Goosebumps – Midnight Screenings

Doug and Rob join Brad to talk about Goosebumps!

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    The Nostalgia Critic finally got to come along!



  3. Goosebumps seemed like more of an adventure book with a horror-genre taste. The only time I thought it was creepy was on a special for the TV series. Otherwise it was just kind of bizarerish fantasy adventures that utilized more charming twists ala The Twilight Zone in the 50’s, with the same sort of “hoakiness” that you get from Stephen King, with plot structures loosely adapted from more common monster/horror stories. RL Stine makes a cameo as the drama teacher, and I kind of guess that you can walk away from these books with some attention to drama or something. But yeah, they’re mostly supposed to be taken as more whimsically, and be all but actually scary.

  4. When you guys said you weren’t fans of the old books, no offense, your critique became invalid.

    • In an age where “adaptation” and franchise movies are bigger and more pervasive than ever, you’d think this fallacy would have died out by now.

    • It doesn’t really become invalid, per say, but just that you should consider their points on the basis of it being a standalone film. Any film is typically made to be able to watch without pre-established context, even though there is some Easter Egg of enjoyment if you do know the context.

      Truth is, those books were made for kids and were a little too precocious to be taken seriously. The movie follows suit, and does work for kids, despite whether certain kids are used to R-rated material of similar substance. I was when I was a kid, and I still thought these books were fine, mind you. It’s like Doug said though, he is aware that people didn’t take these books too seriously.

    • It also isn’t really a formal critique. They’re just giving their impressions on the movie, and it’s not that offensive just because they didn’t walk out with complete satisfaction.

  5. You need to be a fan and know the creatures I guess, but that doesn’t save the humor. I knew all the characters from the trailer and didn’t even read many of the books, I just knew the covers. The cover made me decide if the book I wanna buy was too cheesy or not.

  6. 15:58-17:00

    Last year, I watched a video on YouTube, by Creepy Pasta, titled “Abandoned By Disney”, which was almost exactly like that, but was on a par with anything written by Stephen King.

    I read a few of R.L. Stein’s books when I was around 6th-9th grade (I remember Night of the Living Dummy, and a book about an evil haunted mask which becomes stuck to an 11ish year old girl’s face on Halloween), but it was less often his Goosebumps series, and more often his teen horror novels like his Fear Street series.
    I still have a copy of Cheerleaders: The New Evil.

    I don’t remember him ever writing a story about a headless Jesus going to school, though.
    Does anybody here know what story that is?

    He’s definitely right about scary kids movies being better in the 80s/early ’90s.
    Return to OZ, The Goonies, the Dark Crystal, Legend, The Witches, The Black cauldron…etc.
    Heck, even Peewee Herman’s Big Adventure.
    And for 13-year-olds, there were movies like Monster Squad, the Gate, Killer Clowns From Outer Space…

  7. I never thought Goosebumps was scary but I still love those books. They have some charm.

  8. The first Goosebumps book came out in 1992, and were written for 7-12 year olds, and I remember finding them really creepy when I was little. On another note, I remember The Haunted Mask episode of the show being pretty awesome, but it’s been a while so…

  9. On the whole “Power still hooked up to the electrical grid thing”.

    Things like stadiums, water towers, and other large power consuming structures are usually left hooked in, even when not in use so that they can be turned on periodically to burn off excess electrical power in the grid.

    It would not work the way it did in the movie, where the girl throws the switch and the light come on, instead a substation would reroute power to the park late at night when the rest of the town is asleep and there is an excess amount of electricity that needs to be burnt off. They could have written the scene that way, had the girl look at the town with businesses shutting off their lights, and house lights starting to go out and then she says, “get ready” and then bang, all the lights and attractions start coming on, and then she could explain what I just explained.

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good job brad finally getting Doug and Rb to do one of these and love robs shmemulock reference(aka gravity falls reference genius!!!) I personally liveried the goosebumps books when I was a kid so I’m pretty sure I’ll like this movie but thank gos they didn’t use the killer clown cause that might scare little kids. I haven’t seen lupas movie night vlog on goosebump vlog but will this afternoon or If I have time this morning if theirs not any spoilers(like count jackulas vlog did). I likes your midnight screenings though and now time to watch the ones for Woodlawn and Crimson Peak. Later!!!

  11. I never heard or watched Goosebumps. I’ve disliked pretty much any type of horror since I was young. Therefore, I had no intention of seeing this movie. Although, I’m not tired of the feris wheel trope. It’s not that overdone. Oh, and I’m sad to hear that the 3D sucked. I love 3D. Even if it’s only awesome for one scene. 🙁

  12. They shoulda have made this for the people who grew up reading the books and done it like they suggested, PG-13 with some serious dark kinda stuff, some language, some suggestive stuff, but nothing we wouldn’t see in a Marvel film so nothing really scaring.

  13. Goosebumps was never really scary to me a much better show was Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids BTW I have no idea if that show was just in Britain but it was so much better than Goosebumps. Mainly due to the fact that it was stop motion rather than live action.

  14. I’m a HUGE Goosebumps fan. I mean…diehard fan. I own 181 Goosebumps books (all of them different; no duplicates) and tons of rare pieces of merchandise. But even as a hardcore fan, I admit that the books are mostly mediocre. I love to read them because of their cheesy good fun and their twist endings which often come out of left field. However, when I was a kid, I was very creeped out by these books, to the point where I was too afraid to even pick one up. It was mostly the covers and the fact that they were controversial and parents wanted them banned in school libraries. I didn’t become a fan until 2002-ish when the Goosebumps craze was over and I highly enjoyed going through all of them. I even read them to my mom and my brother, which became one of my most favorite things to do. These books hold a special place in my heart.

    With all that said, I still think the movie was a good one on a technical level. It is very far from being a bad movie. While some of the jokes fell flat, I thought it was overall pretty funny, well-acted, and kept up a nice, steady pace. It was never boring to me.

    My main complaint was that there were so many amazing costumed actors that barely made an appearance. The Haunted Mask is probably the most popular Goosebumps book and I only saw it for a nanosecond. There were also these impressive scarecrow and pumpkinhead costumes with these guys on stilts that I remember seeing in promotional stills, but not in the movie. And the bog monster costume is VERY awesome and covers the entire actor from head to toe, but again…I only saw it for a split second when the monsters were walking down the school hallway. That really bothers me because it’s such a waste of time and effort for the costumers and makeup artists.

  15. Spoiler alert: Yeah, I also thought this movie heavily took from Jumanji. Especially towards the end. The visuals were a full on rip-off.

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