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Remember the time Cannon Films made a talking monkey movie with Dom Deluise?

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  1. I thought I IMAGINED seeing this movie as a kid. So many weird memories now.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    “The filmmakers obviously wanted to vacation in Africa and make this fucking terrible movie” hey just like Adam Sandler and Blended!!!

    Loved the fucking now the monkey can talk yell out and this review was halirious definitely another good one from you. Now I’m calling it:next weeks review is gonna be Ed I just know it!!!!!

  3. 5:53- At least he later went on to play much better roles, like Keenser in Star Trek.

    10:02- Oh, you have got to be FUCKIN’ KIDDING ME! This is Dunston Checks In all over again.

    13:05- If I was drinking something at this moment, I would have dropped it while thinking “What in the holy mother of fuckin’ bullshit!?”

    14:57- And then the movie 127 Hours happens.

    “Threatening a nun with a fuckin’ gun.” Ha, that rhymes.

    Out of all the shit the Cannon Film Group has made, this must be one of their shittiest.

  4. I don’t know if all American say this but that is a chimp which is a member of the grate apes so not a monkey. Monkeys are smaller then apes and are tree dwellers so have tails to help climb. Apes are bigger and can spend a lot of time in trees do not ( as a rule ) live in therm and mostly sleep on the ground, they alsodon’t have tails.

    • Most likely the review in this video knew this and just kept seeing monkey because it sounded funnier. At least that was the defend used by the Nostalgia Critic in respond to him making the same error in his review of Dustin Checks In. See here http://channelawesome.com/the-top-11-nostalgia-critic-f-ups-part-3/ for more details.

      • BTW, if your reading this Mr. Snob and you haven’t recorder your next Friday the 13th movie review yet (which should be out in the second week of May if you your pattern holds), keep this in mind. I’ve been holding at least one Misfit ever since I learned of the awful neglect of Misfits in the recent Jem movie. What does that have to Friday the 13th part VII you ask? Take a closer like at the cast; you’ll see.

    • Technically apes ARE monkeys (see what “paraphyletic” means), so it’s a pointless nitpick.

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