Gravity Falls Vlogs: Boss Mabel

Shoulder pads away!

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  1. Douglas Darien Walker!
    Please, do Samurai Jack vlog, once you finish this!

  2. For the record, the Power Rangers review is one of my favorites.

  3. I really liked this episode, it shows that people think they know whats best even though they have no real experience in the situation.

    I worked at a hospital and new management felt everyone should leave with food for the next week if they could not afford proper meals. It bankrupted the hospital. Now the closest hospital in the area is 50 miles away.

    So now everyone in that area suffers, because the management thought they were doing the right thing.

  4. I liked this episode. 80’s business lady mabel was great. Especially loved her pep talk.

  5. Yeah I loved the Power Rangers Episode, one of my favorites.

  6. One of my favorite episodes “Bottomless Pit” is next… (in Dipper’s announcer voice) and I’m excited to see Rob’s Mabel sweater.

  7. I always thought Doug was older than Rob.

  8. Chronicles Of Dicks

    My favoirte part of this episode is when the Gremgoblin looks at his eyes and sees his own nightmare
    And it’s just him wearing glasses
    “You’ve become your father”

  9. Yeah, this was kind of the first episode that was just OK for me. The jokes were kind of hit or miss, but there were parts I liked. The shoulder pads made me laugh, and I liked the song they made Stan sing at the end. But I barely remember the rest of the episode, it was just dull. That’s really rare for this show, but hey, every show’s got a few episodes like that.

  10. Am I a man?
    Am I a baby?
    These are some legitimate questions.

  11. I will give Leno this: He shares my birthday, April 28th. So do plenty of other notables, but I’ll give him that.

    As for those who put down “the dumb sketches,” they should probably watch the Behind the Scenes stuff just to see what goes into it and how the ideas happen. Of course they might not be patient enough for that in the first place. Anyway, Rob summed it up nicely. 😉

  12. The Gremoblin’s worst fear was great.

  13. I think I could pull off shoulder pads. That Leno laugh made me laugh so much!

  14. I loved the joke where Stan pretended to have a heart attack and the guy was like ‘this guy is shameless, get him on TV!’

  15. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Wendy since you guys don’t like her that much because this is the only time I didn’t like Wendy. I think Wendy is a great character usually, but here I hated how she took advantage of Mabel. Everyone kind of did but I think Wendy took it a little too far. She just seemed mean and manipulative and it seemed way out of character for her. I hate it when someone is just trying to be nice and make others happy and then get nothing but crap in return. Hits too close to home for me.

    I think it’s interesting how you mention that the stuff you put your heart and effort into aren’t as popular as some of the crappier stuff (though I have yet to see you produce ‘crap’) because while I don’t have nearly the kind of audience you do, I do write fanfiction (as well as my own original stuff but I don’t put that online) and have a pretty good following and the stories I love and put a lot of care into and are passionate about aren’t nearly as popular as the stuff I just throw together on a whim. In the fanfiction world, stories that are all about the ‘ships and who is paired with whom, are the ones that are the most popular, and that’s fine, but detailed plots involving familiar characters, not so much.

  16. My first ep was the Power Rangers Ep. I got into both Nostalgia Critic and Linkara because of that ep, so, yeah, I rather liked it actually. PANDERING TIME!! =)

  17. I am pretty sure the name of the bartender on The Love Boat was Isac.

    I personally loved the Power Rangers episode.

  18. I just want to say…

    I am in my forties, am a conservative leaning libertarian, like Jay Leno over David Letterman, have very different politics as you appear to have at times, am a proud member of a TEA Party….

    And still enjoy your videos because what brings me here is the entertainment which you provide (and oddly the example you set for support of the libertarian viewpoint).

    So, keep up the great work.

  19. I like the morale but I have an issue with the way its presented, it kind of feels like the episode is saying that the terrible(if hilarious) things grunkle stan does are necessary to run a business, I know that’s not the case but it does kind of feel that way when I watch this episode.

    I actually really enjoyed the jokes in this episode, especially the stan wrong song, this episode could have been terrible and the song would have still justified its existence.

  20. Zeus is still working for free and so are both his siblings grandchildren. Kind of still awful as a boss.

  21. “I’m Stan and I was Wrong,
    I’m singing the Stan-Wrong Song.
    I shouldn’t have taken that chance,
    Now here’s my remorseful dance.”

  22. The game host looked like Richard Pryer to me

  23. I don’t think that you should find it weird that many fans prefer the old Nostalgia Critic episodes to the ones you’re doing now. A lot of effort doesn’t always equal quality: just because you fill your videos with explosions and special effects they don’t necessarily become more epic.
    What was wonderful about the old Nostalgia Critic was it’s minimalistic comedy and the cartoonishness of the character, which has almost completely disappeared since you brought him back.

    • Exactly. I mean, it’s ironic they should bring up Michael Bay as an example of someone who makes crap and gets appreciated for it, since his filmmaking is style over substance just like the recent Nostalgia Critic stuff. Same with James Cameron’s “Avatar”, which Rob criticized in an earlier episode. Self awareness does not appear to be their strong suit.

  24. Loved this episode!Really loved the design of the Gremloblin

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