Gravity Falls Vlogs: Double Dipper

Don’t Stop Unbelieving!

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  1. Doug that was indeed Lady Rainicorn’s voice actor Niki Yang as the voice of one of Mabel’s friends.

    I’m quite excited for Irrational Treasue next. It’s one of my Top 5 episodes from Season 1.

  2. It’s kinda odd for me to say this, but I kinda like Pacifica.
    Now don’t get me wrong, her valley girl style bullying did bug me to the point where she kinda reminded me of Diamond Tiara from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (yes, I’m a brony) but the more I watched the episodes she was in I realized she can be a rather funny character, and not just because she had more character development in the third episode of the second season, but stuff like in this episode where she enters and leaves in one scene and makes a plastic cup shatter with her singing voice just crack me up!

    And if you think those two moments alone were funny, then you will be laughing for hours after watching The Golf War.

  3. Man, Doug, you should watch “Helga On The Couch” and some of the other Helga-centric “Hey Arnold!” episodes. I know I’ve said it before, but you might really like those! She grows to be a really interesting bully character! Also, I think Niki Yang voices not only Lady Rainicorn like polarbearjosh pointed out, but also BMO.

  4. Doug, did you notice that Dippers number three and four never came back after they stole Robbie’s bike? I wonder if they’ll come back in a later episode, that would be hilarious! Also did you notice Blendin Blandon in the first few episodes? Gotta love the continuity in this show. Alex and his team do a really good job all around.

  5. Yeah, I don’t like Pacifica as a character either… yet. I get the feeling they might eventually make her more interesting, but this is coming out of a sheer sense of optimism at this point. We’ve kinda gotten some development for her in season two – not much, but maybe the start of a character arc. That’d be pretty cool. Incidentally, I’ve heard some people ship her together with Dipper, which makes zero sense, but now I kinda want to see it happen just because of how ridiculous it would be.

    Yes, Candy Chiu has the same voice actress as BMO and Lady Rainicorn. Consequently, Candy is one of my absolute favorite supporting characters in the show (yes, I also said that about Old Man McGuckett; he’s my other favorite).

  6. I grew a bit more on Pacifica after The Golf War. Not totally, but it does give her a sort of interesting character arc. I do think it makes sense that the writers and creator really don’t have a passion for writing bullies and shine more with their eccentric characters, because Robbie and Pacifica are pretty dull compared to them. Which is why I’m glad we don’t see too much of them, and eventually we kind of see a bit more of their home life to sort of give details to their own character. It’s nothing big, but I am glad they’re trying to expand on these characters that aren’t too great.

  7. “The Big Dipper! That’s how you got your nickname! I thought your parents just hated you or something.”

    On my first viewing, I didn’t even notice that Dipper 3 and 4 never returned. On reflection, this show really does seem to have a knack for taking plots that should be boring and formulaic and making them really entertaining. Based on how they resolve the Dipper/Wendy subplot in season two, as well the extra dimension given to Robbie and Pacifica, the writers also appear to be very good at listening to fan feedback.

  8. A Pacific Northwest reference?… YAY! We don’t get talked about enough. 😀

  9. I really enjoyed this episode, it’s probably the best case for why they went with Jason Ritter for Dipper’s voice actor. Voicing a conversation with yourself is notoriously difficult for voice actors, and the Wendy/Dipper plot would never work as well if the voice actors didn’t have the natural conversational chemistry that Jason Ritter and Linda Cardellini show. Niki Yang must be really busy between Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and storyboarding for Clarence. Candy and Grenda are great recurring characters.

  10. I cannot wait when you guys get to The Deep End episode, which is my favorite episode =)

  11. It’s okay Doug, Keaton is back and Birdman is awesome.

  12. The weird thing is if BMO got turned into a human girl I can totally see her attaching forks to her fingers as improvements.

    The animators do draw him looking young, but Dipper IS supposed to be twelve, and it’s not unreasonable for a twelve-year-old’s voice to have changed already. Some boys’ voices change when they’re younger, and some change when they’re older.
    Now I want to see what they think of the voice in “The Deep End”.

  13. Doug is Dipper and Rob is Mabel. This is so cute.
    Seeing Doug get into all the secret stuff and Rob just likes to laugh at the jokes is just so damn adorable! XD

  14. The thing about Robbie: I’m pretty sure he’s Undead? “Because of their pale skin and bad attitude, they are often confused for teenagers.” In The Inconveniencing, there is that part where they all turn into skeletons in the mirror… Except Robbie. He stays the way he is.

