 90s. Still far better than Creepozoids, that Linnea Quigley Sci-Fi horror film the Cinema Snob reviewed back in 2010, and it was from the director who later did “A Talking Cat!?!”

  5. It has been two years since I’ve done my Freakazoid retrospective. My heavily copyright claimed retrospective. It was kind of the unofficial start of my Youtube Channel. I’m looking forward to Freakacon.

  6. Boy howdy, do I miss this show

  7. The Real Silverstar


    I just wrapped up a miniseries tribute to Freakazoid! on my blog last month.

    And Weena Mercatur as the Hopping Woman.

  8. TO THIS DAY, whenever I see a superhero or cop go down into the sewers, I make “Poo Gas”, “Doodie Water”, and “Crud Vapor” jokes.

  9. The end credits actually had an explanation for the lengthy Hello DOlly number. (the credits usually had short jokes, but it was a lengthy screen filling paragraph in this case you had to pause to read.)

    Basically a bunch of space aliens came down and demanded it. The studio worked day and night to produce such a song number, and the aliens were pleased and spared out planet.

    It’s rather modest of them to not brag about that fact now years later.

  10. hey Paul Rugg where are your FRIONLAVENS at?

  11. While I admit there were one or two episodes that left me saying: “…What the heck did I just waste the last 30 minutes of my life watching?”, overall I loved this show and I was furious it got cancelled. I loved every single appearance of Ricado Montalban’s character…especially when he just suddenly started doing lines from “The Wrath of Khan” for no reason whatsoever. “Freakazoid…you task me…”

  12. If they plan to revive Animaniacs they should revive this as well.

    • The Real Silverstar

      I partially agree. Overall, I’m getting a little burned out with all these reboots and revamps, but if there’s an audience for the show and people are willing to produce it and do it justice, then why not? If someone were to revive Freakazoid!, I would hope that they go back to the shorts formula as opposed to the longer half-hour episodes, as I felt they were the more entertaining. F!’s frenetic nature doesn’t really lend itself to a 22-minute story format, IMHO.

    • First, we don’t yet know if the Animaniacs reboot will be any good or not. Second, Freakazoid was never able to attract a mainstream audience the way Animainaics did. F!’s following was cult at best.

      I agree with Silverstar (big surprise there, I’m sure!); While I wouldn’t mind seeing new Feakazoid shorts, I’m tired of all the shows from 20 years ago getting reboots and revivals. Let’s have some new and original shows with the same level of creativity that was put into those shows from the past.

      • There is many good new shows, just they don’t attract much attention. And reboots always were a thing.. hell they still make Scooby Doo which is rebooted every few years! This same goes with Tom and Jarry and Looney Tunes (even He Man has two reboots in own times). Just people don’t notice that in opposition to shows which were popular few decades ago, canceled but still popular enough so studios start consider reboots. That for obvious reason bring attention.

  13. Freakazoid is underrated and overrated at the same time.

  14. Freakazoid was NOT unique or the first to do what it did in animation.

    There’s a lot of nostalgia goggle wearing for late 90s kids here…but Freakazoid was just the continuation of trends.

    – Firstly, in the late 80s you had Ren and Stimpy, Duckman, and The Simpsons.
    – In the early 90s there was Beavis and Butthead, Liquid Television, and even Animaniacs used a lot of this sort of heavy referential and random humor.

    – Finally…in 1994, a year before Freakazoid, we had Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which was super self-aware, abstract, bizarre, and required the audience be “in on the joke” to really get it.

    I know Doug and many others love this show…and that’s fine…but it’s not quite as groundbreaking as many claim.

  15. Anyone else at 2:47 hear freakazoid go “Hula Girls” in their head?

  16. Nah. This isn’t quite my type of humor overall except for that Hello Dolly reference. Also, that Dollar Shave Club commercial made me laugh.

  17. I miss M.Bison “Of Course!” so much.

  18. I recently introduced a new generation to this. They loved it.

  19. I can’t think of a better way to finish the series than to have the entire come out on stage and sing “We’ll Meet Again”.

    Also, I’d like to know where Paul Rugg got that “Freakier Things” Jacket.

  20. Funny, when the full opening started, I thought “Odd, maybe he actually got the creators to do a guest spot. He already knows them from the Animaniacs review, so it’s not a big stretch.”
    3 minutes in: Holy Crap! Called it!
    Freakazoid for me was my high school years, and I loved it. I thought it was funny, I couldn’t explain why, but it just made me laugh.

  21. Mother: honey why dont you go outside and live your live

    Freakazoid: this is my life

    Mother: That is so very very sad


  22. Hugbees!


  23. Cosgrove was the best. He could stop any shenanigans with a simple “Cut that out!”

  24. Am I the only one that was waiting for the voice of Freakazoid to…actually do the voice of Freakazoid? I only saw a handful of episodes of this when it first aired but I do remember I enjoyed what I saw (even as young as I was) and I guess I should go ahead and watch them all soon.

  25. Cinnamon Scudworth


    (Different show, but it’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw this video available)

  26. Wow, Freak-A-Zoid isn’t even one of your favorite nostalgic cartoons! I should have known you’d have the creators on there. I wonder what other shows you could do? Please make a list of Top 11 Modern Kid’s Cartoons. Then again, you might not have enough. Top 5 maybe?

  27. This series is so much fun
    I hate 4th wall breaking jokes when they are overused but Frerakazoid did it so well i did not hated any of them

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