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The Cinema Snob finally tackles the sequel to God’s Not Dead!

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  1. Seriously, who asked for a sequel to this tripe? I’d rather see a movie about Fat Grandma saving Easter.

    As much as Melissa Joan Hart’s career went up and down since Sabrina the Teenage Witch ended, this movie was her lowest point.

    8:22- We had moments of silence when I was in high school, and I heard no complaints.

    9:57- “‘All this I will give you,’ he said, ‘if you will bow down and worship me.'”? …Okay.

    Why did Ray Wise go from playing Robin’s father in How I Met Your Mother to playing an Trump supporting lawyer in a Pure Flix movie? Also, I actually took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes after learning that Ernie Hudson is in this movie.

    22:32- Well, fuck my donkey.

    I feel sorry that the ACLU is accused of being the bad guys in the Pure-Flix-vurse.

    I’d like to see Obscurus Lupa do a review on “The Trial of Old Drum” on Movie Nights.

    Just because big budget movies are doing post credit scenes, it doesn’t mean faith films should do it, too.

  2. The way these movies vilify even people who’ve helped Christians, I’m expecting one installment’s villain to be Toys for Tots. Where those evil marines and charity workers are shown burning all the toys donated on December just because they hate Christmas.

  3. Snorgatch Pandalume

    What the makers of this movie and their audience don’t get is that most atheists don’t hate Christianity, Christians, or Jesus. Many of us admire Jesus, even if we think Christianity is silly at best and destructive at worst, and whether we like or dislike someone has less to do with their religion than with who they are as people. For instance, I don’t hate Lee Strobel because he’s a Christian. I hate him because he’s a lying sack of shit.

    • That’s a great point.

      Unfortunately, since the very nature of religious activism means you believe you are serving the one unquestionable truth, it’s easier to simply vilify groups that ultimately place reason and law over specific dogmatic beliefs regardless of the times those groups come out in defense of the rights of religious people.

      It’s a very black and white world filled with magic and demons… They aren’t too concerned with subtlety or facts.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        If they cared about facts they wouldn’t believe half the nonsense they do, and they certainly wouldn’t deny evolution, which has literally mountains of facts to support it, as opposed to creationism, which has none.
        For them, Christian (at least THEIR brand of Christian) = Good, Anyone else = Bad; a simple, child-like view of reality that spares them the ravages of thought and makes all decisions easy ones.

  4. So Grace is a Christian teacher? – I guess being a teenage Witch didn’t pan out and she traded one type of fictional magic for another…

    For those of you under 30, Melissa Joan Hart was the star of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the alternate teen TV crush to Tiffany Amber Theissen and Amy Jo Johnson for 90s kids.

  5. Didn’t he play the devil in reaper.

  6. Lewis is hilarious.

    Know what makes me ashamed of being a Christian? Schlock like this. And to think the Newsboys were a decent band for Christian kids back when Phil and Peter were members. Boo to all this nonsense.

    • Just got done watching Godspell for the first time. I’d planned on seeing it for before this review, but at a certain point I realized that even if GND 2 isn’t nearly as smug and mean-spirited as the original-I was probably better off seeing another this review first. So that I could be reminded what kind of ugly Christian movies we’re getting right now before seeing a case of Christian themed cinema done right.

      Neytari even if you’ve seen if before, I’d bet you’d feel better about a Christian after seeing it again. I’m speaking as the son of a Jewish father with Methodist and Catholics on my mothers side when I say: It’s wacky, but it’s the kind of wackiness that renews you faith in about humanity.

      To Jesus Bro, we prey. Day by Day.

      • Godspell is a treasure. Not the kind of music I tend to like, but a good cast makes it fun.

        You just reminded me of the dc Talk song Day By Day which Tait sang which brings us back to GND2 and we circle round again.

        (I tend to pray more than I prey to) Jesus bro!

  7. See, even I didn’t know about the “Sequel Bait” end credit scene of Pastor Dave when I saw this movie, which kinda confused a lot of people who watched the movie, because Pureflixs was trying to do a Marvel Credit thing, but they made the same mistake the first Marvel movies did was have them at the VERY end of the credits so by the time they got to them barely anyone saw them. Also Marvel told their fans about the Post Credit scenes when the movies came out, as far as I know, Pureflixs didn’t mention it a lot when they were promoting the movie, so no one saw it, making the audience for this franchise very confused.

  8. Watch Charlie Chaplin’s epic first directed and produced and acted classic The Great Dictator circa 1940 especially for a little scene in the middle that briefly questions about the existence of God, but in a subtle, smart way of course.

  9. Okay here it is the good, justice-against Tomanian Nazi Stormtroopers girl Hannah (Paulette Goddard) asks the Jewish Barber Tramp (Chaplin) who everybody knows plays the doppelganger not-Hitler Adenoid Hinkel, if he believes in God, and before he could awkwardly answer, Hannah says that she does, but she also asks the question to the audience somewhat as well as to the Barber, if there was no God in existence, would people, millions of powerless human people live any different on planet Earth? See that’s a smart, intelligent movie with a smart, brief unanswered question as of course the film’s focus is not at all about that.

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