From Beyond – Brandon Tenold

I kick off October with the Stuart Gordon cult classic “From Beyond” (1986), starring Jeffrey Combs.

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  1. This was the same Lovecraft story that gave us the Orz in Star Control. It would have been a lot better if the characters with brain boners were shouting “Happy *pieces*! I am *squirting nice colors*!”

  2. Yeah this movie’s awesome! I actually like it a little more than Re-animator.

    For more Stuart Gordon goodness check out Fortress (1992). Not exactly Lovecraftian, but it stars Christopher Lambert and Kurtwood Smith as the warden of a futuristic super prison.

  3. I had seen a bit of this movie when i was in my early teens, and thought it was creepy and not very interesting.
    Now over 20 years later, i stumble upon it again through this review, downloaded it and i have to say it’s actually a really good movie, but definitely aimed for a more adult audience and not just because of the sexual stuff. The characters are all likeable, especially the black cop guy; he was the best! This movie is a weird little 80s gem.

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