  15. I love, love LOVE this episode. The biggest reason is Paper Jam Dipper, because he was so creepy, sad, and unexpected and incredibly awesome and I really liked Tyrone (Dipper #2). I like that it introduces Candy and Grenda who are fantastic secondary characters. Doug by the way does an awesome Grenda. I can’t stand Pacifica, but in a good way because she’s such a delightful antagonist so I don’t think we’re supposed to like her. She’s kind of cliché, but she still works as a character because she’s basically the opposite of Mabel and I do like the bit of character development she gets in season 2. And she eerily resembles a girl I went to high school with who liked to make me miserable. I like all the characters in the show, but Robbie is definitely one of the weaker secondary characters but he too gets redeemed in my eyes, probably because his parents are my new favorite minor, one-off characters.

    By the way, I wonder whatever happened to Dipper #3 and #4? They never came back and are presumably still out there…

    I also want to mention that this is a show that can be enjoyed on so many levels. You can watch it once and enjoy it at the surface level, or you can watch it multiple times and see something new every time, not just with the clues, codes and ciphers, but also just little details, things that seem insignificant now but come into play later, detailed continuity (like when Stan marks up an item it stays that way the rest of the series) and new insights to the characters and so on.

    • I don’t know if I like Candy and especially Grenda as much as other background characters. I mean, they could be great characters, but I don’t think the show has handled them especially well. They never seem to come off as actual characters, and Grenda in particular seems like a walking joke, like the audience is supposed to see her and think “she’s a girl, but she’s mannish and has a mannish voice! Hilarious!” like the audience is supposed to laugh at her. because she doesn’t conform to social gender norms, and that’s it. That’s the entire joke, and frankly that strikes me as more than a little mean spirited.

      Too many of the side characters in gravity falls were left as jokes and cliches and nothing more, especially in the first season. Since the second season started, we’ve seen a lot of growth the the portrayal of Soos, Wendy, Pacifica, even Old Man McGucket. I hope Candy and Grenda get that kind of attention as well, because until they do, until they, and especially Grenda, are characters we can laugh with and not just mean spirited jokes to laugh at, the show’s handling of them is more than a little off putting to me.

  16. I don’t care what anyone says, Jason Ritter is the PERFECT Dipper!
    And I think they’re heading towards an uneven friendship between Mabel and Pacifica. That would be sweeeet!

  17. I strongly recommend you to check the “Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained” shorts. These five are connected to the plot of the 2nd season, plus they are awesome. Don’t miss out on them.

  18. I agree that Pacifica and Robbie are one of this shows few flaws, thankfully they get a lot better in season 2, this show isn’t flawless(I don’t think a flawless show exists)but gravity falls SpongeBob season 1-3 and avatar are probably the shows that I consider to be the closest to being flawless.

    And yes mabel´s friend is voiced by the same person who does lady rainicorn and bmo in adventure time, a lot of voice actors from adventure time appear in this show, sometimes in pretty big roles.

  19. Upon viewing the episode again, I noticed that Robbie doesn’t remember the incident at the convenience store- and we have a reason for it in a future episode, too!

  20. I can’t wait to see how Rob will react to Bottomless Pit

  21. Oh god this one, the one that introduced Pacifica. I don’t get what Pacifica is supposed to be, just a foal for Mabel? But it is made pretty clear right from the start that Mabel doesn’t really care what she thinks. I don’t know if maybe the idea with Pacifica is that she’s the most generic female bully character ever, and we hate her for that, but that only really works for one episode. Also Granda is funny for a while with that voice, but after that those two bored when they were on screen.

    But I like how this is a unique twist on the old clone plot that’s been done to death. Also I want to see the copier store in an episode some time, Soos sold it to me right away “Calendars, mugs, t-shirts, and more! They got it all at the copier store! …That’s not their slogan, I just really feel that way about the copier store”.

    Also do you think anyone ships Pacifica and Robbie?

    That song doesn’t work for me because I fucking hate Journey.

  22. Let this be a lesson to you Rob, not to tease your brother when he has a cartoon character with the same name. That stuff has a way off boomeranging on you.

  23. ShakespeareanInsults

    “you know what name I do like? Tyrone?” i love this episode but dipper 3 and 4 do come back. They’re still in the woods :33

  24. This was the first episode I saw. This and watching the show with friends sent me down this dark path.

  25. Mentioning Dipper’s voice, it’s actually really similar to Elijah Wood’s delivery for Wirt. Watching Over the Garden Wall I had to remind myself for the first few episodes that this wasn’t Dipper going through the woods.

  26. The copy machine reminded me of Lady Redundant Woman from WordGirl (another great kids’ cartoon, very funny and clever, though with a more educational focus).

  27. I loved how they explained the evil clone scenario in detail between the Dippers.

  28. You know who else was a genuinely entertaining bully? Strong Bad. With no less than the co-creator of Homestar Runner working on this show, it’s funny how they haven’t managed to make Pacifica more interesting.

  29. My favourite joke was Stan saying: “I’ll charge them 15 dolars to leave.”

    And then two teenagers saying : “we only have 13 together!” “We’re stuck here forever!” “NOOOO!”

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