Gravity Falls Vlogs: Dreamscaperers

Oh hi Bill.

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  1. I’m surprised neither of you commented on Bill Cypher’s awesome creepiness.

    “Oh I know lots of things. LOTS OF THINGS.”

    Also, you have been buying gold, right?

    • yes! I am actually extremely shocked that they weren’t exploding with Bill’s amazing-ness the whole vlog. They, for me, were definently way to casual about meeting him.

    • I’m surprised Doug or Rob didn’t make the connection between Bill’s words at the end and Stan’s actions in Boyz Crazy. Though I guess they are marathoning it and there was Land Before Swine in between.

  2. Time to meet the Discord of Gravity Falls. I love this episode. Loosing the Mystery Shack is like loosing Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin.

    • I totally see the parallels with Discord and Bill, but Bill’s… a lot more threatening, I think. More chaotic evil than chaotic neutral which Discord is. Like, I don’t think a kind little pegasus will really bring him around to the good side.

      • thespecialneedsgroup

        Agreed. On the John de Lancie Ambiguous Threat Scale, Bill’s closer to Q. Playful, silly, and cryptic, but deeply threatening.

        Bill introduces himself by stealing a deer’s teeth; Q introduces himself by freezing a man alive. Bill is connected in some way to a coming apocalypse, TNG’s final episode had Q connected to the end of the world–and come to think of it, TNG’s first episode had him threatening to erase humanity from existence. Bill invades minds for unknown ends; Q…well, Tapestry: “Welcome to the afterlife, Jean-Luc. You’re dead.”

  3. Okay so…I don’t find myself making comments like this. I usually try to treat producers on this site as equals instead of celebrities. Not to fan-boy out or whatever.

    But…my goodness this disneycember has been amazing. I’ve gained so much respect for you guys in both the studio ghibli viideos, and Rob’s decent into madness as he “embraces the mabel inside” is just ….precious.

  4. ShakespeareanInsults

    “Remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!”

    That was when I knew Bill Cipher was gonna be my favorite character ever in this show. xD

  5. The impression I got from Uncle Stan’s “Those are all things people said about me” moment wasn’t a cliche but a lesson in communication. The problem with listening in on a conversation is if you miss a crucial pieces, be it the introduction or the ending the actual sentence is lost. I knew Gruncle Stan wasn’t cruel to Dipper and I see it was a set up but I still looked forward to the reveal of the rest of the story and seeing young Stan knock out that purse snatcher was fun). 😉

  6. Gideon’s symbol on the wheel in the main credits is probably the star at the bottom, because it looks like the star on top of the Tent of Telepathy

  7. Doug is right. The Magical Illuminati Dorito is indeed the best villain.

  8. When I first watched Gravity Falls, I accidentally skipped this episode and was so confused about the finally XD
    KORRASAMI !#1#!#!#!#!#!!rfsD

  9. Is Rob aware that sock puppets will be used later by Mabel?

  10. by the way, you asked if there ever was a male version of Jem

    there was Kid Video

  11. Sorry if this has already been said in the comments, but Gideon’s symbol is the five-pointed star with the eye inside it (it’s often on the top of his tent and such). It’s to the left of Dipper’s pine tree on the wheel.

  12. Rob is actually becoming Mabel. It’s glorious.

  13. This was the episode which did it for me.
    I started watching Gravity Falls after seeing the first Vlog they posted here, thinking it would be meh, because that had happened with Adventure Time (i’m not saying Adventure Time isn’t a good show, it’s just not my kind of show). But, after seeing the first episode, i found Gravity Falls actually entertaining and kept watching it.
    I liked the characters, the continuity was great (something that doesn’t happen that often in kid shows, sadly), and the comedy really appealed to me. It was OK. I kept getting more and more invested in the series.
    And then at the start of ‘Dreamscaperers’ appeared Bill Cipher, and in the moment he says “Oh, oh, Gravity Falls! It is good to be back. Name’s Bill Cipher” i was sold. I don’t know if it was the weird triangle design, the voice, the animation, the atmosphere of the scene… but i suddenly realised i was a fan of the show.
    So yeah, thanks to you guys, for introducing me to my new obsession.

    A kid’s show…
    From Disney…

    By the way, sorry for butchering the english language with my awful redaction.

    • On the contrary. Your English is actually much better than a lot of people for whom it is their first language that I’ve seen online.

      And yeah, well I liked the show from the beginning, I think (like many others), this was the episode where I knew this was going to be a turning point in the series and really got invested.

      (If you ever decide to get back into Adventure Time, I recommend skipping into the more backstory/action heavy episodes, largely towards the end of season two or beginning of season three. Mortal Folly/Mortal Recoil might be a good place).

