Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster – Brandon Tenold

The king of the monsters returns as I review “Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster” (1966), where Godzilla takes on his deadliest foe yet: Ebirah, the giant lobster…wait, what?

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  1. Ebera was very scary, considering he was a giant UNDEAD shrimp. Shellfish don’t turn red like that until after they’re cooked…

  2. TragicGuineaPig


    • TragicGuineaPig

      A deserted island full of terrorists. They should check just to make sure that some rich kid with a bow and arrow doesn’t live there.

  3. Robert Bateman

    エビ / Ebi is Japanese for shrimp.

    Sushi restaurants in Japan have five kinds of shrimp.

  4. You thought it was a hot island girl, but IT WAS ME, DIO!

    This has been you’re strained Jojo meme for the day.

  5. I have good idea for you Brandon.. review King Kong vs. Godzilla!

    • Also I forget to mention.. If you could say something more about those weird obscure Godzilla stuff like.. WTF is that wolf-men thing? It is seriously intriguing by that unique monster what look like Nekomata by the way. If I recall from weird things there were also stuff like Frankenstein and Jet Jaguar..

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