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Alien knock-off month begins with “Galaxy of Terror” (1981), produced by Roger Corman!

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    The AvP movies don’t take place in the same universe as the original Alien franchise. They don’t count. And I don’t count Prometheus either.

    “Less Ripley and more Nurse Ratchet.” In other words, Janeway.

  2. From my perspective Aliens vs. Predator are alternative universe because I don’t see the point in including crossover in mainline series (what as I recall is official). And Prometheus didn’t happen because this disaster split on heritage of Aliens (and also is contradictory with AvP, but I still would prefer AvP as origin more then that other movie).

    As for the sequel or sequel.. well.. I wouldn’t mind including Alien 3 because as much this movie pissed my off it wasn’t technically a bad movie. But I totally get why excluding Resurrection what was out of place cash grab on the first place (still better then Prometheus though) with most stupid thing ever before the Prometheus. But if they did make a sequel of Alians I totally wouldn’t mind.

    PS: Do that “semi-sequel” thing have official name? By semi-sequel I mean works what are like: B is sequel to A, but A isn’t prequel to B from perspective of A.

  3. Wait.. so it is basically Alien cross Sphere? Wait.. it come way before Sphere.. so Alien cross Forbidden Planet then?

  4. Chicken Puppet

    Damn, those are some pretty brutal and random death scenes.

    Got to give it up for the 80s with the masterful body horror practical effects. Something about horror movies from this era can be so unsettling in the extremes they go to depict unique ways to kill their characters. Robert Englund knows!

  5. The Movie Explorer

    I still haven’t seen this one, but I’ve curious about it since I first saw previews for it on TV. Seriously, with a cast like that, how can you NOT be?

  6. I thought Forbidden World was Corman’s Alien knockoff.

  7. AvP are not canon to Prometheus, the timeline of Prometheus released on the website contradicts the AvP movies, thanks god

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