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I ain’t afraid of no reboot! The Nostalgia Critic tackles the 2016 Ghostbusters movie.

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  1. Honestly LOVED this review 😀 I think it’s safe to say it’s a VERY average movie on my part. Not REALLY bad, not REALLY good, just very average and forgettable. And yes, I did prefer when it did its own thing instead of sticking into the past.

    On that note, happy to have seen the Chicago Ghostbusters and a special appearance by Rachel 😀 Keep it Awesome, guys.

  2. In my humble opinion, nothing will ever, ever, EVER, top the original franchise, but I thought this movie was…..ok, not awesome, not terrible, just….ok. But I think we can all agree, the ’09 game was awesome.

  3. The good: It’s not AS unfunny or working off a set-up as bizarre as Ghostbusters II’s. And yes, I guess the third act action is better from a “visceral” standpoint.
    The bad: It’s still not perfect, and there’s way too much obvious faith in improvisation, often unfunny and Paul Feig doesn’t really have the ability to create plot oriented fare.
    The ugly: However, the “better” action is caused by our heroes inventing and USING gadgets that are entirely designed to cause “death for the dead” (Ecto Chipper!!!!?), as Beetlejuice phrased it. So, leaving aside gender, we have to choose between closer to morally solid protagonists (the 1984 version’s heroes still commit what amounts to imprisonment without trial for ambiguously sentient beings) who have a “lame” ending and viscerally exciting action that makes the “heroes” into comparative scumbags. And this isn’t actually part of the point of the movie. That needs to be addressed in the sequel, if one even happens. Maybe as, and I’m just spitballing here, a Paramount co-production?

  4. NC has to review “Ghost Busters” from 1975 now 🙂

  5. Best Nostalgia Critic ever.
    Black Willy Wonka is some next level Chaotic Evil. At least Mr Zebub seems to work toward some kind of productive end game.

  6. I’m meh on it

  7. Marquise Mindfang

    Was hoping for a review, not commentary on the internet. Fun fact, 9/10 reviews for this movie are basically identical, barring skits, running gags, ect.

  8. I pretty much agree with him. I hated the movie but he is right. GB should be a franchise where all fans rejoice to cosplay, discuss etc. It shouldn’t be about political BS where the franchise is standing right now. I liken GB 16′ to Zilla 98′ where Godzilla fans/Ghostbusters fans where excited that their favourite franchise was getting introduced to new people. But both movies failed in some ways that the old fans felt ashamed to be a part of the fanbase at first place. Zilla portrayed Godzilla as a generic and weak monster while GB 16′ brought unnecessary politics to a beloved franchise.

  9. I can’t say I agree with any of the Ghostbuster religions except maybe the Chicago Ghostbusters. It’s fine to like or not like something but its not okay to force your opinion on anyone. love it, hate it, or meh it if you want to thats fine. Have your opinion and allow others their right to their own. I dont want anyone else to think like me. I want others to think for themselves. I will probably rent this movie. I loved the first two and I’m okay with that 🙂

  10. Awesome review. I haven’t seen the movie yet, mostly, because it will launch this thursday in Germany. But the outcry and controversy (especially all the shit James Rolfe got) are really what makes me stay away from it. I don’t want to be part in all that hate. I don’t know, if I’d like it or dislike it, but the internet really ruined it.

  11. Granted, “Points a stick at people” is pretty much the essence of any gun-fight in any movie.

  12. The original was a comedy with horror elements it had nothing to do with action + the lack of action is also a nod the theme of the movie science over religion (they are using devices that they build to stop this mystic/legendary creatures); the new one is a “comedy” with action elements (I’m using the term comedy quite loosely here…it’s more a movie with a lot of not funny moments that they consider comedic)

  13. The skit is really similar to the Alvin and the Chipmunks one.

  14. Still love the movie, screw the haters.

  15. personally, I can’t support this film for something that’s probably a somewhat unique stance. Gender washing.

    By that, I don’t mean that it’s because of a female cast, but an erasure of the original male team that’s being treated by many as a good thing. This movie didn’t need to be a reboot, and didn’t need to remove the original team. There was a myriad of ways they could’ve had this be some kind of passing of the torch while maintaining the female team as the main characters and center of the story. Considering that, people treating this as a progressive film promotes the idea that the progressive path is the removal of men rather than the uplift of women to be alongside men.

    It also would’ve opened up a means to make the villain more interesting, perhaps possessed by Zool who gained power after Gozer’s destruction.

