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Doug, Aiyanna, Heather and Beth discuss the new Ghostbusters movie.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Theyre might be hate towards doug and the crew in the comments so if you don’t wanna read mean comments skip the comments for this video but if you do wanna comment that’s fine but if your gonna read the comments go in but use caution

  2. I kinda of wish that there are more varieties of opinion. There are plenty of reviewers who didn’t like the film, even associated with Channel Awesome, that would have made this a much more interesting conversation.

    As for my opinion, I didn’t like the film. The actresses were not too bad, but the script and the villain were terrible. It just wasn’t funny and the visuals were very unappealing. I left the theater disappointed and wishing I spent my money on something else.

    But, we all have to remember comedy is subjective. What some people like, others will not. I was never much of a fan of Paul Feig’s movies and I knew with the trailer I wouldn’t like this one and I was right.

    Also, I could never cut up a comic book or manga. I consider it sacrilege and it hurts my soul. I’ll try construction paper.

    • Yeah, this I’d agree with. I was hoping Doug would fulfill that role, seeing as he was the one who probably liked it least, so I thought he’d play devil’s advocate. Instead, he kinda tried to play nice, lightening his opinion a bit–which I get, as it’s what I would do around friends who really liked it–but it might’ve been nice to have more.

      On the other hand, this is a great way to actually discuss the bad stuff without alienating the people who really liked it.

      I would not have wanted, say, Angry Joe here. He’s only good when he can be overly angry (or overly passionate), and I don’t think that would have fit. It still needed to stay respectful.

  3. I’m not going to even try and see this movie. I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to like it. I’ve never seen anything Ghostbusters. I don’t like the director usually and I usually don’t like Melissa McCarthy movies. It looks like Bridesmaids with ghosts and I absolutely despise Bridesmaids. It’s a skip for me. Chris Hemsworth is looking especially hot in this movie though but still, skip. On the controversy, I’ve never paid attention to the whole girl power thing for the most part. When I was a little girl, I just did whatever I wanted, such as playing with the boy toys (in addition to the girl toys) so I really didn’t feel like I needed a movie to look up to. Oh, and I like that new Ghostbuster song, except for the part Doug was talking about.

  4. is doug walker not aware james rulfs got trap in a “misogynist” witch hunt started by sony?

    why is everyone so inclined to give the film fair review when Sony and the people involve in the marking of this film are being such douchebags ?

    • james rolfe i mean

    • LMAO! Because he didn’t! The only the James Rolfe did was get called out on his bullshit for saying “I’m totally not interested in this movie”, and then proceeding to make a video about how “uninterested” in the movie he was. Sorry but, if you go out of your way to make a post/video/anything about how you’re not going to talk about something, by TALKING about it, all you’re doing is wasting everyone’s time, as well as yours. He could’ve easily just left it as a tweet or post on his website saying, “Sorry everyone, but I’m just not interested in seeing the movie. There will be no review of it from me.” and left it at that. But no, he went the way of everyone that wants attention went for, and made a video talking at length about how much he was uninterested in the movie, and got called out on it. Honestly with that video, I don’t know if he was trying to convince everyone else that he didn’t care, or trying to convince himself! The person who pointed out Rolfe’s bullshit was Lindsay Ellis, and people went, “Hey yeah, you’re right” and AVGN fanboys raged on their computers about how she was labeling Rolfe as a “misogynist” when she said nothing of the sort. Sony didn’t start jack shit. If you’re going to try to call someone out, get your facts straight before doing it.

      • I think that it was more a case that James Rolfe’s fans know that he’s a Ghostbusters fan and regular viewers of would have been expecting him to review the new film, so this was James’ way of informing everyone that he had no interest in doing so. But yeah, the whole “If you don’t like the movie, you must be a misogynist!” bull shit was started by the fans, not by James. He wasn’t doing it for attention. He was telling everyone who follows his videos that he wouldn’t be doing a review the new film. James was NOT at fault. Period.

        And so, of course it turned out for all the noise that eveyrone made on the internet about the so-called “controversy” surrounding the new Ghostbusters, the movie turned out to be only average, and all these extremists did was give the movie more attention and publicity than the film ever would have gotten on its own. Good job, internet.

  5. Disney-v-Dreamworks2016

    I just thought the new Ghostbusters was just okay. If I had to rank it, Original GhostBusters is still better over it, but this movie is much better than Ghostbusters 2- No offense meant to the fans. It’s just an opinion. Warning, Spolier Alert! Pros for me: Kate McKinnon as Holtzman, Bill Murray as the Walter Peck-like Character, the action and some of the effects, Slimer, new ghostbusting gadgets, and some of Chris Hemsworth’s scenes. Cons for me: The Villain (and yes, it’s Janosz 2.0), some of the effects, the Chris Hemsworth dance number, Dan Aykroyd’s cameo, Mrs. Slimer, Fall Out Boy’s Ghostbusters Song, and the Wonton soup running gag. Again, it’s just an opinion. Please don’t kill me. I did like this movie, but I still love the original first.

  6. Is it just me or this series of videos are just dull and lack energy? The people always sound so uninterested (and let’s not even get into the part about one of the member’s usage of idiotic buzzwords), even Doug sounded a bit like that too in this one. Not saying they have to be loud and obnoxious but some effort should be put into it. Their announcement trailer had more life to it.

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