Gravity Falls Vlogs: Boyz Crazy

Girl, girl you know I love you, girl.

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  1. to be fair, real goat-eyes do look pretty damn weird

  2. This episode vaguely reminds me of that one episode of Spongebob with Pearl and the boy band. Correction: Disney USED to have the Jonas Brothers. I’m pretty sure they’re broken up now.

  3. IMO the weakest episode of the whole series.

  4. Maybe the message at the end means that she just hated Robbie as much as you and it has nothing to do with the boy band?

  5. The cryptogram thing is apparently b/c his sister loved NSync when they were younger so the episode/plot was a tribute to her (then again, this is a fan talking, so I guess only Alex Hirsch can say the true answer hahaha)

  6. I joined just to say this XD Also love your reviews. Ariel is Ariel Hirsch she is the Twin Sister of the Creator of Gravity Falls Alex Hirsch she is also the inspiration for Mabel. Ariel was obsessed with Nsync’s Lance Bass as a child, which is why Alex asked him to voice several of the members of Sev’ral Timez. Ariel even voiced one of Pacifica’s friends. Actually a lot of the show is loosely based around the summers him & Ariel would spend. He also lived in Piedmont. Alex even gave Mable, Waddles because Ariel wanted a pig when she was younger she even still or used to collect pig figures.

  7. Psychicllamakiller

    i don’t like robbie either, but i do kind of like one thing about the dipper-wendy-robbie stuff – the show doesn’t treat dipper as being in the right just because robbie’s in the wrong, and a lot of the time, robbie’s really only slightly worse a person than dipper when it comes to wendy. and, as shown in this episode, while DIPPER tends to think of her in terms of how she relates to him rather than as her own person, and he seems to have trouble treating her like an actual person at times, the show itself does not think that way. her feelings are presented as valid and given the space they need, and the show doesn’t try to make her like dipper just because he likes her, or treat her as just “the reward for the hero”.

    think of how many other shows or films would’ve had wendy, or at least someone in her position, agree to dipper’s offer of a date because he’s the hero, she’s the love interest and he’s just proven that the other guy’s a douche, instead of – completely justifiably – tearing him a new one over his selfishness.

    • In season 2 Dipper does learn that it was wrong to have a crush on Wendy. Adventure Time has done that with Finn as well.

      • I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

        Finn had a crush on Wendy?

        Wow, I’m really falling behind on Adventure Time.

      • Psychicllamakiller

        yeah, i know that, but i didn’t want to potentially spoil things for rob

        and it wasn’t necessarily that it was WRONG to have a crush on her, so much as the way he expressed it probably made wendy uncomfortable, which was wrong

      • I’m not sure it was so much he was wrong to have a crush on her (even though often his way of handling it certainly was) as much as it was a doomed to fail/never going to happen situation. The bit of perspective he gets on it in Blendin’s Game was amazing though.

    • You make a good point and that point is why I’ve never liked it much when people characterize Wendy as a generic love interest character; she really isn’t. There is, I think, a very important distinction between a character who exists just to be the main character’s love interest and a character who the main character happens to be attracted to. Wendy’s characterization may not exactly be especially deep or breaking new ground, but she does have her own personality and the story never treats her like she’s just an empty vessel for Dipper to pine after or a prize for him to win. The show doesn’t down play or disregard her feelings when it’s important in favor of Dipper; on the contrary, it seems to be firmly behind her this episode when she rightly gets angry with him for not thinking about how she’s feeling at what is obviously a really emotional moment for her.

  8. I don’t blame Doug for thinking the goat is suspicious, but goats’ eyes are generally that creepy looking. i wouldn’t be surprised if he did play a part in the future, though.

  9. The “Happy now, Ariel?” is based on the fact that Ariel Hirsch, the sister of the creator, is a huge fan of Lance Bass. So she would be happy hearing her favorite member of a boy band play a part in her brother’s TV show. I don’t blame her.

    I also want a real Sev’ral Timez song “Cray Cray”. Something about the lyrics and the way Lance Bass(autotuned even), sounds so awesome.

  10. I love this episode, it’s probably one of my favourites of the show. I had no idea that Lance Bass was the voice of Several Times! He seems like a really cool dude, he was on the webshow My Drunk Kitchen recently.

    You never say much about Candy and Grenda, I get so excited any time they show up, they are such delightful, bizarre characters.

  11. You have a fantastic Mickey Mouse voice, you have to use that later on in one of the sketches! Also Doug do not tell him who the author is! I want to see if he can figure it out, also Doug I want to see if you can figure it out too so don’t tell yourself who the author is from season one! Also I forgot to mention last episode is also part of the overarching plot, of season two it will make sense later.

