Gravity Falls Vlogs: Blendin’s Game

He’s back…in TIME!

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  1. According to the former creative director Micheal Rianda, the reason some characters have 4 fingers and other have 5 is that they look better with either number on each hand.

    Over th Garden Wall is the next v-log series? YES!

    Also loved the part where Toby Determined wanted to be a Broadway star in the past. The part where Mabel says “This dream goes nowhere Toby!” cracks me up.

    Also The Love God is next. I think the Walkers are going to have mixed feelings about that episode.

    • Well it is one of the weaker episodes. On the one hand, we really don’t need any more Robbie stuff, but on the other hand, they use the episode to close that chapter saying, ‘We’re done with this guy. He can go screw himself.’ Plus the hot air balloon subplot is funny.

      • I don’t think they are entirely done with Robbie (since he’s referenced in Bill’s circle), but just done with any romance subplot. They can add more depth to him like they are doing with Wendy, and I’d be okay with it.

    • Gravity Falls is my favourite show and even I have problems with that episode. Mostly with the A-plot… the B-plot with Stan is hilarious!

      Since GF is apparently not coming back before February (sad i know), why couldn’t they have ended on a high note with the amazing Blendin’s Game and started the next run of episodes with above average The Love God? You know, because Valentine’s!

  2. There’s been this one funny little parallel between Soos and Jesus

    also goats eyes are normally like that.

    also the shorts had hints at the end of the society of the blind eye

  3. Now that you mention the “four vs. five fingers” thing, I think you should check this out.

  4. Over the Garden Wall?! That was pretty much my favorite piece of entertainment I saw all year. Can’t wait to see the vlogs on those. I’ve watched it three times and I’m still picking up on new things.

    The emotional beats in this episode really hit home for me. The last episode suffered from being too similar to the Ice King’s reveal, as well as not being nearly as effective. This one seemed to insist upon itself a bit less and worked a lot better for it. Both Soos coming to terms with his absent father and coming to see Grunkle Stan as a surrogate father figure really fleshes his character out. Also, Blendin has inspired me to replace “space” with “time” as my go-to prefix to add comedy to any mundane noun.

    I have to say, I wasn’t that big a fan of the Wendy/Dipper reversal in this episode. I get that it’s Dipper seeing their divide through Wendy’s perspective, but he’s always been painfully aware of how it must look (“I like you. Is that crazy?” Into the Bunker comes through yet again). Acting like it never occurred to him seems out of character somewhat. I can’t decide if it’s just a joke for the people who didn’t like that subplot or if the creators are actually regretting writing it. I’d be disappointed if it was the latter, since it was very well written and came to pretty much the perfect conclusion.

  5. Ah man, I JUST watched this episode yesterday.
    I am happy for the return of this strange futuristic plot!

  6. R.V stands for Robbie Valentino. you learn that in the next episode.

  7. RV is robbie his last name is Valentino also the fact that robbie of all people notices the demon inside giddeon is impressive. gotta give him some respect for that. he also makes the explosions/ muffins just so you know

    • Yeah, considering that and the fact that the wounded heart symbol on Robbie’s sweater also appears on Bill’s wheel, one has to wonder if there is actually more to Robbie than we’ve seen so far.

  8. well, let’s see
    past Wendy was 6 years younger than Dipper
    present Wendy is 4 years older than Dipper
    less of a difference, but still kinda big, at least at this point in one’s life

    The shorts are a good way to pass the waiting time till new GF episodes are out

    and Over The Garden Wall may very well be the best animated series ever created

  9. RV could be Robbie Valentino
    Also, here’s an interesting little secret about time baby (from irrational treasure)

  10. Soos is a Jesus. This episode is my proof. one of many. His first name is “Jesus”. He eats an infinite pizza, in one short pigeons even sits on him in heavenly light. Just wow.

  11. I find it kind of hard to believe how young Soos is, and him being that size at like 22 or 23 can’t be good.

  12. THis ep made me love Soos even more, srs how many cartoons have the balls to NOT redeem an asshole parent? I believe that emotional bonds are WAY more important that blood ties, so this ep was very pleasent to me. This ep also cast new light on previous ep where Stan and Soos were interacting, he realyy is a father figure to Soos, and Stan got himself banned on flights becos he tried to delete Soos birthday of the calendar, awesoooooome~~~!

  13. Over the Garden Wall? Never heard of it, but I may check it out. This is a really good Soos episode. We even learn his full name. It also explains why Soos is trying to bond with Stan, since he thinks of him as a father figure.

    • I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

      It’s a miniseries that ran on Cartoon Network. Stylistically, it’s like a blend of Adventure Time and Spirited Away work. It’s somewhat episodic, but more-or-less adheres to a three-act-structure. The total runtime is on par with a feature-length movie, at a little under two hours, so I would recommend you pop some popcorn, turn down the lights, and watch it in one go.

