Freddy vs Jason – Nostalgia Critic

Is the crossover we all wanted also the one we’re all regretting?

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  1. This movie was dumb mindless fun. Freddy should have killed 1 or 2 people more though.

    • I couldn’t agree more aboot Freddy, someone actually did a comparison between Freddy Jason and Michael Myersto figure out who’s killed the most people. Freddy came in last because he only killed on person in this movie.

      • One of reason why there is so many “vs” movies nowadays is because publishers find a way to make them. Outside cases when no one give a shit like in case of this movie one of reason why people want see those movies are because of dick measurement instinct. Problem is that any publisher and fan don’t want his character to be inferior.. hard thing to make. And not everyone is Frank Miller to completely remake disliked character to justify superiority of own favorite.. but at least DC own both of them and have system to flush all such mistakes in multiverse toilet.

    • They made up his lack of kills with nightmare sequences, still not cool…


  3. The comedy bit about Sadako Vs Kayako is actually happening, in Japan

  4. What are you talking about Critic, there are tons of R rated horror movies, like a the time. Your just watching the wrong movies.

  5. I’m kind of confused with the Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded reference. Is it because the story is kind of fucked up and has psychological elements that would normally be in a horror story?

  6. FINALLY someone says what I’ve been wanting to say all summer! POKEMON GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!

  7. I agree that the movie should have focused more on the fighting between Freddy and Jason, rather than the teenagers I barely remember the names too (even though they repeat the names over and over). I hope the Freddy vs Jason sequel focuses more on the action. I’m so excited, though the official release date hasn’t been announced yet.

  8. Acetylsalicilique

    As a Zack Snyder, I am offended by the comparaison.

    That review was fun btw.

  9. Even if they did want to include teenagers as characters, they really should have done their homework by looking at previous movies to make them more likable and not just kill fodder.

    And, okay Doug I get it, you have a problem with PG-13, but it can still work to it’s advantage. Besides it’s kind of ironic to add Bay and Snyder since they also directed R-rated shlock.

    • Yeah, I don’t get why he feels the need to call out on them like that.

    • The other films had them as kill fodder. Doug is picky.

    • If I may ask, what do people disagree with me on exactly?

    • He has a problem with the over-proliferation of PG-13 movies. Especially ones made by people called Snyder or Bay (to be honest, their films are terrible regardless of rating). He was highlighting that once upon a time, movies of ALL classifications were made, and people would go and see ones that were appropriate for them and their children.

      Now, everything is either cut to effing ribbons to squeeze a PG-13 rating out of the BBFC (that’s the film classification people in the UK), or is cramming smutty crap into films that really should be rated 15. 18 rated films seem to have been largely banished from the landscape.

  10. David S. Pumpkins

    How’s it hangin’? I’m David Pumpkins. And I’m going to scare the HELL out of you.

  11. Honestly this movie was a tad bit greater than AVP 2. AVP was awesome then the fucking sequel killed it.

  12. Is it just me or there’s more videogame references in this review than usual? I’m not complaining, just something I noticed.

  13. Does anyone else gets the feeling Doug is having too much fun making fun of Pokemon?

  14. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    This movie was supposed to be dumb, I can’t really hate on it.

  15. Yeah; this movie was nothing more than dumb fun to please both fans begging for the crossover to happen, but at least it’s still for the most part entertaining enough to watch once in a while even if it’s just for the laughable bits.

    One defense for the movie though: How early into a film would you want Freddy and Jason to start fighting? I feel like NC is being too serious that everyone was expecting the two iconic monsters to start swinging their claws or machetes around 30 or even 15 mins into the film. But that would be rushing it. HOW could you get them to fight early if they have no reason to smack each other around yet?

    Granted; with a different written script it might be possible. Weed out some of the unnecessary plot dumps or character focus and true. But I just don’t really see how they could make this movie nothing but the two duking it out for an hour without some kind of plot development. While the character development or Survivor side-stories weren’t that well put together, I think the pacing INTO the fights were fine.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  16. Honestly, my biggest problem with this movie is that I felt that they got too excited over having a big budget and CGI, and they went overboard. Also, why the Kingdom Hearts smackdown?

  17. Yeah, he pretty much echoed my exact thoughts on the movie.

    The fighting is AWESOME, but everything else is just meh.