    • They did not remove the original team out of the franchise, what the hell are you talking about? This film is progressive because it is rare for an action/comedy to have an all-female main cast, yet alone that they are portrayed as “average-looking geeks”, and yet smart, brave, and capable heroes.

      • What I’m talking about is that Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddmore do not exist in this film, and it was a completely unnecessary move as I explained in the post. The characters could have still appeared in exactly the same fashion as they do here within a passing of the torch type story where they would prove that they are just as capable of doing the job as the original team was.

        How they chose to do this came off to me the same as it probably would to you if they, say, remade Alien but made Ripley a man, or turned Ms Marvel into Mr Marvel.

        • FYI, there exists a male counterpart to Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel, and he is actually the original one, Ms marvel is his female counterpart.

          If some studio decided to make a reboot of Alien with a male lead, I wouldn’t give a damn. The Ghostbusters of the 2016 film are not the same people as the people of the original Ghostbusters. They have their own names, personalities, and backstories. Making essentially the same character as the other sex, such as making a dude called Ripley a protagonist in an Alien reboot, now that would be “gender washing”, as you put it, and frankly to the wrong direction, because there is no shortage of generic male heroes.

          I see no reason why this movie would’ve needed to be a “passing the torch” kind of story, when it simply can exist as a spin-off in an alternative reality. It was never about your ideas about what is necessary and what is not; Sony is rebooting Ghostbusters franchise for a new generation of people, and part of that is making new characters that fit the modern times. Seriously, sometimes you people act like you owned the franchise.

  16. wait, the guy with the fake hair i think, is kyle or rob??

  17. Do fantastic 4 the new one

  18. I haven´t watched it, but I loved your review. Really funny.

  19. I would say to that girl that the movie suck, its a waste of time and money and should never be made.

  20. The way how people reacted to this movie, you would think society has completely regressed by 100 years.

  21. It wasn’t worht the effort because the movie wasn’t a contunuation of the old ones, it was just a moronic reboot. The old ones are still intact and can still be continued when someone who is not an complete idiot decides too.
    The movie wasn’t worth watching because it was a way to enable the crap reboot practice.
    The producers of this film openly insulted James Rolfe.
    Also meninist is a strawman created by sjws or you since this is the only channel i’ve ever heard it, no one defines itself as that. Some other movements do exist and they make quite valid points though.

  22. Totally hit the nail on the head over the “controversy”. Well done!

  23. MiscellaneousSoup

    Ghostbusters (2016) Review: (Seen with my parents)
    In One Sentence: It wasn’t as funny as Spy, but it was as good.
    Pros: Hilarious, but with a hint of menace. Scary, but with moments of humor to prevent it from being too scary. Those balloons were especially creepy. Excellent group of comedians!
    Cons: Multiple jump scares. I always fall for those. Additionally, I know none of it was real, but the technobabble started to wear on me after a while.
    Summation: A (Better than the original, which earned a C-. Still haven’t seen the sequel to the original.)

  24. Awesome job NC. Funny and creative. 😀

  25. I have trouble getting through clipless reviews. Shtick levels are through the roof.

  26. Still waiting for ya to do Star Wars The Clone Wars (2008) Movie, not the series

  27. You know Meninist is a PARODY of the hysterical feminism has become right?

    • Parodying feminism is nothing new. Women’s rights advocacy has been mocked since the beginning of the movement, and more often than not I have witnessed people dismissing legitimate women’s rights issues and dismissing the need of women’s rights advocacy under the guise of meninism.

      • Meninsit is a parody though. It’s not real. There’s Men’s Rights Movement and I have links if you’re interesting. I’m part of the MRM and we’re used to smear campaigns so we have links ready for legit MRM places to go.

        FYI PUAs and MGTOW are NOT part of the MRM. They’re different groups. Saying they’re the same is like saying Democrats, Republicans, and Green Party are all the same. You can but you’d be so wrong people will laugh as you.

        • Men’s Rights Movement, the entire thing is a joke and worth parodying through the “Meninists” because men aren’t being denied any rights or privileges or treatment. I say this *AS* a man. We run the world, but we need “Men’s Rights Activists” because…. Women are tired of being paid less than men for the same work and experience?

          Women are tired of having governmental bureaucrats regulating what they do with their bodies, or that in the media they’re most often treated as weaker and as sex objects.

          Seriously, how do we need a Men’s Rights Movement? What is it that a woman can do that a man can’t do in our society? Because by and large, women are still treated as second-class citizens whose problems, feelings and opinions don’t matter. We don’t need a “Men’s Right Movement.” MRM supporters ARE “Meninsts” because the whole thing is a JOKE to those of us living in the real world.