      It’s not on Netflix, unfortunately. The easiest legal way to watch it is on Cartoon Network’s site, but you need to have a cable TV provider to view more than clips.

  14. I’m surprised neither of them twigged that the whole Globnar scene was also inspired by the commercial for Crossfire, which the Critic himself reviewed-

    “Go Billy! The fate of Armageddon is in your hands!”

    Alex Hirsch himself said so on his Twitter- apparently the arena itself is modeled on the toy!

  15. Well, this is the first vlog you guys have done that invoked a physical response from me, and one of joy at that; Rob announcing Over the Garden Wall.

  16. Also, the observation about the characters in the show having 4 or 5 (and 6) fingers hasn’t gone unnoticed. Douglas Mackrell – of the youtube channel “The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel” talks about it in depth here, and it’s a fascinating theory-

    Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Robbie, and a few others dotted around Gravity Falls have four fingers, while Soos, Gideon, and the rest of Wendy’s teenage friends have five.

    It may be nothing, but the idea that it’s linked with the characters knowledge about the evil of the world is still a fascinating one- even if it’s a subconscious one from the creators.

  17. RV is Robbie V

  18. I hope the fingers mean something. Or that they play it off as a joke (Hey Dipper, did you notice that since we got here we are missing a finger?

    • Again, I reference Super Fogeys.

      If we have a future then that implies that humanity “wins” the apocalypse. And Dipper could just ask Blendin for a history book which could solve the mystery.

      This episode is also extremely bizarre, like its going to have a second part later. Why is the laser tag area sector so run down? Why did the mattress shop become a laser tag arena? Did leaving the laser tag guns behind have any impact? So many Chekov rifles that were not fired.

  19. You’re getting closer to figure out who the author is, I know who the author is but it’s still really weird! Also big clue in this episode this is the first episode where Zeus gets his job?

    Other clue Gideon, is a little demon!

  20. R.V. stands for Robbie Valentino.

  21. All through this vlog I kept waiting for one of them to try to mute the other.

  22. if man is five…. and the devil is six…… then god is seven.

  23. RV is most likely Robbie. Side fact, time baby was referred to in the Irrational Treasure episode.

  24. RV is Robbie Valentine

  25. “Ow my time knee!”

  26. 4 and 5 finger thing is not a mistake. All the children, most teenagers, and various background adults have four fingers. Most of the adults and Gideon have five. However, in the season one finally, Gideon has four fingers. The creator of the show said that the number of finger were based on “what looked better.” In general, four fingers are better for characters with smaller hands (makes them look less crowded), however Gideon’s hands are small yet he has 5…

    Gideon also seems to be very bright for a child his age. He knows a lot about the books and how to manipulate people. It could be possible that he isn’t a normal human child. It was mentioned earlier that Gideon’s father sold cars, but the graffiti of “RV” is actually Robbie Valentino doing.

  27. And there is one episode left. I wonder what Vlog they will do next.

  28. ShakespeareanInsults

    I loved this episode. And this episode didn’t really further the plot, there weren’t any mysteries. Plus I noticed how most episodes further the plot like something big is gonna happen and then it takes breather with filler episodes which is just great. Plus I loved Soos in the episode so much. He’s too awesome and really I heard that many related to this particular episode too which really hits home. Oh yes, I can’t wait till you do the shorts and Over The Garden Wall. I’m such a geek that I even made a Facebook group about the show that’s how obsessed I am. Haha

  29. do Vlogs of MLP season 1 please!

  30. Something I noticed: when Dipper and Mabel are in the past Mr. and Mrs. Gleeful with baby Gideon in a carriage pass by in the background and they look like such a happy, normal family that you would never guess how that’s eventually going to go. Which leads me to my theory on what happened to Mrs. Gleeful. We saw last episode that Bud Gleeful was part of the Blind Eye and the end of episode message implied that he used the Society’s memory erasing technology to forget about the worst of Gideon’s outbursts; but I think that, for whatever reason, he didn’t use it on his wife, and the terrified, paranoid Mrs. Gleeful we see in the present is the result of her remembering with perfect clarity the sort of monster her son became.

    Also, we see that deputy Durland was apparently the handyman at the Mystery Shack before Stan hired Soos. He must have been pretty bad at the job if Stan would fire him and hire a twelve year old on the spot and feel like this was a step forward.

    It was really nice to get a little backstory and development for Soos. I like that he can be a character with a sad backstory who isn’t completely consumed by it. I’m kind of tired of characters who have had something bad happen to them and are so completely consumed by that misfortune that it defines every aspect of their lives. Also, this casts a different light on Soos’s relationship with Stan. Stan isn’t just Soos’s boss, he’s also the closest thing Soos has ever had to a father figure; and that makes Soos’s utter devotion to Stan and his family seem really sweet and endearing.

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