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The most over the top American kids movie is back. It’s crazy, it makes no sense, and it’s amazing! Nostalgia Critic looks at a real American hero!

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  1. Blaze The Movie Fan

    I bet it’s better than either of the shitty live-action movies.

    • The earlier GI JOE animated movies from this same series are better. The M.A.S.S. device, The Weather Dominator, and then there’s another one that introduces SGT. Slaughter I think.

      The Weather Dominator is my favorite.

  2. The snake people kind of remind me of the snake people from Conan; the adventurer.

  3. Now this is the Nostalgia Critic I’ve missed watching. Thank you, this review was top tier.

  4. Are you insinuating Donald Trump is unAmerican Doug? If so, you’re bold, and should have a flame shield handy. About 95% of the backlash you get will be poorly reasoned and not articulated well, but it will be annoying as heck.

  5. Foolish mammals, Kobra will be victorious!!

  6. This was truly nostalgic for me, as I grew up in this time, and I was a fan of G.I. Joe and Transformers. I did prefer the portrayal in the comics, though, namely in that Cobra Commander was actually pretty damn competent most of the time, and Destro was more than just a foil for him, actually getting a chance to show his own personal code of honor.

    Still, I did enjoy the cartoons, but the first time I saw this movie on Channel 50 back in the day, my 12-year-old mind was left wondering, “What the heck did I just see?” It was definitely not anything I expected. That opening, though, is still very much the best part.

  7. Did Doug shave his head for a chemotherapy charity? It seems like you should bring that up sooner or later. You used the phrase “theatrical”. This was actually direct to video. The Transformers movie was lucky enough to be theatrically released. Not a G. I. Joe fan.

  8. Philippe GEORGES

    I love this movie almost as much as the 80s Transformers movie. And if you’re like me and a big fan of these sort of movies you should do “He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword” next.

  9. Umm How is Donald Trump not the true, exaggerated representation of actual America or Amerika? given the longer actual history regardless of political and social preferences or party or capitalist business associations, German-Americans like the Trumps are still more American (US Street Fighter M-Bison of course or whatever), than us Russian-Americans and I’m okay with that.

  10. Maybe America deserves Edward Snowden and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Julian Assange and Oliver Stone to be our true guides and leaders of this country, who is to say Hillary Clinton or left-out old-man Bernie Sanders is not secretly Cobra Commander Company Members or even John McCain, too radical Democrats and one warhawk Republican are secretly George Soros Cobra Conspirators? Most of you red-blooded White and/or Black Americans are still not true Socialist or Communist material, nor embrace them. So we’re living in a really, morally upside down, confusing world. Anyway is this cartoon even really patriotic?

    • You probably don’t know what socialism is, how it works, or that we have a democracy as form of representative government, and a mixed economy that employs both capitalism and socialism in various ways.

      Also, neither capitalism or socialism are inherently bad or good. They depend on how they are applied, and the just or unjustness of the government body enforcing the economic system.

      • Shamefully after progressive collapse of neoconservative (socialistic ones) Republicans we would see more Trump-style propaganda bullshit scaring little kids and old racist farts with “evil” socialism and liberalism, and proposing only cheapest populism what only mentally challenged could buy.. shamefully quite a lot people.

        • Well put.

          Running on economic populism and jingoistic nationalism then dropping the economic populism immediately for corporate oligarchy once elected. This seems to be a successful strategy that Trump didn’t come up with, but he sure ran with it.

  11. “Go to the Colorado Springs Comic Con… August.”

    GAH! That is SOOO frustrating! I’m going to be in Colorado… in September.

  12. I always find it fascinating that I have lived long enough that something that was a pop cultural cornerstone of my youth is an unheard of curiosity to those who are my age when I first saw it.

    As a movie, this was… okay. The science fiction aspect of the final act really clashed with the more well done military elements of the first two thirds of the movie. Sure, there were fantasy elements throughout, but they were minimally done. As soon as the Cobra-La monsters start showing up, the film loses some of its edge.

    Also, it’s obvious the cinematic aspirations of this project never got past the planning stage. It’s nowhere near as well animated as the Transformers movie was. The number of celebrities doing voice work is minimal, and the soundtrack has one new piece of music written for it. It is better animated than your typical classic GI Joe episode, and the writing is Darker by far. It has some pretty shocking displays of violence such as Golobulus getting stabbed in his eye and the wounded eye being shown, Serpentor using a Snake to strangle falcon and taunting him by morbidly describing how his death feels, golobulus slowly twisting falcons neck, I have to wonder how did any of that get broadcasted since this “Movie” Was originally shown as a special daytime broadcast.

    Many I grew up with agree that the GI Joe movie just wasn’t as good as the Transformers one. Hasbro ironically made the GI Joe one more Violent, but with zero death. Optimus Primes death, the awesome soundtrack, Hot Rods Journey to leadership, and the menace of Unicron are all things that stuck out in our minds. In comparison Falcon’s Journey was nowhere near as well defined, Cobra La was more silly than frightening, Dukes death, wasn’t and made us all laugh at how Hasbro wussed out.

  13. You do know that America is founded by the slaughter of the innocent
    This is silly
    I never saw the series so was Cobra Commander never the leader. Was the cobra group always snakes
    Clean your teeth
    Duke has nothing on Optimus so it was dumb to put him in a coma

    • Cobra Commander was the leader for most of the cartoon’s runtime.

      Serpentor was genetically created from the DNA of ruthless leaders like Rasputin and Attila in a previous movie/series of the afternoon show, then ret-conned here to go with the new direction and toy line.

      You’re right about Duke. While he was cool, there was never really a single clear cut main hero. Flint and Shipwreck probably had more episodes about them.

  14. So Cobra Commander is basically Starscream? they even have the same voice!

  15. ThatGuyWithTheOrangeBeard

    I can’t believe I never even heard about this movie when I was a kid. I now have no doubts where the source material for the O.S.I. theme song, from ‘The Venture Bothers’, came from.

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