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The Cinema Snob celebrates Friday the 13th by reviewing The New Blood.

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  1. the father wasnt abusive

  2. This is one of my favorite Friday the 13th movies, because it introduces Kane Hodder as “The Man Behind the Mask.”

    3:44- Yeah, I’ve actually been on that ride at Universal Orlando, but I was fortunate enough to NOT die on it.

    7:20 & 21:14- I’d be more impressed if you were pitching the script to Black Angus, thank you very much.

    8:40- This is also Kane Hodder’s favorite Jason kill, which he also did later in Jason X to a couple of holodeck chicks when he’s Uber Jason.

    9:55 & 18:24- And excellent Batman v Superman reference.

    14:36- Because PLOT CONVENIENCE! Almost everyone in a Friday the 13th sequel should know who Jason is before they get killed.

    16:01- I can never get tired of this kill scene, because 1. the asshole physiatrist deserves this kind of death for turning the lead’s mother into a human shield, and 2. IT’S FUCKIN’ AWESOME!

    17:52- …Well, the bitch character is dead.

    Yeah, the MPAA were real dicks for cutting down the violence in the Ft13 series since Part VI. At least they’ve learned their lesson when the 80’s came to a close.

  3. 17:36-38 Mistakes indeed. Like the mistake of not making a joke about the many cartoon credits of the women playing Mrs. Shepard that you clearly weren’t aware of! So I will make my own now:

    15:30-34 Hmmm, not sure if should hate Jason for killing Stormer or thank Jason for killing Belfry!

  4. lilith_ascennding

    Carrie vs. Jason: The horror movie I never knew I wanted to see until I watched it. Kind of.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wonderful review snob I always know that you’ll be reviewing one of these when a Friday the 13th rolls Around(or Halloween). Also this review while I enjoyed it it was definitely: FAKE!!!! Jk

  6. This looks like it would have been pretty great if they hadn’t cut out all the gore. Jason’s face under the mask is quite striking, and that house explosion looked really cool.

  7. Jason Takes Manhattan? Is that the one with Kermit and Fozzie?

  8. I forgot the dumb ending. Well, the series isn’t known for intelligence. Jason uses a limb trimmer. He’s often depicting with a chainsaw, but this is the closest he got. Kane Hodder’s first appearance? Dang, he wasn’t that prolific.

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