Gravity Falls Vlogs: Carpet Diem

Let’s switch things up!

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  1. I wish I could be a pig. *Zap* Whoa..

  2. The Secret of Puberty is:

    “puberty is the greatest mytery of all

    also: go outside and make friends”

  3. stan took a pair of glasses that are in the circle full of objects

  4. I did decode that line in the book. I don’t remember exactly what it said, but it was something like “Puberty is the greatest mystery of all.”

  5. Rob the red-nosed human

  6. Just wait. Before we know it, Doug will buy the pinetree hat, and his voice will start cracking, or Rob buys an actual pig.

  7. The one thing that bugs me about body switch episodes is that their voices switch, but I think that in this episode it was implied that the voices are only for the audience’s benefit. That’s why no one can tell the difference, why Soos!Waddles is able to seduce that lady, and Waddles!Soos can’t get anyone’s attention.

    Also, I figured that Dipper’s experience with romance novels DID involve sex, but that aspect of it didn’t bother him as much. Possibly because it wasn’t as cold and clinical as Mabel’s, possibly because it didn’t come from STAN, and possibly because he already knows about that kind of thing.

    Other things of note in this episode: Stan taking the glasses from the room (which match one of the symbols on the Bill Cipher wheel, as well as the glasses that past Stan from Time Traveler’s Pig was wearing) and staring at them forlornly later. When we see into his past, he doesn’t have glasses, and he does have stubble. TTP Stan does have glasses, no stubble, AND a cleft chin. So there are possibly 2 Stans at some point in time.

  8. Rebecca Speckenbach

    Just so you know Doug, there’s a wiki that has every code in the show decoded- even the ones that appear in-episode, like that one in the book.


  10. My god that ending scene with McGucket, Blubs, and Durland.

  11. Doug, make Rob watch “Dipper Goes to Taco Bell” with you!

  12. Don’t watch “Dipper Goes to Taco Bell”. It is horrible and not funny.
    It is like your 5 year old nephew trying to gross you out by telling you poop and diarrhea jokes.


    You will not regret this decision. (Trust me it’s nothing like twincest or dipper goes to Taco Bell)

  14. Mabel is assimilating Rob Agent-Smith-style.

  15. You know, I didn’t really mind that Dipper and Mabel went back to sharing a room because I feel like that was tying into what this episode was trying to say. I feel that the underlying message of the episode was that sometimes people do things that are casually inconsiderate, they probably don’t mean anything really malicious by it; and no matter how irritated it might make you in the moment, you shouldn’t let something like that ruin your relationship with someone that you care about. After all, Dipper only even suggested that they should have separate rooms because he was angry and Mabel agreed with him in the heat of an argument, then they both got caught up in their competition and the body switching. When the two of them cooled down enough to step back and actually talk about how they felt, they both realized that this wasn’t what either of them wanted.

    Plus, Dipper gave the room to Soos so that he could have a break room where he didn’t have to contort himself into a Tetris shape, which is just nice.

    Also, Grenda apparently spent the half the night at Mabel’s slumber party making out in the closet with the invisible wizard.

  16. Already mentioned, but Grenda might have made out with an Invisible Wizard. Given the Walker brothers were hoping it would come back, I’m kinda surprised neither of them made a connection.

    Also, the calendar year is important. It is a 1982 calendar, and Gravity Falls takes place in the summer of 2012. That’s 30 years ago…

  17. Quick question! Will you also cover the minisodes? Like Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained, Mabel’s Guide to Life, or Fixin’ It with Soos? 🙂 Also, you have to read Dipper Goes to Tacobell, it’s a troll fanfic not a show or animated episode.

  18. Carpet Diem is “Yes, Definitely, Absolutely” one of my favorite episodes ever!

  19. Good old brain/vocal chord swapping episodes.

  20. I like how they animate their faces differently. When they’ve switched bodies Mabel’s facial expressions are animated like Dipper’s and vice versa.

  21. This is one of the few episodes that I don’t enjoy that much just because Dipper and Mabel fight in it, I loved hw they are siblings that aren’t rivals, but in this one they kind of are.

    The lady the falls in love with pig Soos was funny though.

    Suprised they didn’t mention the glasses.

  22. This vlog series better end with an Awkward Sibling Hug! *pat pat*

  23. I thought this was the funniest episode of this season, maybe not the best(that’s either the next one or the last one) but certainly the one that made me laugh the hardest, it’s also probably the most getting crap past the radar episode of season 1.

    I like how during the scene where everybody is swapping bodies with everybody, you can recognize the characters without hearing their voices, just by the way the characters are animated.

  24. Chandler Desrochers

    Gravity Falls is one of the three best cartoons on television right now. The other two are Phineas and Ferb and Adventure Time. (Speaking of Phineas and Ferb, I’d love it if you guys reviewed the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars special. Remember how bad the Star Wars Holiday Special was? Well, P&F Star Wars is pretty much the exact opposite of that. It’s fan-freaking tastic.)

  25. “Shh. You had me at ‘shut up old man’.”

    Mable probably couldn’t have learned about puberty in a more horrifying manner.

  26. Omg, the glasses Stan picks up belong to his brother! We see him in the Time Traveler’s Pig during the winter scene!!!

  27. my headcanon is that they have seperate rooms at home but just took the one room at the mystery shack cause thats what was avalible at the time

  28. Learned enough about the fanfic to know that I will NEVER read it. I know what it’s about, I do not need the details.

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