Goodbye Blip, and What it Means to Channel Awesome

Yesterday finally shut its doors, and a place that was the home for all our content for nearly seven years is now gone. While we could write a few pages on the ups and downs that we had with blip, we’ll just say this.

Without existing, we would have never gotten off the ground. provided us a place to not only host our work, but also get paid for it. So we thank blip for that.

With that said, I’m sure everyone wants to know what’s going on with the content. The majority of Doug’s work was backed up before we even got the is closing notice on July 20th, 2015, but to be extra safe we decided to download everything again just to make sure. As we downloaded and swapped out our embed codes we deleted what was on our blip accounts. The good news is, as of now we only know of 3 Doug related videos to be missing on our end: Theme Lyrics – Star Trek The Next Generation, Theme Lyrics – The Office and Terminator 2 in 5 seconds.

Since February of this year we began to migrate some of Doug’s content to YouTube, and then after the shutdown notice we started moving all Nostalgia Critic related content to Screenwave.

As of yesterday the majority of Doug’s work has been swapped with new embeds from either Screenwave, Youtube or Vimeo (for smaller ad free videos for now). The only content that hasn’t been swapped or added back yet are Update Videos, 5 Second Movies and Ask TGWTG. We plan on adding these over the next week, but right now swapping out our producers embed codes is the priority. A lot of the new people we brought on last year were YouTube exclusive so that makes things easier, and we already have the embed codes for SomeJerkwithaCamera (swap done), Dena (swap in progress), Animerica, FilmBrain, Dtoons, Last Angry Geek, Sursum Ursa, Horror Guru (swap done) and are beginning the swap process. The rest of the producers videos will be swapped when we get their new embed codes.

tldr version.
Blip is now gone for good. 95% of Doug’s content has already been swapped and is playable on the site. The rest of the producers will be swapped as we get their embed codes.

Our official YouTube channel – achannelthatsawesome

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