Gravity Falls Vlogs: Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons

Weird Al guest stars on tha latest and strangest episode!

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  1. This episode was so good I watched it twice. Weird Al was such a treasure in it, I don’t think they could have gotten anyone better.
    As for Mabel not rolling, I figured it was cuts since it’d seem rather repetitive to have them roll that many times.

    I’ve only ever played DnD once, I think the fun of the game comes more from your dungeon master. Ones that just play off the book are meh, but ones that go above and beyond to literally paint a world from what I can tell are what keep people in the game.

  2. Their reference to the sprite from the Zelda games was priceless XD. I thought this was a great episode. Also I noticed when Ford and Dipper were down in the basement near the end that picture of Dipper and Mabel that sits on the desk you only see Dippers face and not Mabel’s (I’m not sure weather or not that means anything but it was something that caught my attention)


  3. I agree, this was a great episode.

    For starters, it encapsulated why it’s so damn hard to get into role-playing games: too many numbers involved! If not for that, I would play more of those games… I do want to try LARPing, though.

    It was also nice to see the two pairs of twins getting along, especially Dipper and Ford bonding over something they enjoy. Not sure how the relationship between Dipper and Mabel is going to go…

    Finally, I enjoyed all the meta bits, plus the jabs at the 90s (having grown up in that time, I can see where they’re coming from), and “Weird Al” Yankovic is always a delight.

  4. I really loved the part when Dipper is explaining the rules to D&D&moreD to Mabel and she goes from having this big smile and it slowly turning into a frown and when he’s done she gets excited again: “And then we get to ride unicorns?” And Dipper’s like, “Yes…aaand no.” And then Mabel’s angry expression is hilarious.

    I’m kind of sad about the way Dipper and Mabel’s relationship is heading, but I like the slow and subtle build up showing how they’re starting to drift apart. Dipper doesn’t seem to see it yet, but Mabel is clearly worried about it, and if MABEL is seriously worried about something, it’s not a good sign. And now that Ford has let Dipper in on what he’s been working on, making Dipper promise to keep it a secret, even from Mabel, that’s definitely going to help slowly drive a wedge between them. I’m sad to see this direction, because my favourite thing about the show is the relationship between Dipper and Mabel, but I think they’re doing a great job building it up that it feels realistic and natural (or as realistic as an animated show about the paranormal can get) so I’m also kind of interested in seeing where it’s going, but I hope that it doesn’t go on too long and gets resolved fairly quickly.

    I thought this episode was a lot of fun. I’ve been a Weird Al fan since…well as long as I can remember, so I was happy to hear him voice Probabilitor the Wizard. I’ve never been able to get into D&D but I know enough about it that the jokes worked so well on many levels. Also, the meta humour was great, I mean, Alex sure has the fans pegged. From Dipper’s fangirly scream in ATOTS, to Grenda’s line about being so invested in the characters, and Stan defending watching a kids show because of the great mystery and grown-up jokes that fly past kids’ heads, and even the twin brother thing, mostly because of Soos’s line, “I guessed that twist a year ago!” which is exactly true for many GF fans who spotted the clues early on.

    Even though this episode is mostly filler, I enjoyed it and thought it did a great job with being a stand-alone episode that still manages to add to the season with Dipper and Mabel starting to drift apart as Stan and Ford seem to be starting to mend their relationship, as well as introducing that inter-dimensional rift thing Ford has contained. Curious to seeing where that’s heading. Also, I really like Ford’s character, but I’m a little suspicious of him…

  5. If anyone is interested in Dungeons and Dragons but were turned away by the math, I would recommend trying fifth edition (DnD Next). It’s a new edition for a new generation, it’s great for new players, and there’s no more math than, say, Risk – the most complicated calculation to do is among the lines of “is 12 + 3 higher than 14?”. The focus is much more on roleplaying and storytelling – thinking up a character and acting them out in a fantasy adventure. If you can, try to find a somewhat experienced Game Master to introduce you to the game – you’re bound to have a great time. I sometimes run introductory sessions for new players myself, and I can usually go over the rules in 10 minutes or less, and that’s less than many board games you could play.

    • Yeah, I gotta say the 5th edition is well made to help people who never played D&D to learn the game and then get into it, then I’d say you can play something like 3.5. But, I’d say I’m warming up to the 5th edition more and more, specially since if there are people who are like hardcore 3.5 lovers you can apply some stuff from that game to this edition.

  6. Yeah this episode replaced “The Sock Opera” episode as being my favorite… It pretty much had everything that makes a Gravity Falls episode great. It had fantastic comedy and good drama. This really felt like a nice warming welcome back from all the hiatuses…

  7. While I did really love this episode, the part with the imagination and ’em using various powers kinda reminded me of a similar episode from The Regular Show.

  8. As someone who is a table top RPG Player I loved this episode.

    Also while it is true there is a lot a math involved in Table top games, it’s actually not as bad as people think it is. Yes you do have to build your character from scratch and plan out all their skills and abilities and stats, and yes math is involved… but once you get into it it’s seriously not that bad. (Unless you are the DM of course Heh)

    I’m actually speaking as someone who has always had a hard time actually making a character sheet, but once you are actually playing the game and getting into it isn’t that bad, especially if a lot of Role Play is actually involved and you are playing with a fun group of people. Really once you are in game all you have to do is roll what dice are needed for a move, add your bonuses from skills to the results and boom you have know how well you did!

