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It’s a ghost movie that’s so bad that it sullies the good name of Alan Smithee!

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  1. I didn’t donate on Patreon, because I don’t have an account, and I’m flat fuckin’ broke, but I was hopping this movie would win instead of the porno spoof. Honestly, the main reason I wanted this film to be reviewed was because you would finally get to poke fun on a movie that was “Directed by Alan Smithee.”

    3:38- So far, I’m just hopping that this movie doesn’t go into Black Rage territory.

    I was also thinking of Saturday the 14th due to this movie’s sense of humor. And according to the critics, we’ll see better comedy in the new Ghostbusters.

    I can never get over your sarcastic laughing.

    10:19- Damnit, Trump. You also insult people when they’re already dead.

    I also feel like this is a TV movie based on the crappy ghost effects. Say what you will about the effects in Ghostbusters ’16, but they are more convincing than this shit.

    15:18- Suddenly, I wish this was Hard Knuckle, just so I can see this jackass chop off his own finger.

    17:01- What’s next? A ghost is going to unzip one of the guys’ pants so it can give him a blowjob?

    20:52- OH, GOD DAMMIT!!!! Fuckin’ racist cops.

    I never thought I see a boxing sequence worse than that of Ricky 1.

  2. So no one actually lives in the house for them to serve the eviction notice? Who are they evicting?

    Shouldn’t the women be upset that the guys killed the grandfather that they spent half the movie trying to revive?

    What was the point of buying the house if the people there are already dead and just haunting it?

    Since the new owners are killed that means the county will take it over and they’ll just wind up getting evicted again anyway…

  3. The Movie Explorer

    They must have just dumped this on cable TV. I’ve never seen the film all the way through, but it was so ubiquitous for a time, the sight of the bi-racial ghost couple smacked me with serious pangs of nostalgia. I remember thinking, “Why is Joe Zawinul in this? Are the residuals for ‘Birdland’ not paying the bills?”

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