God’s Not Dead 2 – Midnight Screenings

So this thing has a sequel.

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  1. I get the feeling that these filmmakers don’t even know anything about Christianity

  2. No one else seems to be reviewing this movie so I appreciate that you see practically every movie that passes through a theater. You are thorough. Everything gets a sequel… except Fan4stic (LOL) but it’s good to see that Melissa Joan Hart is getting work still. Although, for the victimization thing, people are going to church less so there’s that. I had never heard of Columbine before (I’m serious). Oh… O.O Also, yeah, I graduated high school a few years ago and I didn’t have to take any constitution test. Instead I only had a math and English test. I’m pretty religious but there is photo proof that the earth is round and of space as well. It even says “the circle of the earth” in the Bible. You guys, especially Dave, seemed really pissed.

    • lilith_ascennding

      Out of curiosity, I went and looked up the trailer for the Pureflix Columbine film, and it’s just as insensitive as I thought it would be. Columbine was THE school shooting of its time, the one that all future school shootings have been compared to (I hate that I even have to type that). What’s worse is that they have the gall to premiere the movie on the actual anniversary of the shooting. They’ve gone from assholes to complete and other scum.

    • People going to church less =/= victimization unless the government or others of different faiths are somehow preventing them from accessing their church.

      Columbine … I was in college in Ohio when that happened. The one thing I remember about it was that it was the first time I really started to hate the news system. I would sit in the on campus cafe with my friends, and there were TVs there. And it was just an endless parade of talking heads saying how they didn’t understand how or why this happened.

      As someone who had been bullied and harassed, all I can remember was being incredibly angry and saying “I don’t agree with the shooters and what they did. But I understand it. I understand being that angry and wanting to hurt other people because they’re hurting you, and wanting to end the constant pain. It’s not that hard to understand. You apparently not understanding other people’s pain to the point that even a shooting won’t wake you up to how victims of bullying feel really does make you part of the problem.”

      Note: This is not to say that I think the shooting victims of Columbine deserved what happened to them. I understand why it happened. I do not believe it was, in any way, shape, or form, the right outcome. It is simply an explicable and comprehensible outcome, and I felt the newscasters either were dumb or were playing dumb in their reports.

  3. lilith_ascennding

    Ray Wise is more intense in this than he was as Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks? Okay, I have to look up those clips later because he was awesome in that role on that show. But I’m still pissed that this piece of propaganda bullshit is still getting made. I’m especially pissed to hear about their new Columbine film. Seriously, fuck you Pureflix, for taking one of the greatest tragedies in American history and turning it into a “motivational” film about the power of Jesus. Oh, and premiering said film on the anniversary of the actual shooting? Real classy, you c*ntholes.

  4. PeterOfThePanpipes

    Actually, the government tried to subpoena a church. Once. In Houston. It got overturned /really/ quickly.

  5. So, on the one hand, this movie declares that there’s no such thing as separation of church and state. On the other hand, this movie decries government interference in the church. So it seems they DO believe there should be a wall, but one that only goes one way. The diode of separation.

    And when you say, “If someone had made a movie with this exact same setup but with a teacher of any other faith preaching in front of the class…”

    They did make that movie. It was called “God’s Not Dead”.

    Also, I read in another review that this movie has a scene where one of the characters whitesplains the true meaning of Martin Luther King’s message to a black character. And that the atheist mother was more upset about finding out her kid secretly read the Bible than finding out he was dead. Is this true?

    • Necromancer1991

      To be fair in that instance it was a teacher actively pushing his “religion” and threatening to fail his students if they don’t “convert” (Which BTW fuck that whole “Atheism is a religion” bullshit) whereas in this one it’s a student actively taking a passing interest in their’s teacher’s religion and asking them about it (Assuming this is before the whole out-of-school-preaching to the student scene they mentioned).

  6. There was an ad for this movie before Zootopia.

  7. I didn’t watch this whole review, but it sounds like this is a movie I want to see now, just because it sounds like it has crossed over into that special kind of stupid that I kind of like. On the other hand, movies like this series give Christianity a bad rep. I think of myself as a reasonably devoted Christian but the first God’s Not Dead is a load of pretentious BS and this movie sounds like more of the same. If I ever see it, it will be more out of curiousity than because I actually think I will get anything of value out of it.

    • Just remember that going to a movie, even for that reason, is supporting it so it can continue on the franchise.

      • Good point. I guess this is definitely something I’ll have to watch illegally online, if I even get around to it, which is probably going to be never. I watch the occasional Christian film in church settings or with church people, but I pretty much never do otherwise. It’s not that I dislike the genre, I just prefer to watch it occasionally. God’s Not Dead is easily the worst Christian movie I’ve seen though, so I’m even less pumped up to see its sequel.

  8. God’s Not Dead 3

    As a result of court case, allowing teachers to teach religion in class, the Muslim teachers have converted all american children into terrorists, destroying USA and killing God. With his last reserves of omnipotent powers, he sends a group of Christians back in time, so they could help atheists of ACLU win the court case . But to succeed, they would need the help of one man, capable of proving God is Dead, Professor Radisson. The only problem – he’s just recovered his faith in God. And is about to be hit by a car.

  9. Boycott Pure Flix maybe.

  10. That’s Democracy from what you guys righteously or rightfully said, that’s Liberty, so let freedom ring Religous Fundementalist mother fuckers.

  11. I’m a devout Catholic but I applaud you gentlemen for being braver than I. I wouldn’t touch these pureflix movies with a ten foot pole and I’d probably have a permanent cringe face or at least have my face buried in my hands watching this tripe.

    That said, it makes for entertaining fun watching your reviews of the said shit so keep it up :).

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