  14. I had such a good laugh when Rob hit Doug in the face with a sock. 😀 I laugh over the oddest things. Also, Rob’s lights are starting to look like a bra now.

  15. OK, so !

    I don’t know the name of the old 80’s cartoon they are referencing, but they are definitely referencing it.

    Exhibit A :
    Exhibit B :

    Any help ? Captain, are you here ?

  16. I apologize for not commenting much on these vlogs lately, it’s been due to both a lack of time because of the holidays and not knowing exactly what to say in response (I’ll probably have an easier time once you guys start season 2), but THIS EPISODE.

    For starters it’s my favorite episode of season 1, and if it wasn’t obvious from my icon, Bill Cipher is my favorite character in the whole show. I don’t know if you remember Doug, when we met at MomoCon and I gave you the Gravity Falls DVD, I was cosplaying Bill! And I have an interesting little story about one reason why he’s my favorite.

    Back when Gravity Falls first started airing in 2012, there were a lot of theories floating around about Bill, because we had no idea who he was, we only knew him as the Triangle Guy from the end of the opening. We didn’t know his name or even if he’d be an actual character, but that didn’t stop us from theorizing and wondering about him. Then one day in August, I had a dream about him! In my dream he was a mysterious trickster named Cipher. After I woke up I thought to myself “What if ‘Cipher’ actually had to the power to enter dreams?” This wasn’t a popular theory, but I went with it based the dream I had. Fast forward about a year later, Dreamscaperers airs for the first time in July 2013, and what does the long-awaited Triangle Guy turn out to be? A mysterious trickster with the (last) name Cipher, with the power to enter dreams!! As silly as it is, sometimes I like to think it was more than just a spooky coincidence.

    I was so happy Bill showed up again early on in season 2, since the wait between the end of season 1 and the start of season 2 was torturous and literally one day shy of an entire year, but I digress. Obviously Bill is a big reason why I love this episode so much but it really is a superb episode overall. The world inside of Stan’s mind is really cool and interesting, something like a surreal, monochrome M.C. Escher version of the Mystery Shack, Mabel’s “Dream Boys” are hilarious (I love their names – Xyler and Craz. You can’t get more 80’s than that), and the cliffhanger ending is a suspenseful lead-up into the epic season finale.

    By the way, I totally advocate you two actually cosplay Dipper and Mabel sometime, because I think Rob has gone Full Mabel. As further encouragement, expect to receive your very own Blue Pine Tree Dipper Hat when I see you at MomoCon 2015, Doug!! 😀

    • Wait, so YOU’RE the one we have to thank for Doug finally taking the plunge to do these vlogs (not sure if you caught it, but he mentioned your meeting in the first video)?

      You, sir, are fucking awesome.

      • Yes, indeed I am! 😀 I definitely did catch that in the first video, although he mistakenly mentioned we met at ConnectiCon. It was actually MomoCon. 😛

        Aw shucks, you’re too kind~ Thank you!

  17. I just love that Rob is starting to turn into “Man-Mabel.” Next thing we’re gonna see is him carrying around a Waddles plushie. Fantastic. ^^


  19. First, hands up: Bill Cypher is one of my favorite characters of Gravity Falls. He’s probably the most you can get from a Cthulhu Mythos kind of character and stay somewhat family friendly, and fits perfectly on the eerie, funny atmosphere of Gravity Falls. Also, they imply that all the triangles with eyes in the background are Cypher’s, and I think it’s a great idea not only to show how he knows about everything, but also to keep you constantly reminded of his presence.

    Second, this is a joke that not everyone sees: when Dipper is reading the incantation to enter on Stan’s mind, he says something like this on fake latin: “Inceptius Nolans Overratedus” or something like that.

  20. This is my theory for the wheel in clockwise order (btw possible SPOILERS):
    Soos (Question Mark)
    Wendy (Ice)
    Stan (Fish symbol)
    Dipper (Pines)
    Gideon (Star)
    Author (hand)
    Larry King’s Head (Llama)
    Mabel (Star)
    Robbie (Heart)
    Shieff Blubbs (Glasses)

  21. The cool thing is, that Rumble’s Revenge game on the website kind of introduced Bill before this episode even came out… if you randomly stumbled onto all of the hidden messages…. and knew how to decode them… and noticed that some of the letters were randomly capitalized and put those letters together in the right order. Then it spelled out “MY NAME IS BILL”. I thought that was damn cool foreshadowing.

  22. Like others said, Gideon’s symbol was the star. The Star symbol was also seen in his Tent of Telepathy.

    The Gravity Falls games has forshadowed Bill Cipher, but no one new much about his personality until this episode came out. He is really an interesting villain with even more mysteries behind him pertaining Stan. Hell, even Gideon was a bit creeped out by him.