    Though I have to disagree with his complaint of not enough fighting. They practically spend the entire third of the movie fighting, in the dream world and at camp crystal lake, they totally cut each other to ribbons!

    I remember being completely floored in the theater while watching it. Personally, it was one of the most satisfying theatrical experiences I ever had.

  18. Hey, you killed Pokemon again! Thanks for doing something so awful my mind was taken off by how Dipper didn’t get with Pacifica! I agree this movie was just okay. I was really surprised you didn’t make any jokes about how Freddy only got one kill. That was probably the dumbest thing in the whole movie for me. There’s an endless supply of slasher movies out there to review, as these guys don’t stay dead.

  19. I really like DevilBoner\HyperFanGirl idea. But, I don’t this movie would be better, if it would be about Freddy and Jason only.

  20. Great review! Really funny!!!

  21. The problem with the “vs.” fighting through the entire movie is that it would get old and tedious after a while. How long could a pro wrestling match go on before you started looking at your watch, wondering when it would end? Even the best can only go a half-hour or so at the longest. Something like Predator vs Aliens can work with it because there are numerous ones of each. With singular combatants, it’s another story. People complained about 2014 Godzilla, but he and the MUTO had at least as much screen time as the monsters in the older Tho G-films.The fight time needs to be limited or else it gets ridiculous. Hence, there is a lot of build up

    • Definitely agree. The fact they limited the actual confrontations to twice in the movie, once in the dream world and once in the real world I thought was perfect. Both got a lot of screen time outside of their fights. The problem was the bad writing. They really were going not just for a Freddy vs. Jason theme but really a franchise vs. franchise theme in which elements of both NoES and F13 were represented. I think the story pretense worked in that Freddy brought Jason in to make people afraid again so he could regain power. What didn’t work was the poorly written teen drama that surrounded it. The kids were less believable than in most of the individual franchise movies, and some of the plot arcs were just stupid and/or irrelevant. They should have explored more on exposing the town’s coverup and made that the focus, making the kids more than just a bunch of stereotypes. Generally the teens figure out what’s going on in the franchises and we get to care about a few of them. That never happened here, it was just a bunch of forced dialog and poorly explored plot points.

  22. Welp, I just discovered that if you search ‘lilo and stitch’ on IMDB, the Nostalgia Critic’s Disneycember review of the movie appears before the movie itself. I’m starting to realise why Doug told us to look it up…

  23. Oh my gosh, he put those two classic jokes in there.
    That’s All Folks Nicolous Cage
    America {Dennys}

  24. Surprised he didn’t mention Michael Bay’s involvement with the reboots, despite having the Michael Bay character in the review. Especially when he was roasting him and Snyder for their apparent affinity for PG-13 movies, despite those reboots being R and both of them having worked on other R films…

    • Just having worked on R films doesn’t change their strange affinity for PG-13 films crammed with inappropriate innuendo. Bay and Snyder could make any kind of rated movie and it would suck. Won’t see any of them near the Marvel MCU (on account of Marvel wanting those films to be good).

  25. 1. I still love Freddy vs. Jason. It’s one of the first horror films I rented at the video store.
    2. For the love of God, Doug, enough of the Michael Bay/Zack Snyder bashing already.
    3. Have fun with the next commercials episode.

  26. “Freddy vs Jason” was teased at the end of “Jason Goes to Hell”. Slightly older than that was RoboCop vs Terminator. However Aliens vs Predator predates them both by a decade.

    Friday the 13th The Series was not connected to the movies. Instead it dealt with tracking down cursed objects that had been sold by a demonic antiques store. It was a really good show.

    Springwood is in Ohio. Camp Crystal Lake (or Forest Green) is in New Jersey. Roughly 560 miles apart, and would take almost 9 hours to dive.

  27. Hey! That nerdy kid was… Bottler from Fanboys lol nice!

  28. Oh and the bully from Christmas Story (Zack Ward) was in Titus at the time of the movie. A HILARIOUS short lived Fox show that is actually worth your time. Legit.

  29. Surprised you didn’t cover the movie’s bias. Jason kills leagues more people (Freddy only kills the bathroom guy), the teens start having their own argument about who’s better and they pick Jason (even though they should be more concerned that he’s been killing more of them, and they kinda start sympathizing with him??), and Jason wins at the end. x))

  30. Heyy, Knights of the Old Republic! Great game, good memories.
    Nice touch there, Doug.

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