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Evil atheist Lorenzo Lamas wants to put an end to the Bible club, and only Stephen Baldwin can stop him!

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. 1:50- Pff. Unless the tagline is “They fought for Obamacare and won,” I am not interested, my good sir.

    3:28- Why is the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue in this movie?

    5:01- And then the spirit of Diabolico showed up to save Stephen Baldwin, and he would later become the Titanium Ranger. …I’m sorry, I just really wish I was watching Lightspeed Rescue right now.

    When I was in the high school marching band, we would all pray before we go to home football games to perform, and I don’t recall anyone having a problem with that.

    13:28- These dumbass kids were raised by reality TV and supermarket tabloids.

    15:40- Just as long as the shirt doesn’t say “Make America Hated Again,” I’m okay with it.

    19:41- Careful, Snob. You might just eat those words in November.

    As a Christian myself, I thank God that I am never interested in seeing these faith films in anyway, shape, or form. I’ll stick with movies like The Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, and The Nativity Story, thank you very much.

  2. 19:39 You mean Spiderman Homecoming Special effect.

  3. Based on Internet comment section.

  4. A town without a church? Seriously? Every town I’ve ever been in, no matter how small, has had two things: a church and a bar or liquor store. Even when the town was just those two things with a handful of houses around them.

  5. I wish that this movie’s views on mental illness were unique to it, but I once heard a man involved with my high school’s Jesus club say that people who take medications for depression inevitably kill themselves. Because of this, he cautions Christians against taking them. I have issues with this because:
    1. He is a giving medical advice without a license or even an understanding of what he’s talking about.
    2. If he really thought that these drugs made people kill themselves, why does he only caution Christians against taking them? Is he okay if people of other faiths kill themselves?

  6. When you get a chance, please review “Porn Dogs.”

  7. Snorgatch Pandalume

    No nookie from Christian girls before marriage. Which means Christian girls never get pregnant. Which is why teen pregnancy rates in the God-fearing South are higher than those in the evil atheist North.

  8. This is Biblethumper Porn.

    Evangelical Christians would love to believe that the majority of people in Western countries are Atheists but are also so stupid that everything they have to say about the Bible is actually news to them.

    “Oh yeah, I’m actually telling you things you didn’t already know, yeah baby, I’m actually making a difference, yeah, yeah, I’m finding people to whom this is all knoew without dealing with foreigners or anything, MMMMNNNNNMMMMNNNN… praise the lord.”

  9. Santa Christ, Bro!

  10. See this is why Communism in all it’s forms should have won and ruled the world, sour grapes man, sour grapes. Hey did you know Jesus might have been closer to a Communist than a Capitalist person?

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