Goonies – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara never saw the Truffle Shuffle.

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  1. Really loving this series Tamara! Have you thought about adding a teaser or something at the end that hints at what the next movie might be?

  2. 1991? You’re a baby!

  3. Actually Mikey was saying stop and stuff in the attic when he thought it was over and they were going to move but after he realized they had a chance to save it and not move he changes and go for the treasure… Wouldn’t you

  4. The most ’80s movie you’ve ever seen, huh? I challenge you to watch Mannequin. As someone who lived through the whole of the ’80s, Mannequin is my “most ’80s movie ever.”

  5. Tamara plus kitty cat, cuteness level over 9000!

    Seriously though…I think 80s and 90s movies are coming around to where they’re no longer dated and uncool, and are now nostalgic and endearing. It’s cyclical, but the really crappy stuff usually remains really crappy in general opinion while the really good stuff regains it’s appeal and becomes “classic”.

    Any thoughts on the Cyndi Lauper song “Good Enough” from the movie? I like it!

  6. Lemme guess… the movie you thought didn’t hold up well, that everyone else did, was The Neverending Story.

    • When I saw Nash’s review of that I thought it still held up fairly well. Not great, but pretty good considering.
      I’d love to hear her thoughts on ‘The Last Starfighter’. Parts of that haven’t aged well (the CGI of course) while other parts have. It’s a perfect example of an 80’s popcorn flick and Tamara should have a decent time watching it. 🙂

  7. I’m younger than you by a few years but I’ve never seen the Goonies. I didn’t even know what this movie was about besides the fact that there’s some boys. I didn’t even know there were even girls in it! Okay, now Tamara has seen more movies than I have. Oh, and Tamara is so full of life! Give me some of that energy! LOL

  8. I actually just watched this for the first time a few months ago. Only seen a couple bits when I was a kid. Sloth freaked me out so I kind of avoided it then as I got older just never really thought about the movie again. After finally making myself watch the damn thing I loved it. Probably watched it 3-4 times in that week.

  9. I loved the Goonies movie so much when i was a kid i watched it 5 times in a row back then, and indeed i was rebuilding my attic into a pirate adventure cave, and lots of legos. Tamara, i’m happy you appreciated the movie, you are just too cute sometimes! :S

  10. I saw The Goonies when I was a kid and thought it was pretty good, but I personally preferred The Monster Squad.

  11. I’ve never seen it, either. Still haven’t. Not likely to, for that matter.

  12. Just had a thought while watching this. What if the whole reason Ma Fratelli was even a criminal was to pay for Sloth, and she just lost her way from there?

  13. Now that you’ve seen the movie, you ought to look for Cindy Laupers videos with the Goonies in them. They are 80’s gold.

  14. I am really hoping that you have never seen “Watership Down” It was done in 1978 so that’s close to the 80’s. The score is amazing, the the voice talent is all star and the animation is nightmare fuel. I saw this when I was 10 and I loved it Though, oddly enough, it made me afraid of the cover art for The Eagles “Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975)”…. Don’t judge, i thought it was the skull of Kehaar.

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