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Jordan Peel’s first film, “Get Out” is raising eyebrows. What does Doug think of this horror commentary?

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  1. Key and Peele are the real Terrance and Philip.

  2. I’m going to skip this since I’m not a fan of horror movie or anything uncomfortable really.

    • I understand where your coming from. Everyone tells me the revanent is great, and it probably is, but the last time I watched a four hour DiCaprio movie that everyone else was praising (Titanic) I swore never again.

  3. Devil's Advocate

    haven’t seen the movie and I may have misunderstood what you said but from what I know about it can you really say the antagonists are misguided but ultimately good people? they liked black peoples’ bodies, not black people.

    there is an argument to be made in this movie, that saying black people are better then white people isn’t okay either but there are bad people in real life. like I keep saying, H.H. Homes, the first American serial killer who said “I was born with the Devil inside me.” and Jane Topan, another serial killer who was the real life Bad Seed.

  4. Huh, sounds like this is more clever than the trailers make it look. The repetition of the whispered “get out” bugged me for some reason.

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