    “Deer teeth! For you! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  23. So when I was showing my best friend this show, watching the series with her at the end of this episode she was like, “What? Nooooo!!! Oh wait, it’s still a dream right? It’s a fakeout and it’s all a dream.” She was certain of it. When I queued up the next episode and it recaps with Dipper waking up screaming she’s like, “Yep, called it. It’s a dream!” And then it pans back to show it wasn’t a dream she’s like, “Noooo!!”

    Bill Cipher, he’s a great villain but I think he’s been very illumi-naughty! Get it? (*silence* a tumbleweed rolls by)

    Anyway, love this episode there’s so much going on that it’s one of those things where I see something new each time I watch it. The summoning scene was messed up and the animation for it was brilliant. I liked the Stan/Dipper subplot. Cliché sure, but it still works.

    I’m loving how Rob has become Mabel in these vlogs. She’s my favorite character. I cosplayed as her at a local con recently, the first time I’ve ever done a cosplay (besides wearing a TARDIS dress one year but that doesn’t count and I digress…) Made the shooting star sweater myself and it got a lot of compliments which was awesome since I’ve never really made anything like that before. I was the only Mabel there that I saw, my best friend, same one as before was Dipper and there was a Soos and a few more Dipper’s (who we accused of being 3 and 4), I loved embracing Mabel’s silliness and as someone who’s normally super shy, it was great running into more “Gravity Falls” fans and helped me get out of my shell for a while. So I’m really happy to see that my favorite vlogger’s are now fans too!

    All we need now is a Waddles plushie! Gravity Falls merch is hard to come by though…

  24. This was the first Gravity Falls episode that got me invested in the show. Before, I was quite indifferent to it. I love Bill and I loved how they were running around in Stan’s mind.

    Also, the episode is pronounced “Dreams-caper-ers”

    Also my favorite line from this episode is when Bill says to “buy gold”

  25. Two things.

    1) Doug is beginning to uncover The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel.

    2) I remember when the episode first came out, the first thing that came to my mind when watching Dipper listen in and misunderstand Stan was “Doug Walker would not be a fan of this scene.” Now I’m seeing it come full circle with Doug covering the show. It’s great.

  26. The symbol bill remembers of stan is also stan’s tattoo

  27. Rob’s thinking about sock puppets…

    He’s literally turning into Mabel, this is the greatest thing ever.

  28. its funny how they do the “and thats what they said about me” bit cause they joked about sentences worded like that in a previous episode. In “Boss Mabel”, there’s a bit where Dipper’s looking through the book on how to beat the Gremoblin, it says “Use water”, mabel goes to splash water on the monster, Dipper turns the page and it says “only as a last result” and then he complains “He writes sentences like that?”

    • So the Author and Stan both phrase their words oddly. Weird coincidence due to verbal tick of writers, or intentional hint of Stan and the Author having their own language? Maybe even twin language?

      That said, something interesting to note in season 2 is how often Dipper uses the sayings Stan uses. That’s family for ya.

  29. But, you can’t just steal a deed, can you? Whatever, Stan’s record probably wouldn’t allow him to fight it legally.

    I am seeing a LOT of the Brothers Chaps in this series, Mabel’s dream boys (The Limozeen cartoon), Summerween (Decemberween) and a smattering of Teen Girl Squad. If this show is the reason Homestarrunner cartoons don’t come out anymore I’m fine with that.

    Bill reminds me of David Lynch BTW.

    • For some reason, I remember reading/hearing that Trembley made it so that whoever physically possesses the deed to a property is its legal owner. The guy legalized marrying woodpeckers, so I wouldn’t put it past him.

      Matt Chapman cowrote several episodes towards the end of season 1 and start of season 2, and they are predictably awesome. The Handwitch sounds like the 5th Teen Girl Squad, which always puts a smile on my face.

      I believe Alex Hirsch said that they tried to get David Lynch to voice Bill, but couldn’t pull it off. So he voices Bill with a David Lynch impression instead.

  30. I have to admit, I wasn’t as taken by Bill as most people were by this episode. Maybe it’s the way he lets the Pines win for no real reason, even after demonstrating that they are completely at his mercy. Maybe it’s just the voice didn’t really project much menace for me, even when it was supposed to. Fortunately, “Sock Opera” cured me of that, and now I’m fully on board with loving him as a villain.

    The reveal of Stan’s reason for being tough on Dipper worked well enough for me, though I would argue that Stan really hasn’t been noticeably tougher on Dipper than anyone else. That kind of undermined the situation a little, but not enough to put me off the subplot. I like to think that some part of Stan suspects that Dipper would be attracted to the mysteries of the town, so he’s working to toughen him up so he can successfully confront what he finds.

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