Freddy Krueger Glove – Awesome Build

Another fan request and Halloween favorite, see Jim turn a cheap costume store Freddy Krueger glove into a prop worthy of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

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  1. Batman-Credit-Card

    I had that Freddyglove when I was 12 😀 They sold it here in good old Germany and I loved it 😀 Nice paintjob!!!

  2. I actually like the glove shiny and clean looking. It makes me think of if there was a lady Freddy Krueger. Striped sweater dress, those gloves, and Mary Janes. That’s what I picture at a cosplay convention.

  3. I guess Jason’s mask would be too easy. It’s weird to see you not make something from stratch. Don’t worry, you’re still very talented! I’d never speak down to you. I’d like to see that glove make an appearance. I guess Doug doesn’t review many slasher movies.

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