          • Women’s aren’t paid less. The wage gap is a myth that wont die. Men DO need a movement.

            Do you have any evidence to this claim?

            If you get divorced and try to get custody of your children then you’ll find all these roadblocks in the way preventing that. That’s a reason right there. Women claiming rape are treated nicely and men are automatically treated as guilty already.

            These are problems in the real world and thus prove that the MRM are needed and the Meninsit thing was a joke that feminist didn’t catch.

          • Except a lot of feminists do think there should be changes with the issues you mentioned. Many feel that, when in a divorce, the custody should be taken by the parent who is most capable of taking care of the children. Naturally, this isn’t always the mother.
            I can’t quite agree with you on the second reason. First, because many women don’t get “treated nicely” when they are claiming rape. They are questioned about everything, what they wore, what they said, what they drank, every single step that happened, often feeling like they aren’t being taken seriously. Though I agree it’s unfair that men who are falsely accused of rape shouldn’t be haunted by it as much as they are.
            Though I do wonder, most meninist bring up the “falsely accused as a rapist” thing, but they never touch the issues of when men are raped. Or when men are victims in an abusive relationship. In both cases the victims are rarely taken seriously. In the media these issues aren’t seen as traumatic, but portrayed as comedic, which is extremely harmful. I’ve never seen meninists adress these issues. I’ve seen feminists do so though.

          • This is nice. Someone with an open mind. Do you have links or examples that goes with feminists trying to change custody?

            That’s not “not taking them seriously” it’s getting all the info they can. Police are trying to get as much of the picture as they can so they don’t go off half cocked. It’s critical thinking, but it comes after a horrible thing happening so it comes off as not taking them seriously. They don’t want to get the wrong guy after all so they need to question her. You see what I’m saying right? They’re not “questioning” her, they’re “asking her questions” so they can help her better and not finger the wrong man.

            Meninist aren’t real. They name and term was made to mock the overly hysterical feminists by acting like they do so they can see how stupid they look to others. You know, the ones who say air conditioning is sexist. The MRM is real and they do try to help male victims of domestic abuse and rape. One man in Canada named Earl Silverman ran a men’s shelter out of his home for 6 years trying to get funding from the government but they kept giving him the run around. He had to fund it himself. He committed suicide so as to make sure his home can be used to help men and he’s never talked about.

        • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

          Meninism is not a parody. It’s a carbon copy of MRAs. And MRAs don’t actually fight for Men’s Rights. Their main objective is to harass feminists.

          • Only if you believe the smear campaign and don’t do any real research yourself.

            BTW Meninsit is a parody of hysterical feminist who think air condition is sexist. They act like that to show them how crazy and stupid they are being. The MRM is an actual movement trying to help people.

            Would you like a Youtube channel link to help you get a better picture? It has several people on it and it’s mostly women.

          • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

            There is no smear campaign. Its’s an awareness campaign. Whatever YouTube channel you link will be biased up the wazoo. They don’t ever provide facts. They just whine about their feelings getting hurt

          • Not at all. They give facts, examples, links, and everything. They don’t give a FUCK about feelings. It’s great. Here they are. Give them a watch. They’re doing a live stream today at 5 Pacific time.


            If they’re too much I can give you another link. He’s pure facts, reason, logic, and links. He can be a bit dry at times but he’s great too. Let me know.

          • I think I know why my replies aren’t going through. The link is being moderated for some reason.

            Because oft hat I’ll just write out the name. “Honey Badger” Radio.” Just type that in (like that or as one word. It doesn’t matter) and click on the first one.

            They’re not whining. They don’t give a FUCK about feelings. It’s great 😀

          • Hey it’s been about a month. Have you checked out the page? Want any suggestions?

          • I take it you haven’t watched any of their videos. That’s sad as it shows you don’t want to have a actual conversation and just want to shout stupid things at people.

            I won this when we first started this by trying to have a conversation and gave you a link. You lost when you didn’t do anything.

            I tried. You should try in the future before you realize no one wants to talk to you anymore.

          • Offer for the youtube channels is still open. Want them?

  28. Thank you doug my opinion is ecext same as yours

  29. Didn’t go and see the movie. Not because I love the old one (which I do), not because I think all those remakes are a bad idea (which they are) but because I think the way they marketed it and the way they treated their fanbase was hideous and I do not support that.

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