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Now that we’ve seen Jason take a boat, we can finally see him take Manhattan. Kinda. Sorta.

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  1. The closest thing we have for a slasher film we have about an famous icon killing people in New York City in the entire film is Satan Claus, which was reviewed by Phelous. Goddamnit, Paramount Pictures! Why didn’t you give this film a bigger budget.

    5:10- Maybe it’s because he’s an asshole?

    6:56- Julius’s death is one of my favorite moments in this film. Why? Because it’s so funny, it makes me wanna go “YOU KNOCKED HIS BLOCK OFF!” and “TWO POINTS!”

    Charles deserved to die that way. He’s more of a dick than the sheriff in Part VI.

    10:16- What the hell is The Riddler doing in New York. Does this have to do with the Batman movie ad that was in Time Square when this movie was filmed?

    11:13- At least the Predator in Predator 2 killed people of a subway.

    12:44- This is also my favorite scene of the movie, because of its humor. If this movie were made nowadays, this scene would just have been Jason walking pass Trump Tower, and kicking a Donald Trump lookalike in the balls.

    13:49- Makes me wonder how the Ninja Turtles survive this shit.

    Regardless on the false advertising, I would still watch Part VIII whenever I have a Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street marathon.

  2. What the hell is up with this guy in the black jacket and no pants at 11:58? lol

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