    Besides that there are a LOT of different Table top systems out there while some can be crazy crazy complicated, some are actually much more simpler. That’s why when I hear someone is interested in table top games but isn’t sure how well they will do with it, I recommend that you try a much more basic system first or at least find a DM that knows what they are doing and is willing to help new players.

    Systems like MAID are a lot more basic but still just as fun.

    Plus in some systems luck is still a huge part of it (it’s why Dice Karma is important to maintain) but if you build your character right you can make it so you get a lot a bonuses and it doesn’t matter what you roll.

    I once had a character that no matter how badly he rolled he always went first in battle just because his initiative bonus was so high.

    • I know, right? I laughed so hard watching this since I’ve done tabletop for as long as I have, and I love the LARP digs, I love the Tabletop dogs, because you know one of the people writing this definitely played D&D. I think the math stuff was more pointed toward like…..2nd Edition D&D with the complicated rules for grappling, etc. So that was actually fun to see.

  9. This was fun

    I cast super fire laser fist *roll dice*=32

    This episode was quite well
    So you don’t like Cathrin game
    Go to
    Do you play the Cards Against Humanity

  10. I still like the 90’s. I miss it. Not all of it but most of it. 😀

  11. Yeah this episode was a lot of fun, I especially loved the meta jokes, but my favourite part was probably when Grenda possibly killed that ogre.

    I do have to say I wasn’t all that fond of the wizard, I didn’t dislike him but I felt he should have been a lot funnier, its surprising considering how I normally really like weird al yankovic’s voice work.

    Nice Donnel cosplay rob.

    I’ve been meaning to get into dungeons and dragons for a while, I even spent a lot of money buying the rule books, but I don’t really have any friends who play it, and I’m reluctant to start looking for groups online.

    One other thing I really like about this episode is that it didn’t take more than 4 months to come out, let’s hope they keep that up for the next episode.

  12. One of the aspects I love the most in D&d (3.5E, thank you…) is the ‘character creation’ part.

    The ”crafting” of the characters… Searching, looking for the various advantages and combinations, optimizing, equipments and rare and uncommon items, the many books and little details, putting it all together following a distant or focused idea of ”who” you want in the end.

    All the better, if I can also ”craft” a story for this creation.

    Sad thing is that they almost never are used… Not a lot of players around where I live, and finding decent and interested people on the Internet is harder than one would think.

  13. I’m not going to lie, this is probably one of my least favorite Gravity Falls episodes.

    Visually, the episode seemed kind of laid back and wasn’t very creative in what it was showing. Yes, the animation was good, but it seemed very restrained in creativity.

    Also, meta jokes only work so much. The amount of meta jokes in this episode was kind of… meh.

    The main issue I had with this episode is that it didn’t really have a lot of interesting jokes and the premise itself wasn’t very interesting. Main characters caught in a giant game/a game coming to life. Gravity Falls has already had several episodes dedicated to this premise. Why does it keep on coming up? This marks the fourth or fifth time this concept has been used.

  14. I’d like to come at the potential Dipper/Mabel separation from the opposite direction. In some ways, they’ve separated more at this point than Stan and Ford had. From “A Tale of Two Stans”, it appears they were the only friend each had right up until their fight and Stan got kicked out. Socially, they were all each had.

    Meanwhile, Dipper and Mabel have been each looking to do their own thing since arriving in Gravity Falls. Dipper has been obsessed with the Journals and, to a lesser extent, Wendy. He hasn’t made any friends his own age, but his intelligence is probably what led to being more interested in someone older. Of course at that age, it wouldn’t work. Mabel is obviously more outgoing. She’s made her own friends outside of her sibling relationship and has tried (unsuccessfully so far) to establish a romantic relationship.

    This sort of separation is normal and healthy. They still come through when needed and while there will probably be hiccups in the future, ultimately that is how things will always be. They’ve already shown willingness to meet half way that Stan and Ford haven’t (although this episode may have been a step in that direction).

  15. The math in D&D isn’t that bad–honestly. There are other pen & paper games that have far more complex and convoluted rules.

    Let me put it this way: My math skills are utterly ABYSMAL. I don’t know the multiplication tables off the top of my head, I struggle doing my taxes and calculating tips, I regularly use my fingers for simple addition problems, and not only did I fail the lowest caliber math course in college (I didn’t pass a single quiz or test), I had to work hard in a remedial summer course to earn a C-.

    And I have NO DIFFICULTY understanding the D&D rules. And I’m not talking about the most recent editions, either. I started with 1st and 2nd edition D&D, back in the 1990’s! When THAC0 was still a thing!

    But the beauty behind D&D, if you have a good group to play with, is that you don’t even really need to know the rules that well in order to play. The rules are just an aid in making the game fair. A good DM will allow for player ingenuity and award you for role-playing well. PNP games are more about collaborative story-telling than anything else, with an element of chance and strategy, of course.

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