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This week The Horror Guru reviews GHOST BUSTERS (2016) in this VERY rambly video!

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  1. The way that I interpreted it was that the original 2 ghostbusters were bullied nerds who turned it into being better people while Rowan was the opposite end of the spectrum. He became a complete a-hole because of it.

  2. Your one problem here: You defined the opposition the SJW propaganda around the film as MRA’s…which is just…false.

    • To an extent, I agree with you.

      But at the same time, when I went to the original trailer when it first came out, all saw were potshots at the leads and their femaleness, with some nuggets of “the effects look bad” buried underneath. How else am I supposed to think that a lot of these people actually think that Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are good actors when all I keep seeing are “women aren’t funny” or “why was this greenlit” or “muh leaked Sony e-mails” in between legitimate grievances about the trailer?

      I’m sorry, but it kinda comes across as lopsided.

  3. Even if they put Bill Murray in this whole as the guy on the TV talking about ghosts, it would have been better if they did reprising his role as older Venkman expounding his past experience about it, instead of a one-off cameo under a totally different character we never heard about.

    Also, the way they brutally killed off Dan Akyroid (who played one of my favorite characters from the movie;also apologize if I misspell is last name wrong) like that, was pretty………cringe inducing. Like, you wondered what was going through their minds and the actor’s mind when they did that scene. I mean, I know he was just playing a taxi driver, but still, just the fact it was him in this movie being killed off like that was so dark and hallow, and dare I say it, cruel.

    • Oops realized my mistake before I could fix it in edit, it was Bill Murray and not Dan Akyroid that died brutally from the ghost. My bad everyone :3

  4. They had a good set up for the Heavy Metal concert joke and the demonic ghost……but it felt like a disappointment.

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