  12. I love the part in this episode where the girls at the concert are fighting and the “get ’em” guy is there cheering them on.

    The goat has been in the show since episode one. Never really found him creepy. Goats eyes look do look like that. I used to go to a petting zoo as a kid and I remember the weird goat eyes, I called them “coin slot” eyes.

  13. i’d just like to be one of the people to mention to you that goat eyes actually do look like that, and i think the whole goat eating hte license plate thing is just the joke that goats literally eat/chew on everything

  14. Ariel Hirsch had a huge crush on Lance Bass growing up, and got to meet him during the production of this episode.

  15. Just wanted to say that, while this is objectively a weaker episode, this is one of my favorites from the first season.

    I was just about Mabel’s age during the boy band craze of the 90s. Didn’t get into it myself, but I knew enough other girls who did that I can appreciate every ounce of this ridiculousness. Couple that with the songs being so beautifully close to the actual songs getting airtime back in the day, and this just takes me careening back to my younger years and I just can’t help but love this one. Utterly on point.

  16. I love Rob’s Mickey Mouse voice, but I feel more “Huh-ha” is needed.

  17. thatgirlinthewheelchair

    My favorite line scene was, “Traffic safety laws, prepared to be ignored.” And then the Stanleymobile just randomly drives up the side of the cliff.

  18. “There’s something weird about that goat’s eyes.”

    …Really Doug!?
    Have you SEEN a goat’s eyes lately!?
    They’re SUPPOSED to look like that.

    Sorry to say this; but you need to take zoology classes.

  19. ShakespeareanInsults

    This was one of weaker episodes but I just like it a lot. I wonder if Several Times are still in the woods. I mean we still do see Dipper 3 and 4. Haha gy

  20. I bet the Sevral Timez band will come back, but possibly feral or something. I dunno, just a subplot that I saw in another show…(hopefully it’ll be done better here)

  21. Some good Candy moments this episode. Just running into the vending machine for no reason and then embracing death.

  22. “My memory gets kind of hallucination-y there at the end”. Grunkle Stan once again makes the most of his screen time.

    I liked the resolution to the Dipper and Wendy subplot for this episode. A good lesson to be learned that’s outside of the usual venue of these kind of shows. It has a good parallel with Mabel’s story, as she’s crushing on guys who are much older than her (though if accelerated growth is involved in the cloning, they could also be much younger).

  23. Actually, goat eyes are just that strange. While the pupil of most animals are circular, goat eyes are rectangular in shape.

  24. This was my Fight Fighters, the episode that introduced me to and hooked me on Gravity Falls. It’s still easily one of my favorites.

  25. About the message, it’s true. Alex Hirsch dedicated this episode to his sister, who loved boy bands and Lance Bass while growing up (and was apparently pestering him to do an episode about this).

    Actually, the more i read about the making of this show, the more i realized that this show’s ‘mundane’ part is heavily based on Alex and Ariel’s lives. Even other characters like Grunkle Stan and Soos are based on real people (Grunkle Stan is based on their grumpy Grandpa Stan, Soos is based on a college friend of Alex, if i remember correctly).

    He even said in a interview that he loves making the show because it’s pretty much him exposing and making fun of his sister’s weirdness to the world. (

    This is what makes their sibling relationship so believable, i guess. It’s one of my favorite aspects of this show!

  26. i find your lack of twincest disturbing

  27. Girl why you ‘ackin so cray cray!

  28. I guess no one remembers the OH BOYZ from Kim Possible. Disney has made fun of Boy bands before.

    • I agree, but the episode ended with boy bands in a positive light overall in the end. Whereas this pretty much subverted Boy Bands as “cool” and just made them a punchline, albeit in a friendly manner.

  29. Once again here with the Matt Chapman alert: This is the first episode he wrote on the show, in conjunction w/ Alex Hirsch. He wrote on 7 episodes total, including the two end-of-season episodes, 4 more this season and most of the in-between-season shorts.

    Speaking of which, Doug and Rob should go through the shorts between seasons.

    • Which goes a long way towards explaining why the boy band is named “Sev’ral Timez.” Random and unconventional uses of the words “several” and “times” have both cropped up in Homestar Runner from time to time. “Times” even has its own page on the Homestar Runner Wiki as a running gag.

      “Once times! Twice times!”

  30. Alex Hirsch based Mabel on his twin sister Ariel, and Dipper on himself. That’s why you find their sibling interaction so believable and why the twincest jokes are even more annoying.

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