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Oh hi Bill.

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  1. On the page of Dipper’s journal about Bill Cipher, “CAESAR”, “ATBASH”, and “A1Z26” are all written and crossed out. These are the three ciphers used in the credits cryptogram so far.

    Also, the writing in Grunkle Stan’s mind is written in the Caesar Cipher. The writing above the door just says “MYSTERY SHACK”.

    • I hope Doug finds out about and makes mention of the Cipher used in season 2. Since there’s two Ciphers and codes per episode, and one Cipher key to find, it’d be nice for Doug to mention all 3 in some fashion, especially the key location just to show how dedicated fans are to the show and how dedicated the crew is to hiding visual clues.

  2. Soon there will be no rob, only rabel.

    I find it funny how despite only appearing in two episodes, bill ciper is one of the most popular characters in the show, I can certainly understand why though.

    How can you not love an evil triangle? you never know his angle(i admit I stole that joke).

    I agree that dipper not hearing the whole story was very contrived, I still like the moral but I feel that part of the episode could have been done a lot better.

  3. Is the next episode the finale? Holy shit this went by fast! It’s probably the best episode of the series so far, since it’s paying off everything they’ve built up from the beginning.

    Remember to watch the shorts too!
    Dipper’s Guide To The Unexplained
    Mabel’s Guide To Life
    Fixin It With Soos
    Mabel’s Scrapbook
    TV Shorts!

  4. Gideon is the pentagram, the hand is the creator of the books and stan is the fish engulfing the dot like on his fez. Each symbol must represent a person who is central to uncovering the conspiracy. There is a bag of ice as one of the symbols, is it Robbie or Wendy or someone from the inconveniencing episode?

  5. Poor kids watching illuminati cartoons

  6. “Egassem sdrowkcab egassem sdrowkcab egassem sdrowkcab…”

    This starts off a strings of episodes that have a lot to do with the show’s underlying mysteries. I kind of wish they did stuff like this a little more often in the first season. Other than that, this served as good introduction to Bill Cipher.

  7. I’m surprised they didn’t comment on Grunkle Stan’s incredible genre savvy in the beginning. “Suck a lemon little man!”
    BTW: Definitely watch the between the season shorts! I freakin’ bust a gut at Stan’s Mystery Shack ad, mostly because of how close it hit home.

  8. It’s time to identify more Gravity Falls stuff that Matt Chapman was involved with! In this case, Matt wrote on both of the final two season 1 episodes and the first two season 2 episodes.

    I also didn’t mention this before, so I will now: He voiced some members of Sev’ral Timez, along with creator Alex Hirsch and Lance Bass.

  9. Xyler and Craz need their own spin off series.

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