Gerald’s Game – Blood Spattered Vlog

This week The Horror Guru reviews Stephen King’s GERALD’S GAME!

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  1. Philippe GEORGES

    I can confirm that the dog dies in the book, That pissed me so off that I didn’t read another Stephen King book afterwards. I was already rather annoyed about Stephen King’s obvious hate of dogs since he kills off at least one in every book, but this one was the last straw since there was not really any plot related reason for the dog to die.

  2. Someone probably mentioned this, but the actors are Bruce Greenwood and Carla Gugino. Greenwood played Kennedy in 13 Days and was fairly excellent (and Canadian, interestingly). Gugino, you may recall, is in Snake Eyes and Sin City.

  3. Yeah, having the dog talk would have been like Spike Lee’s awkward film Summer of Sam. That was not Lee at his best.

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